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  • [FIS-3181] - Validate Project development requirement for other
  • [FIS-3247] - Get trunk changes into FIS-1.16.11 and FIS3-3.18.1 branches
  • [FIS-3248] - Fix fis3 tests, unit/integration
  • [FIS-3253] - Work with Systems team to get new FIS measures show in 2019 target report in PRS
  • [FIS-3275] - entering project parameters
  • [FIS-3279] - Get ssh access to production activiti
  • [FIS-3313] - Search function not working
  • [FIS-3320] - Change or adjust algorithm to 1.2.c.
  • [FIS-3323] - Region 3 needs restoration and access in Legacy tab to Program Management 1-Fisheries (03F01000) and Program Management 2-Fisheries (03F02000) and all projects under these for Region 3 from the prior version of FIS.
  • [FIS-3330] - Merge changes from fis and fis3 trunk to latest branches
  • [FIS-3332] - Fix the Project code in project list
  • [FIS-3334] - Work with Robb to get FIS region targets going to PTrac in 2019
  • [FIS-3335] - Fix duplicate region target rows in FIS
  • [FIS-3336] - unable to delete an activity that I created in a project in FIS
  • [FIS-3358] - Create tickets for ranking
  • [FIS-3368] - Number format exception when entering direct entry measure for activity
  • [FIS-3403] - Activity PM actuals not rolling up to Project and Accomplishment Report not generated.
  • [FIS-3404] - Implement filters
  • [FIS-3411] - Ranking changes/fixes from user feedback
  • [FIS-3413] - Add more NFHP ranking categories


  • [FIS-3278] - To many files open error on prod
  • [FIS-3342] - PROD: Issue deleting activities
  • [FIS-3344] - Fix filtering by PM measue in PM reports in FIS
  • [FIS-3378] - Setting 'No Direct measures' checkbox not working
  • [FIS-3399] - Remove duplicate rows for measures in scoped measure tables
  • [FIS-3402] - Users seeing error in Accomplishments tab of project
  • [FIS-3416] - Error running distribution rollup reports


  • [FIS-3284] - Activity - Map Cancel function
  • [FIS-3380] - Add ranking link to toolbar, create ranking page
  • [FIS-3381] - Create ranking categories table
  • [FIS-3382] - Create ranking list
  • [FIS-3383] - Create ranking filters
  • [FIS-3384] - Add office ranking field to the ranking table
  • [FIS-3385] - Add regional user ranking column, only editable to regional users
  • [FIS-3386] - Add multiselect on activity details page for ranking category
  • [FIS-3407] - Excel export for ranking



  • [FIS-3409] - Release of FIS classic with new projects integration into Distribution and Plans module


  • [FIS-3080] - Migrate FIS builds to Jenkins 2
  • [FIS-3247] - Get trunk changes into FIS-1.16.11 and FIS3-3.18.1 branches
  • [FIS-3330] - Merge changes from fis and fis3 trunk to latest branches
  • [FIS-3406] - Merge changes from FIS-1.7 branch to legacy fis trunk and put it on beta

3.18.8 10/30/2018


  • [FIS-3395] - Release 3.18.8 fix for reports missing FY 19


  • [FIS-3394] - 2019 missing from all year-related filters in Projects Ad-hoc Report for FIS

3.18.7 10/24/2018


  • [FIS-3389] - Authorize the Release of both FIS 3.18.7 and FIS 1.16.12


  • [FIS-3379] - Update code to include instant triggers to Activiti
  • [FIS-3391] - Release fis3 3.18.7 and fis 1.16.12

1.16.12 10/24/2018


  • [FIS-3389] - Authorize the Release of both FIS 3.18.7 and FIS 1.16.12


  • [FIS-3388] - Extend FY18 Distributions deadlines

3.18.6 10/23/2018



  • [FIS-3373] - Error thrown when deleting a funding record
  • [FIS-3374] - Fix percent measure calculation where denom value/target is 0
  • [FIS-3375] - Fix lazy init error when adding 'Multiple Species(0)' to an activity
  • [FIS-3390] - Fix activiti db connection issue

3.18.5 10/19/2018



  • [FIS-2650] - Convert all eager fetched one to many mappings to lazy fetch
  • [FIS-3372] - Display all goals in the workplan and accomplishment pdf reports


  • [FIS-3343] - PROD: Unable to delete an activity that has attachments

3.18.4 10/17/2018


  • [FIS-3363] - Rlease 3.18.4 including quartz job to process measures nightly


  • [FIS-3359] - Update quartz job or create new quartz job to run direct entry measures

3.18.3 10/16/2018


  • [FIS-3326] - Clean out old FIS measurs from targets report for 2019
  • [FIS-3340] - Push changes to measure names to fix sax parse error
  • [FIS-3348] - Update Funding sub cat to remove & that causes error during pdf gen
  • [FIS-3350] - Update FIS3 to fix a number of issues with activity deletion.
  • [FIS-3352] - Publish the FIS to PRS nightly job
  • [FIS-3355] - Approve changes needed to re-create 2018 views in PRS
  • [FIS-3357] - Release 3.18.3 to prod


  • [FIS-3345] - ecos_species.itis_species has a tsn of -1. support.itis_species has a tsn of 1.
  • [FIS-3356] - Shut off instant triggers to Activiti



  • [FIS-3292] - Targets must be copied from FIS to PRS on a nightly basis

3.18.2 - 10/9/2018


  • [FIS-3303] - Replace Mars and Pilcrow symbols in all tast descriptions
  • [FIS-3306] - Release hotfix 3.18.2 and 1.16.11
  • [FIS-3308] - Change PM for 7.2.a to "Total number of visitors to Service Fisheries facilities"


  • [FIS-3251] - Vague Error message returned on 'save'
  • [FIS-3272] - Fix all task descriptions that have vertical tab symbol at the end of them
  • [FIS-3287] - Copy Activity Function does not work in FIS
  • [FIS-3304] - Change Training Button in FIS
  • [FIS-3309] - 2.2.a remove depencancy on NFHAP partnership And change funding code check to look up new funding code and subcategory
  • [FIS-3316] - PROD: Run direct activity measures via curl script
  • [FIS-3318] - Add 'Participants' as a measure unit and assign it to 5.3.a
  • [FIS-3327] - Get activiti prod linked up with splunk
  • [FIS-3333] - Release FIS3 3.18.2 and FIS 1.16.11


  • [FIS-3286] - Office direct entry measures must consider all Hatchery offices
  • [FIS-3315] - Fix issue where other tabs can't be edited after copying an activity

