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What Is ECOS and What Am I Registering For?

The Environmental Conservation Online System (ECOS) is a customized set of Web applications tailored to specific data management and reporting needs of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The ECOS Development Team builds customized applications that meet the specific information management needs of the Service as well as a growing segment of public users. Program leads work with ECOS developers to determine system features and accessibility levels. They also  guide periodic upgrades and enhancements. Several applications are used across programs.

For registered users to the secure ECOS site, ECOS applications ease data entry and data sharing, with built-in cross-referencing and robust mapping tools. With these tools, users can produce customized tables and reports, site-specific maps, and data summaries.

To register for and access the applications in ECOS that you need, see the child pages below for instructions on managing registration and access in Secure ECOS.

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