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Change Your ECOS Password: Non-DOI Users

  1. Log in to ECOS at
  2. On the ECOS home page menu bar, click on the More tab; on the dropdown menu, choose Change Password (next image).

  3. On the Change Password page, enter your old password, then enter your new password twice (next image), following the complexity requirements described in the context help and on the form (red outline) . 

  4. When done, click on the Change Password button. 

    1. If your new password does not meet the security requirements, an error message will direct you to try another password.

Change Your Password: FWS and Other DOI Users

Because their passwords are a component of their Active Directory credentials, DOI users are not allowed to change their ECOS passwords on the ECOS site (in other words, have a separate ECOS password). Instead, you must go to the secure site and change your Active Directory password, which is used for access to ECOS:

  1. Go to

  2. Log in to your Active Directory account using your current credentials.

  3. On the MyAccount home page, click Reset Password.

  4. Follow the instructions to change your Active Directory password and click Change.

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