1.16.11 - 10/9/2018


  • [FIS-3306] - Release hotfix 3.18.2 and 1.16.11


  • [FIS-3272] - Fix all task descriptions that have vertical tab symbol at the end of them
  • [FIS-3333] - Release FIS3 3.18.2 and FIS 1.16.11


  • [FIS-3259] - Fix the FIS classic toolbar from showing FONS and show new Projects

3.18.1 - 9/27/2018


  • [FIS-3258] - Update homepage contend via the DB as editor is broken
  • [FIS-3273] - Fix description of tasks of Louisiana Pearlshell Recovery Plan
  • [FIS-3276] - Fix all task descriptions that have Pilcrow sign symbol at the end of them
  • [FIS-3294] - Release hotfix 3.18.1


  • [FIS-3250] - Activity Type not showing up on Drop down Menu
  • [FIS-3254] - Update announcements in prod db
  • [FIS-3266] - Plan tasks not accessible in FIS
  • [FIS-3283] - Add WO role as an approver for the sginoff role
  • [FIS-3285] - Ensure file upload closes file streams
  • [FIS-3295] - Prepare FIS3 hotfix for production deploy


  • [FIS-3249] - When accessing the new FIS v3 in production, the Help and Training pages are not available
  • [FIS-3255] - Fix content management issue for homepage
  • [FIS-3268] - Manage Office Direct Entry page mission (Region) in office list

3.18.0 -9/19/2018

Major Release of New Projects Module


  • [FIS-3135] - FIS Release of 3.18.0 (New Projects Module)
  • [FIS-3192] - CHANGE - Task order F0172 2018 Addendum RO Office workflow
  • [FIS-3252] - Deploy db scripts to add RO office mappings

Task (subtask)

  • [FIS-2497] - Write controller tests for FIS date management (due dates)
  • [FIS-3114] - Create database tables and data for lookups
  • [FIS-3115] - Create Outreach service. Create integration tests for Activity and Outreach entities


