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WELCOME to the Flathead National Forest , Beaver Creek collaboration mapping website.

The purpose of this website is to broaden your ability to communicate and link your comments to specific areas of the Forest--in short, to engage in "collaborative learning" with other members of the public and the staff of the National Forest. Your comments, along with those of others, are valued and will be reviewed by the staff on a regular basis to help inform them of forest conditions, uses, and trends. In addition, it may help you to understand how others feel about the National Forest in general as well as those specific areas.

In this website you will be able to identify and draw one or more areas of the National Forest (as a point, a line, or a polygon) and leave a related comment for all public and Forest Service users to see and reply to.  Pop-up user guides are provided throughout the website to assist you in utilizing the website to its fullest capabilities.

Before continuing please note the following about use of this website:

  • Use of this website is not subject to provisions of the Paperwork Reduction Act governing the collection of public information.
  • Your use of this website is entirely voluntary , and without penalty, on your part.  We encourage you to use the website as a way to provide the National Forest with an easy means to voice your thoughts on forest planning and management.
  • Your personal identity and information will not be disclosed on the website to other members of the public unless you agree.  It will, however, become part of a record of public involvement subject to Freedom of Information Act requests, meaning complete anonymity cannot be guaranteed.
  • Your use of this website does not confer upon you any legal   "standing" for any existing or future NEPA decision.
  • The National Forest reserves the right to remove any offensive, obscene or language otherwise deemed inappropriate for the website content, including advertising, political statements, or religious messages.

Please note that this site has been developed for purposes of enhancing collaboration and public involvement.  We welcome your comments and suggestions. However, we ask that you please refrain from posting any of the following:

  • Obscenities,  obscene pictures, or links to websites containing obscenities or obscene pictures
  • Overtly or inflammatory partisan political messages, or links to websites containing overtly or inflammatory partisan political messages
  • Promoting or facilitating illegal activies, or links to websites promoting or facilitating illegal activies
  • Any other "spam" content

All of the above will be removed promptly by the site manager -- and in so doing ALL of your comments or content will be removed.

If you understand the purpose and limitations to the use of this website please check the box below and you will be directed to the next step in using this website.


Flathead National Forest

Project Name: Beaver Creek
Project Purpose: Ecological Restoration
Project Description:

The purpose of this project is to achieve ecological restoration goals while reducing the risk of uncharacteristic wildfire and contributing to the local economy by: improving forest health and resilience to disturbance events; reducing hazardous fuel conditions; improving habitat conditions for threatened, endangered, or sensitive species; improving watershed conditions; preventing or controlling invasions of exotic species; and utilizing convertible products and woody biomass generated as a result of such activities while creating a variety of contracting opportunities for private industry.

This website is intended to serve as a method for individuals to provide comments to inform project development and needs for action within this area prior to and as an enhanced method of scoping. Please provide specific comments, using a keyword from the list. Inappropriate comments will be removed. This system is not designed to create a statistical sample to represent any degree of public opinion, but rather help us discover the range of opinions and potential issues regarding activities in this area. Thanks for participating.

To leave a comment select either "Draw Point" or "Draw Line" and create a feature linking your comment to a spot on the map.  Thanks! 

Comment Period End Date: 01/06/2014
Project Contact: Andrew Reed

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