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The Contaminants Investigations Database (CID) was decommissioned in April of 2016. The availability of the resources produced by this system remains, primarily through the use of ad hoc reports.

The following ad hoc report can be customized to generate sufficient data to answer questions about historic Investigations performed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Click here to view the basic report.

You can customize the output of this ad hoc report in several ways

  • Drag and drop additional data attributes from the left column onto the report panel to view other attributes of the Investigation
  • Remove data attributes by clicking on the "x" in the list of columns
  • Drag an attribute into the "Filters" section on the right column of the screen to find Investigations that fit specific search criteria
  • Export the content of the report by clicking on the "Export" icon from the menu
  • Many other customization options are possible, limited only to the functionality of the Jaspersoft ad hoc reporting tool


Accessing uploaded documents

The final reports and other uploaded documents related to the investigation are available for download. You can find the Documents and download URLs by following these steps

  1. Navigate to the CID ad hoc report
  2. Expand the "Proposal / Investigation" Fields node
  3. Expand the "Documents" Fields node underneath the "Proposal / Investigation" Fields node
  4. Add the "Download URL" attribute and any other document attributes to the report. This will show you the URL for the document that is associated with the Investigation
  5. Export the Report in your desired file format
  6. From the exported report, copy and paste the URL into a web browser. Then load that URL to download the file.



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