  • [FIS-1923] - Add Y/N check box to Photo Channel: Waiver is on file for photos of minors.
  • [FIS-2145] - Upgrade FIS3 to Asset Pipeline
  • [FIS-2173] - Upgrade FIS3 to Ecos-bootstrap 4
  • [FIS-2177] - Update domain objects and database to handle geom
  • [FIS-2179] - Create deomain objects to handle geom in fis3
  • [FIS-2203] - Fix New Strain form
  • [FIS-2204] - Fix Cris Upload Form
  • [FIS-2205] - Fix Priority Species List
  • [FIS-2217] - Fix Strain Edit form
  • [FIS-2219] - Fix Content Management - FIS Species
  • [FIS-2221] - Fix Content Management - Regional Priority Species
  • [FIS-2222] - Fix Content Management - Aquatic Invasive Species
  • [FIS-2224] - Fix Content Management - Manage Funding Codes
  • [FIS-2225] - Fix Content Management - Manage Partners
  • [FIS-2227] - Refactor Domain objects to point to tables vs views
  • [FIS-2229] - Remove FIS3 Schema
  • [FIS-2233] - Bootstrap: fix visited links and toolbar size
  • [FIS-2246] - Update Grails Mapping Plugin version to the latest
  • [FIS-2259] - Save huc intersections using native sql
  • [FIS-2266] - Project geom changed varable is always true when coming from geom edit page
  • [FIS-2360] - Add FwsOffice to FisOfficeProfile
  • [FIS-2361] - FIS3 can be deployed to QA server and uses QA db
  • [FIS-2395] - Update to Projects Module for Office vs station
  • [FIS-2403] - Create Database table and domain object for Work Plan
  • [FIS-2413] - Move getCurrentFy function
  • [FIS-2414] - Add basic auditing (created by, last updated by) for Project
  • [FIS-2415] - Add project details to project list row expansion section
  • [FIS-2438] - Update Work Plan to Annual Work Plan
  • [FIS-2469] - Refactor getCurrentFy() method from FundingCodeService to OfficeService
  • [FIS-2471] - Due Dates in previous fiscal years (closed FY) can only be viewed
  • [FIS-2472] - Remove sorting and search from FIS dates list page
  • [FIS-2476] - Project - Work Planning Tab - Remove Unmet Needs
  • [FIS-2479] - Add unique constraint validation in UI and db for due dates in a fiscal year
  • [FIS-2480] - Data Management - Hatchery index page is broken
  • [FIS-2481] - Create small JPA fis3 project to see if JPA is the cause of the closed pooled connection issue
  • [FIS-2482] - Write tests for due date managment work
  • [FIS-2483] - Convert FundingCode to a JPA entity and corresponding grails service to java service
  • [FIS-2533] - Get integration tests to run Jenkins for 3.18 branch
  • [FIS-2534] - Fix failing tests in 3.18 branch
  • [FIS-2557] - Workplan and FudingCode domain tests fail
  • [FIS-2559] - Add workplan controller and service tests
  • [FIS-2562] - Status check doesn't work over https for fis3
  • [FIS-2577] - Modify work plan workflow to use refactored method isWorkPlanningCompleted() in DueDateService
  • [FIS-2630] - New Project - Summary and Description Field expansion
  • [FIS-2631] - Improve Performance of load for Project Activites Tab
  • [FIS-2636] - Apply view only rule for activity details and other tabs
  • [FIS-2643] - Replace domain.findAll methods with service methods
  • [FIS-2649] - Refactor Regional sign-off of workplan related operations into a service method
  • [FIS-2651] - Make create workplan part of project create workflow
  • [FIS-2698] - Update to Work Planning and Accomplishment Field UI
  • [FIS-2711] - Update to Activity Species & Population Tab
  • [FIS-2730] - Add domain mappings for Population related data objects
  • [FIS-2734] - Integrate FIS3 with Activiti to trigger a message when saving an FIS Activity
  • [FIS-2735] - Create an Activiti Task class and bean configuration for receiving messages from FIS
  • [FIS-2737] - Execute algorithms to save values
  • [FIS-2743] - Create spring bean config -application-context.xml for fis-measures jar
  • [FIS-2748] - Update activiti configuration for FIS measures
  • [FIS-2751] - Populate performance measures into the database table, and bean configuration
  • [FIS-2752] - Complete direct entry performance measure algorithm implementation
  • [FIS-2753] - Integrate Activiti Task class with FIS Service class for retrieving measures
  • [FIS-2760] - Refactor package structure of java classes to be compatible with maven
  • [FIS-2767] - Fix connecting to remote database over vpn for FIS3-3.18 branch
  • [FIS-2768] - Fix importing beans into resources.groovy from external app context xml
  • [FIS-2770] - Integrate FIS with Activiti
  • [FIS-2772] - Collect the affected performance measures, introduce a splitter, update the business process
  • [FIS-2773] - Move FIS algorithm classes to the libraries/fis-measures project
  • [FIS-2774] - Add domain mappings for Plan/Task association with activity
  • [FIS-2775] - Add office/org type in performance measure table
  • [FIS-2776] - PM Algorithm - 1.1.c-denominator
  • [FIS-2777] - PM Algorithm - 1.1.c-numerator
  • [FIS-2778] - PM Algorithm - percent measure implementation
  • [FIS-2783] - Write queries for 1.2.c. performance measures, denominator and numerator
  • [FIS-2784] - Write queries for 1.3.c. performance measures - denominator and numerator
  • [FIS-2785] - Update perf measure bus proc for scope based processing
  • [FIS-2786] - Refactor Additive Algorithm to reflect recommend execution approach
  • [FIS-2796] - Assist implementation of concrete algorithm classes
  • [FIS-2797] - Performance Measure Algorithm 4.3.a. Number of tasks implemented for Tribal fish and wildlife conservation as prescribed by Tribal plans or agreements 
  • [FIS-2798] - Add hierarchical scope to performance measure data and domain model
  • [FIS-2799] - Update the performance measure processing to handle measures that are derived, but not part of a percentage
  • [FIS-2800] - Update existing measures to calculate according to the program of the measure
  • [FIS-2805] - Performance Measure 6.1.b. - Percent of stations operating within a salary/operations ratio of 70/30 to 80/20
  • [FIS-2806] - Performance Measure 6.2.a. - Percent of stations that have secured safe and adequate water supplies
  • [FIS-2807] - Deploy FIS Measures to Activiti on QA
  • [FIS-2817] - Add a Performance Measure Processor for the Office entity type
  • [FIS-2826] - Algorithm for derived Fisheries measures calculated from programmatic direct entry measures
  • [FIS-2828] - Update performance measure list
  • [FIS-2829] - Update office category data
  • [FIS-2830] - Add a database column to indicate when a species is native
  • [FIS-2831] - 5.2.c. algorithm
  • [FIS-2832] - 6.1.b. percentage algorithm
  • [FIS-2833] - 6.2.c. algorithm - Number of projects implemented that address new technological needs of FAC physical infrastructure.
  • [FIS-2839] - Follow and execute reverse engineering steps
  • [FIS-2840] - 5.1.b. algorithm
  • [FIS-2841] - 1.1.a. algorithm
  • [FIS-2842] - 6.3.a. algorithm
  • [FIS-2843] - 1.1.d. Algorithm - percentage
  • [FIS-2844] - 1.2.d. Algorithm - percentage
  • [FIS-2845] - Investigate why plan task measures processing is slow
  • [FIS-2848] - 1.1.b. Algorithm - percentage - Percent of priority aquatic T&E populations managed or influenced by the FAC program with approved Recovery plans
  • [FIS-2849] - 2.1.b. Algorithm - percentage - Percent of priority species with habitat conservation targets established in collaboration with federal, state, tribal, and other partners
  • [FIS-2851] - Write Queries for PRS integration
  • [FIS-2854] - Improve queries limit calculations by project strategies
  • [FIS-2855] - Change fis-activiti-context and algorithm classes to match new measues
