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Financial Assistance Policy and Oversight Guidance Document


505 DM 2, Section 2.9, Substantial Involvement

Table 4 of the FA Guidance document details the type of substantial activities that would qualify the award as a cooperative agreement and compares them to the routine activities to be performed for all awards.  


FWS Substantial Involvement Drop Down Menu

The user will choose the option(s) that best describes the FWS Substantial Involvement. These options were derived from the Financial Assistance Policy and Oversight guidance. Each option directly relates to an item listed in Table 4 of the guidance.

Table 4 Substantial InvolvementHabITS Substantial Involvement Drop Down Options

Participates and collaborates jointly with the recipient partner, volunteer, scientist,

technician or other personnel, in carrying out the scope of work, including training

recipient personnel or detailing Federal personnel to work on the project effort.

1. Worked with partner to determine roles in the project as documented in the agreement

2. Worked with partner to develop the agreement budget for the project

3. Worked with partner to carry out the scope of work

4. Worked with the partner in training personnel to complete conservation practices

Reviews and approves one stage of work before the next stage can begin.

5. Reviewed and approved completed stage of work before the next stage began

Reviews and approves, prior to recipient action, proposed modifications or sub-awards.

6. Reviewed and approved proposed modification or sub-awards
Helps select project staff or trainees.7. Helped select project staff and/or trainees 

Directs or redirects the work because of interrelationships with other projects.

8. Directed or redirected the project work based on related projects

Has power to immediately halt an activity if detailed performance specifications are not met.

9. Halted an activity because detailed performance specifications were not being met

Limits recipient discretion with respect to scope of work, organizational structure,

staffing, mode of operations and other management processes, coupled with close

monitoring or operational involvement during performance under the award.

10. Served in the project manager role to limit partner actions in scope of work, structure, staffing,

operations, and/or management, through close monitoring and involvement during the project


FWS Service Role Drop Down Menu

The FWS Service Role is an internal, program derived designation and more open ended than the FWS Substantial Involvement.  The user will choose the option(s) that best describes the FWS Service Role.

If none of the options fit choose "Other". If "Other" is chosen it will be required to explain in the narrative.

FWS Service Role General CategoriesHabITS Service Role Drop Down Options

Project design (includes surveying, layout, and equipment recommendations

1. Participated in project desing (survey, layout and recommendations)

Construction Management and Oversight2. Participated in construction management and oversight
Monitoring (Compliance or Biological)3. Assisted with project compliance and/or biological monitoring
Budget Development4. Coordinated with partner to develop budget and other funding sources
Project Delivery (FWS Biologist physically performs treatments)

5. FWS Biologist (could be PFW, non-PFW etc) physically performed tasks to include

activities such as equipment operation, herbicide application, tree planting, or fencing

Other6. Other (describe in narrative box, required)


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