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Red Hat Certified Engineer job involves implementing a basic CGI application. The Certified Engineer identifies and rectifies DNS client issues. They have to configure group-managed content, TLS security, and virtual host. The professional takes care of access restriction on directories. The Certified Professionals will identify and rectify the DNS client issues. They will configure a caching-only name server.

Red Hat Certified Engineer takes care of Linux users and groups. They can control access to with Linux file system permissions. The professionals will manage and monitor Linux processes. They utilize virtualized systems and access Linux file systems. The Certified Engineer is responsible for installing and updating software packages. The professionals have to archive and copy files between systems along with controlling service and daemons.

The Indeed salary estimate states that on an average Red Hat Certified Engineer earnings range from approximately $54,698 per year for Junior Systems Administrator to $144,582 per year for Performance Engineer. According to Payscale, for this position, the professional earns about $97K per year in the United States.

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