  • [FIS-2857] - Implement final performance measures on beta
  • [FIS-2864] - Test Performance measures work completed in PM Algorithms development phase
  • [FIS-2865] - 1.2.a. Algorithm - Number of identified, declining priority aquatic populations for which FAC program has a role.
  • [FIS-2866] - 1.2.b. Algorithm - percentage - Percent of priority aquatic declining populations managed or influenced by the FAC program with approved management plans that include population objectives and restoration criteria.
  • [FIS-2867] - 2.1.c. Algorithm - percentage - Percent of priority species with landscape scale habitat conservation objectives and strategies
  • [FIS-2874] - Update HQ and RO office profiles with correct facility type
  • [FIS-2876] - 1.3.a. Algorithm - Number of populations identified likely to decline priority aquatic populations for which FAC program has a role.
  • [FIS-2877] - 1.3.d. Algorithm - percentage - Percent of populations of priority aquatic species likely to decline managed or influenced by the FAC program that are self-sustaining in the wild.
  • [FIS-2878] - 5.1.a. Algorithm - Number of partner-driven landscape-scale conservation plans the Service is engaged in that include recreational fisheries.
  • [FIS-2879] - 5.2.a. Algorithm - percentage - Percent of mitigation programs fully reimbursed.
  • [FIS-2880] - 6.2.b. Algorithm - percentage - Percent of FAC physical assets (real property) and equipment at the FCI < 0.15
  • [FIS-2891] - 1.3.b. Algorithm - percentage - Of priority aquatic species likely to decline that are managed or influenced by the FAC program, percent with approved management plans that identify threats.
  • [FIS-2892] - 2.2.a. Algorithm - Number of Fish Habitat Partnership projects completed for high priority species
  • [FIS-2893] - 2.2.b. Algorithm - Total number of fish passage barriers removed or bypassed to achieve landscape scale connectivity for high priority species.
  • [FIS-2894] - 5.2.b. Algorithm - percentage - Percent of National Broodstock Program egg requests fulfilled for propagation programs that help support and sustain recovery, restoration, tribal trust, mitigation and recreational fishing needs.
  • [FIS-2895] - Investigate work involved in integrating with pull reports
  • [FIS-2896] - Change- Add character count to Project Description Field
  • [FIS-2897] - Change- Add character count to Project Planning Tab outputs and outcomes
  • [FIS-2898] - Change- Add character counter to Project - Accomplishment Tab Output,Outcomes and Annual Summary
  • [FIS-2899] - Change - Activity Species and Populations Tab - Species Selection Dropdown
  • [FIS-2905] - Change - Update Project Ad-Hoc Report filters Page
  • [FIS-2911] - Make asynchronous requests to Activiti Engine from FIS to update measures
  • [FIS-2912] - Make asynchronous requests to Activiti Engine from FIS3 to update measures
  • [FIS-2913] - Investigate and fix why Activiti tomcat seem to freeze when executing plan task measures
  • [FIS-2931] - ViewOnly parameter should be applied to all input elements on species/populations and plans/tasks tabs
  • [FIS-2932] - Get BETA up to date for fis and fis3
  • [FIS-2933] - Test Performance measures work and measure update architecture with Activiti
  • [FIS-2947] - Project description character counter mismatch
  • [FIS-2959] - Project module update
  • [FIS-2961] - Acitvity - 508 Compliance Analysis
  • [FIS-2962] - Update for Project Activity - Performance Measures Tab
  • [FIS-2963] - Update to Activity Copy Function to add AIS
  • [FIS-2969] - Set up Activiti engine on beta to be used by fis for measure calculation
  • [FIS-2973] - Get Beta db up to date after prod copy
  • [FIS-2979] - Update - Activity Status
  • [FIS-2980] - Update to Status labels for Project and Activity
  • [FIS-2981] - Handle activity performance measures tab display when office doesn't have a program
  • [FIS-2982] - FIS office profile cleanup and program assignment
  • [FIS-2988] - Update to Species for Work Plan, Accomplishmnet and Printing
  • [FIS-2991] - Change - Update Project Tabs labels
  • [FIS-2992] - Change - Update Project Tabs colors
  • [FIS-2994] - Update Plans Module - Plan Details for new Type of LCC
  • [FIS-2997] - Activity - Copy action update
  • [FIS-2998] - Project Activty Tab
  • [FIS-2999] - Add support layers to FIS Activity Map
  • [FIS-3002] - UI tweaks
  • [FIS-3003] - Project and Activity Tab Order
  • [FIS-3004] - Things to do Before PM Beta testing
  • [FIS-3010] - Measures cleanup and PRS/PTRAC measures only work
  • [FIS-3011] - Activity - Copy action update2
  • [FIS-3020] - 508 Compliance - Project - Activity Tab
  • [FIS-3021] - 508 Compliance - New Activity
  • [FIS-3022] - 508 Compliance - Activity Details
  • [FIS-3023] - 508 Compliance - Activity Species
  • [FIS-3024] - 508 Compliance - Activity Plans
  • [FIS-3025] - 508 Compliance - Activity Funding
  • [FIS-3026] - 508 Compliance - Activity Funding- New FWS Funding
  • [FIS-3027] - 508 Compliance - Activity Funding- New Partner Funding
  • [FIS-3028] - 508 Compliance - Activity Measures
  • [FIS-3029] - 508 Compliance - Activity Map
  • [FIS-3030] - 508 Compliance - Activity Map- Edit Map
  • [FIS-3031] - 508 Compliance - Activity Files
  • [FIS-3032] - 508 Compliance -Activity Files - New Attachment
  • [FIS-3033] - FIS3: Create quartz job to run nightly at approximately 12:00 pm. Runs some perf measures.
  • [FIS-3055] - Project Plan and Accomplishment Data Gaps for Funding
  • [FIS-3062] - Change - Update PM 1.3.b.n
  • [FIS-3064] - Update to Links for Training and Help Buttons
  • [FIS-3073] - Module Review: Activity
  • [FIS-3079] - Migrate FIS3 builds to Jenkins 2
  • [FIS-3081] - Update to PM Discription
  • [FIS-3131] - Change - Measures Tab- For Percent measures only display the Numerator
  • [FIS-3142] - Change - Measures Tab
  • [FIS-3145] - Change - Update PM 1.3.b.p to point to management plans
  • [FIS-3146] - Change - Update PM 5.2.c to include Recovery Plans
  • [FIS-3169] - Change - Return Project description to the Workplan
  • [FIS-3174] - Data Model Update
  • [FIS-3175] - UI Updates
  • [FIS-3176] - Reporting Updates
  • [FIS-3179] - Activity measures tab -> Show measure identifiers without program label
  • [FIS-3185] - Remove legacy project link
  • [FIS-3186] - Office signoff role needs to be requestable
  • [FIS-3191] - Change - Workplan Funding not exclusive to FY
  • [FIS-3193] - Update Regional Office Category
  • [FIS-3201] - Fix fis3 tests, unit/integration
  • [FIS-3202] - Write tests for ActivityAttachmentController
  • [FIS-3211] - Update to Habitat and Outreach access for HQ and RO
  • [FIS-3213] - Perform Fiscal Year Rollover on Beta
  • [FIS-3219] - Get FIS and FIS3 code branches ready for EOY rollover changes
  • [FIS-3221] - Backup Beta Tooltips and Activity Types
  • [FIS-3225] - Perform Release of 3.18.0 and 1.16.10 on BETA
  • [FIS-3230] - Setup Aciviti Tomcat on production
  • [FIS-3231] - Get PRS scripts ready for BETA and PROD
  • [FIS-3233] - Copy file upload rules for barracuda on beta to prod
  • [FIS-3235] - Second beta release of 3.18 & 1.16.10
  • [FIS-3236] - Update for PM 2.2.b and Actiity Type Dropdown
  • [FIS-3237] - Fix exception on project create
  • [FIS-3240] - Test FIS3 in preparation for prod release
  • [FIS-3242] - Merge branches FIS-1.16.10 and FIS3-3.18.0 to the trunk
  • [FIS-3244] - Deploy FIS & FIS3 to production
  • [FIS-3245] - Selected funding subcat not showing up on funding edit form
  • [FIS-3246] - Office signoff without start/end dates for the current FY should fail gracefully


  • [FIS-2209] - Reports page - when selecting an item background becomes blue as text
  • [FIS-2232] - Add ability to save non-geom fields of a project
  • [FIS-2235] - Fix failing tests
  • [FIS-2237] - FIS regional priroity species report doesn't show FIS top nav bar
  • [FIS-2240] - When editing a project that has geom, error is thrown on project edit page
  • [FIS-2243] - Fix broken DataManagementController unit test
  • [FIS-2249] - Null Pointer Exception for Create Project Geometry when Project has not been saved
  • [FIS-2256] - When saving a project, the save button kind of extends
  • [FIS-2269] - When removing geometry on project edit page, the action takes place without any dependency on confirmation dialog
  • [FIS-2270] - Tests failing
  • [FIS-2271] - Distribution sites list doesn't appear in Station's dist site list page
  • [FIS-2402] - Fix user rights determination for projects
  • [FIS-2416] - Fix sorting in the project list
  • [FIS-2485] - Strains don't get loaded when editing/creating a strain for a species
  • [FIS-2514] - Work plan page should handle the situation when start date/end date aren't set yet
  • [FIS-2515] - Change placement and color of Sign off buttons on project list and edit pages
  • [FIS-2549] - Move Actual and Planned FTE Constraints from the DB to the Domain
  • [FIS-2618] - FIS Project - Bread Crumb Fixes
  • [FIS-2766] - Add Users' office profile to list of Project offices
  • [FIS-2822] - Getting error on fis3 project ad-hoc report when choosing a fiscal year for work plan
  • [FIS-2873] - Search Project Filter - Status is not updating the List
  • [FIS-2935] - Project Adhoc report - When multiple items selected in filters the excel and pdf report buttons consider only last option
  • [FIS-2940] - Reports - Distributions Advanced search is not working in all envrionmnets
  • [FIS-2958] - 'No direct measures' checkbox is not working
  • [FIS-2960] - Fix attachment thumbnail code
  • [FIS-2974] - Update tooltips to use the help plugin
  • [FIS-2983] - Fix pdf exports for accomplishments and work plans
  • [FIS-2995] - Make the validation on the activity details page consistent
  • [FIS-3009] - Edit Activity - Measures Tab - Selection of No Direct Perfomrance Measures
  • [FIS-3034] - Issue with Project Ad-Hoc Report output
  • [FIS-3037] - Activity map editor doesn't load correctly for point geoms
  • [FIS-3065] - View only mode for Activity still shows Save Button and will save the activity.
  • [FIS-3076] - Activity copy with a title close to or at 100 characters fails.
  • [FIS-3078] - Error when creating geometry for an activity
  • [FIS-3116] - FIS activity funding tab, all edit buttons are disabled
  • [FIS-3117] - Fix broken tooltips
  • [FIS-3118] - Fix activity species
  • [FIS-3119] - Fix cancel buttons
  • [FIS-3120] - Add region 9 to the signoff filter
  • [FIS-3122] - Work Plan pdf report has <o:p> and </o:p> in planned_outputs. Causes exception.
  • [FIS-3130] - Fix performance measures on beta
  • [FIS-3137] - FIS map layers not working
  • [FIS-3140] - FIS NHD map layers not working
  • [FIS-3147] - Fix activity details save
  • [FIS-3156] - Activity - Measures TAb - Get 500 error when saving direct entry Measures
  • [FIS-3187] - Activity create breaks activity tabs after save
  • [FIS-3188] - Outreach tab not working
  • [FIS-3198] - Edit Geometry links do not work for very large geoms
  • [FIS-3234] - Fix "no direct measures" checkbox for activity measures


  • [FIS-2159] - View a thumbnail map for Projects
  • [FIS-2161] - Digitize Project Geometry
  • [FIS-2163] - Intersect Project Geometry with Congressional Districts
  • [FIS-2165] - Edit Geometry for Project
  • [FIS-2166] - Create Geometry for a Project
  • [FIS-2167] - Delete Geometry for Project
  • [FIS-2183] - Save Geometry for Project
  • [FIS-2184] - Cancel Geometry for Project
  • [FIS-2212] - View FIS Projects
  • [FIS-2213] - Project Edit / Create page
  • [FIS-2231] - Project Management Occam January 3rd, 2017
  • [FIS-2245] - Intersect Project Geometry with HUCs
  • [FIS-2252] - Configure layers in map
  • [FIS-2255] - Do not show "create project geometry" button until the Project is saved.
  • [FIS-2363] - Admin - Content Management - Date Management
  • [FIS-2365] - Project- Activity Tab Setup and New Activity Button
  • [FIS-2366] - New Activity - Details Tab
  • [FIS-2367] - Project - Activity Tab Table of Activities
  • [FIS-2371] - Project - Work Plan Tab - Planning date range
  • [FIS-2376] - Project - Work Plan Tab - Table of Activites
  • [FIS-2377] - Project - Work Plan Tab - Outputs Field
  • [FIS-2378] - Project - Work Plan Tab - Outcomes Field
  • [FIS-2379] - Project - Work Plan Tab - FTE Field
  • [FIS-2383] - Project - Work Plan Tab - Unmet Needs
  • [FIS-2384] - Activity - Map Tab - Intergration of Mapping tools from EPIC-FIS-2158
  • [FIS-2388] - Project - Status Field
  • [FIS-2389] - Projects - Search Project Page - Results Table Update
  • [FIS-2390] - Projects - Details Tab - Two Column Formatting
  • [FIS-2397] - Project Search - Office Name default value set
  • [FIS-2398] - Project - New/Edit Office field defaults and list control
  • [FIS-2399] - Project Search - Filter Field Tool Tips
  • [FIS-2417] - Admin -New Role Creation and Assignment for "FIS_OFFICE_SIGNOFF"
  • [FIS-2418] - Admin - Content Management - Date Management Validation Rules
  • [FIS-2419] - Project - Work Plan - Signoff - Email to Regional Coordinators for Signed Office
  • [FIS-2423] - Project - Work Planning Tab - Regional Single Project Work Plan Signoff
  • [FIS-2424] - Projects - Search Project Page -Regional Coordinator Sign off Button
  • [FIS-2434] - Project - Annual Workplan and Accomplishment Sign-Off - Regional Sign off
  • [FIS-2435] - Project - Annual Workplan and Accomplishment Sign-Off - Office Selection Results
  • [FIS-2436] - Project - Annual Workplan and Accomplishment Sign-Off - Select All Workplans
  • [FIS-2437] - Project - Annual Workplan and Accomplishment Sign-Off - Bulk Regional Signoff
  • [FIS-2441] - Project - Work Planning Tab - Performance Measure Table
  • [FIS-2450] - Project - Accomplishment - Performance Measures List
  • [FIS-2453] - Project -Accomplishment - Annual Accomplishment Email Notice to Regional Coorindators
  • [FIS-2455] - Activity - Details Tab - Populations Selection
  • [FIS-2456] - Activity - Details Tab -Set Anticipated Completion Date
  • [FIS-2457] - Activity - Details Tab -Set Completion Date
  • [FIS-2458] - Activity-Funding Tab - Setup
  • [FIS-2459] - Activity-Funding Tab - Set Funding Source and Sub Category
  • [FIS-2460] - Activity-Funding Tab - Fiscal Year
  • [FIS-2461] - Activity-Funding Tab -Requested/Planned Amount
  • [FIS-2462] - Activity-Funding Tab - FWS Amount
  • [FIS-2463] - Activity - Funding Tab - Partner Matched Amount
  • [FIS-2464] - Activity - Funding Tab -Partner In Kind
  • [FIS-2465] - Activity - Funding Tab - Funding Summary Table
  • [FIS-2466] - Activity - Funding Tab - Funding Summary Table - Edit Record
  • [FIS-2467] - Activity - Funding Tab - Funding Summary Table - Delete Record
  • [FIS-2468] - Activity - Performance Measure Tab
  • [FIS-2470] - Due Dates can be deleted
  • [FIS-2484] - Admin - Content Management - Create FIS Date
  • [FIS-2546] - Test Cris upload function with respect to JPA/Spring integration
  • [FIS-2547] - Add domain tests
  • [FIS-2550] - Project - Work Planning Tab - Lock Activites after Regional Coordinator Signoff
  • [FIS-2556] - Fix FisSpeciesService tests
  • [FIS-2600] - FIS Reports - Project Ad-Hoc Output Mode for Project with Populations
  • [FIS-2644] - FIS - Project - Activity - Tab Update and Drop-down for Selection of Species and Population
  • [FIS-2645] - Project - Map Tab
  • [FIS-2673] - Perform region signoff steps for bulk sign off of workplans
  • [FIS-2683] - FIS - Project - Activity - Selection of Species and Population Tab - Table
  • [FIS-2684] - FIS - Project - Activity - Species and Population Tab - Remove Population/Species function
  • [FIS-2702] - FIS- Project - Workplan Tab - PDF Print
  • [FIS-2704] - FIS- Project - Workplan Tab - Primary Species List
  • [FIS-2706] - FIS- Project - Detials Tab - Primary Species List
  • [FIS-2707] - Work Plan Summary report - final content
  • [FIS-2708] - Accomplishment Summary report - final content
  • [FIS-2709] - Deploy FIS-3.18-Assetpipeline branch to beta
  • [FIS-2729] - Create domain mappings for necessary database tables for measures work
  • [FIS-2739] - Activity-Performance Measure Tab - Save Activity and execute algorithms for direct
  • [FIS-2754] - Basic National Performance Measure Report
  • [FIS-2755] - Basic Regional Performance Measure Report
  • [FIS-2756] - Basic Office Performance Measure Report
  • [FIS-2801] - Update FIS Activity Performance Measure tab to account for ofice type, scope, and program
  • [FIS-2803] - Update to Reports Listing - Set Legacy for Existing Performance and Create New Grouping
  • [FIS-2804] - Refacor plan task measure algorithm into one algorithm class
  • [FIS-2808] - National Performance Measure Report
  • [FIS-2809] - National Performance Measure Report - Filters
  • [FIS-2816] - Cleanup measure data on qa and beta and modify UI for direct entry and derived measures
  • [FIS-2818] - Implement additive algorithm for office/region/nation scopes
  • [FIS-2819] - Implement algorithm for 1.2.c measure - percent - FMP tasks for non-te species
  • [FIS-2820] - Implement algorithm for 1.3.c measure - percent - FMP tasks for aquatic species
  • [FIS-2821] - Add 'program' specific calculation changes to existing alogrithms
  • [FIS-2823] - Refactor sql queries used for managing scoped measure tables and element cross tables
  • [FIS-2824] - Modify algorithms for target calculation to take scope into consideration
  • [FIS-2847] - Implement a solution to get NFHS and FWCO specific values for Fisheries measures
  • [FIS-2850] - Modify the performance measures UI to get program specific measures
  • [FIS-2900] - Activity - Species and Populations Tab add AIS Table
  • [FIS-2901] - Activity - Species and Populations Tab add AIS Selection
  • [FIS-2902] - Activity - Species and Populations Tab AIS Add and Remove
  • [FIS-2903] - Project Ad-hoc Report - Add AIS Filter
  • [FIS-2904] - Project Ad-hoc Report - Add AIS Output Mode and Report
  • [FIS-2906] - Activity - Tab for Plans & Task
  • [FIS-2907] - Activity - Plans & Task Tab - Plans Selection
  • [FIS-2908] - Activity - Plans & Task Tab - Task Selection and Add Button
  • [FIS-2909] - Activity - Plans & Task Tab - Plan Edit
  • [FIS-2910] - Activity - Plans & Task Tab - Plan Delete
  • [FIS-2914] - Plans Module- Update Project display for new Projects Module
  • [FIS-2922] - Activity -Attachment Tab - Setup
  • [FIS-2923] - Activity -Attachment Tab - AttachmentType - Document
  • [FIS-2924] - Activity -Attachment Tab - Attachment Type - Photo
  • [FIS-2925] - Activity -Attachment Tab - Delete Attachment
  • [FIS-2926] - Activity -Attachment Tab - Edit Attachment
  • [FIS-2927] - Station Profile - Office Direct Entry Performance Measures
  • [FIS-2936] - Activity - Copy - Button on Project Activity Tab
  • [FIS-2937] - Activity - Copy - Button on Activity
  • [FIS-2938] - Activity - Copy Action
  • [FIS-2949] - Change - Update Outputs and Outcomes to be bulleted entry only
  • [FIS-2954] - Edit/Create Project - Details Tab - Category is Other
  • [FIS-2955] - Activity-Performance Measure Tab - Disable for "other"
  • [FIS-2956] - Project- On Hold status selection
  • [FIS-2957] - Incorporate Region 9 to overall workflow
  • [FIS-2964] - Content Management - New Section for Manage Activity Type
  • [FIS-2975] - Project - Performance Measures Tab
  • [FIS-2976] - Project - Species and Populations Tab
  • [FIS-2977] - Project - Plans and Task Tab
  • [FIS-2978] - Project - FilesTab
  • [FIS-3036] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Habitat Activities
  • [FIS-3063] - Project Business Rule – Validation that All Activites are in End State to complete Project
  • [FIS-3068] - Project Business Rule - Prevent User from Completing a project with No Activities
  • [FIS-3069] - Project Business Rule - No Sign off if Project is put on hold prior to end of planning phase
  • [FIS-3071] - Project Business Rule - Completed Status locks all functions
  • [FIS-3072] - Project Business Rule - Region Super users can modify status of Completed Projects
  • [FIS-3084] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - New tab for Outreach type Projects
  • [FIS-3085] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Section for Special Events or Activities
  • [FIS-3087] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry for Onsite focused on all Age groups
  • [FIS-3088] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach -Entry for Off site focused on Youth
  • [FIS-3089] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry for Offsite focused on all age groups
  • [FIS-3090] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Section for Participants in Special Events
  • [FIS-3091] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry Section for Onsite events
  • [FIS-3092] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry Section for Offsite events
  • [FIS-3093] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Section for Visitors
  • [FIS-3094] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry Section for Youth Visitors
  • [FIS-3095] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry Section for Adult Visitors
  • [FIS-3096] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Section for Volunteer Information
  • [FIS-3097] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry Section for Number of volunteers
  • [FIS-3098] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry Section for Cultural Resource Hours
  • [FIS-3099] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry Section for Environmental Education Hours
  • [FIS-3100] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry Habitat and Wildlife Hours
  • [FIS-3101] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry Maintenance Hours
  • [FIS-3102] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry for Recreation Hours
  • [FIS-3103] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry for Other Hours
  • [FIS-3104] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Grand Total of Volunteer Hours
  • [FIS-3105] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry for Operation Costs
  • [FIS-3106] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry for Staff Salary Costs
  • [FIS-3107] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry for Travel costs
  • [FIS-3108] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry for Other Costs
  • [FIS-3109] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach -Entry for Staff Admin Program Hours
  • [FIS-3110] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach - Entry for Program Highlights
  • [FIS-3111] - Activity - Alt Workflow for Outreach -Entry for Other
  • [FIS-3149] - Business Rule - An activity cannot be completed without at least one FWS funding source and an Actual amount
  • [FIS-3150] - Activity - Business Rule - All Planned Amounts need corresponding Actual Amount
  • [FIS-3151] - Activity - Business Rule -A planned funding source cannot be deleted during Accomplishment Phase
  • [FIS-3152] - Activity - Business Rule -An Activity cannot be saved without a primary species
  • [FIS-3153] - Activity -Business Rule - An Activity cannot be deleted if that activity is a part of a signed work Plan.
  • [FIS-3160] - Activity - Business Rule - An activity completion date may not be entered during the planning phase
  • [FIS-3161] - Activity - Business Rule - To Complete an Activity User must have a Completion date
  • [FIS-3162] - Project Business Rule - Project can not be deleted if there is a signed work plan for the project
  • [FIS-3170] - Update to funding codes and New Funding sub-Category
  • [FIS-3184] - Update to all office dropdowns

UAT Finding

  • [FIS-3035] - Update PM 1.2.b.D to remove the "?" from (non T&E?)
  • [FIS-3053] - Beta Testing -Triplicate display based off Facility type
  • [FIS-3054] - Project Plan Summay - 500 error
  • [FIS-3056] - Issue with PDF Workplan and Accomplishment report "None"
  • [FIS-3057] - Activity - PM Tab Update - Display only the "numerator" PMs
  • [FIS-3058] - Project Code Generation Needs to take into Account for RO and HQ offices
  • [FIS-3164] - Issue with Saveing a Direct Input Measure
  • [FIS-3165] - Users can not save documnets on beta
  • [FIS-3180] - Multiple Species Issue for Some offices
  • [FIS-3197] - Issue with Edit Project Breadcrumb sends user to Create Project
  • [FIS-3204] - 500 Errors in Different areas
  • [FIS-3205] - Activity File Upload Error
  • [FIS-3206] - Activity File Upload Error
  • [FIS-3210] - Outputs and Outcomes copy from MS Word

1.16.10 9/19/2018


  • [FIS-3135] - FIS Release of 3.18.0 (New Projects Module)
  • [FIS-3139] - Undo Sign-off or Region 1's Accomps


  • [FIS-2387] - Project - Menu Selection Consistency for Projects
  • [FIS-2731] - Fix the document download link on document edit page for accomplishment
  • [FIS-2779] - Utility class for triggering Activiti from legacy FIS
  • [FIS-2780] - Apply Activiti triggers in Plans / Tasks module
  • [FIS-2781] - Apply Activiti triggers in Populations module
  • [FIS-2782] - Apply Activiti triggers in FIS Species management interface
  • [FIS-2864] - Test Performance measures work completed in PM Algorithms development phase
  • [FIS-2911] - Make asynchronous requests to Activiti Engine from FIS to update measures
  • [FIS-2932] - Get BETA up to date for fis and fis3
  • [FIS-2933] - Test Performance measures work and measure update architecture with Activiti
  • [FIS-2934] - View plan page should display associated project information
  • [FIS-2973] - Get Beta db up to date after prod copy
  • [FIS-3018] - Create triggers for Request measure
  • [FIS-3019] - Get local activiti running for fis testing
  • [FIS-3124] - Change - Temp Reverse Project selection for Distribution
  • [FIS-3133] - Rename branch FIS-1.16.9 to FIS-1.16.10
  • [FIS-3148] - FONS projects being transferred from one office to another
  • [FIS-3155] - A FONS project will not upgrade to an Accomplishment
  • [FIS-3189] - Need to change ownership of two FIS Accomplishments
  • [FIS-3190] - Add Species to Panama FWCO
  • [FIS-3225] - Perform Release of 3.18.0 and 1.16.10 on BETA
  • [FIS-3235] - Second beta release of 3.18 & 1.16.10
  • [FIS-3244] - Deploy FIS & FIS3 to production


  • [FIS-2612] - FIS Distribution Module Update - Search - Project Dropdown Update
  • [FIS-2613] - FIS Distribution Module Update - Create/Edit - Project Dropdown Update
  • [FIS-2928] - Plan ad hoc Report - Filters
  • [FIS-2929] - Task ad hoc Report - Filters
  • [FIS-2941] - Reports - Update Existing Distribution ad hoc Report
  • [FIS-2943] - Distributions - Add Legacy Accomplishment Link
  • [FIS-2953] - Distribution - Search Results Tables - Distribution Project update needed

User Assistance

  • [FIS-3134] - Project Accomplishment Archive

3.17.4 9/14/2018 -EOY


  • [FIS-3212] - Perform Fiscal Year Rollover On Prod


1.16.9 9/14/2018 -EOY


  • [FIS-3212] - Perform Fiscal Year Rollover On Prod


  • [FIS-3171] - delete duplicate plan entered by mistake
  • [FIS-3195] - Plan and tasks not passaing data audit
  • [FIS-3200] - Restore a FONS project - reversal of FONS upgrade
  • [FIS-3207] - Issue with data in prs
  • [FIS-3208] - Issue with Region 2 PM - Tishomingo NFH
  • [FIS-3213] - Perform Fiscal Year Rollover on Beta
  • [FIS-3219] - Get FIS and FIS3 code branches ready for EOY rollover changes

3.17.3 9/30/17


  • [FIS-2614] - Update link to archived performance measures report in PRS (FIS3)

3.17.2 9/21/2017


  • [FIS-2531] - Fix report outputs of Distribution and Perf measure adhoc ORE reports

3.17.1 6/5/2017


  • [FIS-1638] - Add Historic Distribution files to FIS Reports Module


1.16.9 TBD


  • [FIS-2731] - Fix the document download link on document edit page for accomplishment

1.16.8 11/8/2017


  • [FIS-1769] - Cannot create, edit, duplicate a Request for Rainbow Trout when not "National Broodstock Program"


  • [FIS-1011] - Add column with assigned facility to tables shown in the "Request Module Home" page
  • [FIS-1016] - When making the distribution, allow the user to specify whether the distribution is the final one for the assignment.
  • [FIS-2719] - Mark assignment(s) as complete/incomplete from request module

1.16.6 8/21/2017


  • [FIS-2525] - Distribution and Performance Measure ad hoc reports showing LazyDynaBean@ reference as output

1.16.5 8/17/2017


  • [FIS-2522] - Release the fix to fis status check for nagios

1.6.4 8/9/2017


  • [FIS-2431] - Cleanup fis office profile in related views


  • [FIS-2428] - Merge and Release FIS-1.16.4
  • [FIS-2477] - Update URL to Congressional District map


  • [FIS-2257] - Facilities drop-down lists in Reports Module and Station Profile Module includes Refuges, ES Offices, etc. - please remove.


June 1, 2017


  • [FIS-2297] - Find out why measures aren't counting for office 94140

  • [FIS-2305] - When conducting a query in the Accomplishments Module, the project summary should match the FY of the query (along with all the other FY-specific info that was archived).
  • [FIS-2306] - Check 4 underperforming PRS measures
  • [FIS-2325] - Add 'Fisheries Management Agency' to location channel of Requests module
  • [FIS-2326] - Fisheries Management Agency - Ad Hoc Filter Report Updates
  • [FIS-2335] - Release FIS and FIS3 to production


  • [FIS-1353] - Add a new field in Distribution sites entitled "Fisheries Management Agency."


  • [FIS-2047] - PRS hyperlink returning invalid data
  • [FIS-2090] - Congressional Districts missing from drop down lists
  • [FIS-2290] - Excel export of the AIS report does not contain all data fields





  • [FIS-2274] - Change R5 Regional Broodstock Coordinator to Tyler Hern
  • [FIS-2300] - Update the version of common-ant-build to reference correct filesystem path for uploads



  • [FIS-2299] - Release FIS 1.16.0 to production


  • [FIS-2294] - Requests adhoc report search results page doesn't display some columns randomly
  • [FIS-2295] - Links broken due to accessor method anamolies
  • [FIS-2296] - Station fact sheet edit/create links broken after struts2 upgrade



Historical Changes

FIS-1.16.0 OCCAM-365, FIS-2294, FIS-2295, FIS-2296 Upgrade struts2 plugin in FIS
FIS-1.14.1 FIS-2238 Remove ecos_data dependencies in FIS
FIS-1.14.0 FIS-2191 Merging and releasing changes from FIS-1.14.0-ContentMgmt branch.
FIS-1.13.4 FIS-2143 Fixed incorrect tessPopulation reference in Needs report results jsp.
FIS-1.13.3 FIS-2139 Habitat report timing out on prod. Replaced some left joins with inner joins since they were acting like inner joins combined with where  
FIS-1.13.2 FIS-2136 Report bug fix. 
FIS-1.13.1 FIS-2113 Fixed partner email to send to regional users. It was set to Steve Y 's email.
FIS-1.13.0 FIS-2033 FONS qa/qc audit rule changes. Establishing Species and TESS entityId association and removing population and TESS entityId association. Affected through out the application and reports.
FIS-1.12.1 FIS-2072 AIS reports - columns fixed
FIS-1.12.0 FY 16 to 17 rollover
FIS-1.11.2 Hot fix for FIS-2009 - Change Plan/tasks validation rules, FIS-2025 - Rollback NFPP/NFHAP funding required when NFPP/NFHAP habitat project info present validation
FIS-1.11.0 QA/QC Summer update
FIS-1.10.41&42 AUG-02-2016 Strategic Plan Update
FIS-1.10.40 NOV-04-2015 Fix download issues
FIS-1.10.39 NOV-04-2015 Fix upload issues
FIS-1.10.37 Oct-08-2015 Misc. changes and performance measure changes. FIS-1722, FIS-1739, FIS-1731, FIS-1719, FIS-1728, FIS-1690
FIS-1.10.36 Sept-21-2015 FY rollover to 2016. Plan development status changes. FIS-1710, FIS-1684, FIS-1701, FIS-1736, FIS-1735 
FIS-1.10.34 Sept-8-2015 change to Due to Washington date again to be correct
FIS-1.10.33 Sept-8-2015 change to Due to Washington date
FIS-1.10.31 Aug-31-2015 OCCAM-99 Re-introduce Error servlet and sending error emails. Fixed a class cast exception issue with java8 upgrade tests. Tests might be broken but necessary for the app to work.
FIS-1.10.27 Aug-13-2015 various updates and fixes for java 8, help links, priority species report
FIS-1_10_25 May-08-2015 FIS-1666 Added evidence headers for the plans ad hoc report for fiscal years 
FIS-1_10_24 Jan-20-2015 FIS-1658 changed the algorithm on the Habitat Report to bring back projects that have a funding code assigned 
FIS-1_10_23 Dec-09-2014 Updated the email notification to go to FWHQ ECOS OCCAM   
FIS-1_10_22 Oct-9-2014 FIS-1622 Fixed Accomp Habitat Report to return only those projects that have service expenditures when filtered by funding code  
FIS-1_10_21 Oct-1-2014 FIS-1614 Fixed issue with distribution rollup report with state rollup.
FIS-1_10_20 Oct-1-2014 Fixed issue with distribution species
FIS-1_10_19 Jul-28-2014 Released several minor modifications for the application support deliverable. 
FIS-1_10_18 May-07-2014 Showing derived project measures for current and previous fiscal years and changes to Accomp Habitat reports FIS-1532, FIS-1550, has schema changes
FIS-1_10_17 Apr-23-2014 Bug fix for Accomp reports FIS-1544, no schema changes
FIS-1_10_16_RC1 Mar-18-2014 FIS-1523 Upgrading to Postgres 9.3
FIS-1_10_15 Mar-11-2014 FIS-1526, FIS-1454, FIS-1514, FIS-1522, FIS-833, FIS-970 Orgtypeacro change from fwmao to fwco.
FIS-1_10_13 Oct-28-2013 FIS-1451 making changes to the Distribution due dates caused problems saving. Displayed due date on home page is hard coded for now.
FIS-1_10_12 Oct-25-2013 Distribution and FONS due dates are changed to reflect current calendar year and not the current FIS fiscal year.
FIS-1_10_11 Oct-21-2013 Distribution data deadline is extended to accommodate data entry that wasn't done due to Govt. shutdown.
FIS-1_10_10 Sep-26-2013 Fixed edit summary page of distribution module to show comments field.
FIS-1_10_09 Sep-21-2013 FIS-1340 Distribution date can be entered in current FY by non RO users and current FY extends until RO due date 
FIS-1_10_08 Aug-20-2013 FIS-1358 due date changes, FIS-1339 Change RO users to edit any dist record in any FY
FIS-1_10_07 Aug-01-2013 Fixed a bug in the Accomp adhoc rollup report
FIS-1_10_06 Jul-28-2013 FIS-1346, FIS-1365 Upgraded to Tomcat7 and changed a funding code lut item.
FIS-1_10_05 Apr-12-2013 FIS-1335 CRiS Data Upload for Distributions
FIS-1_10_04 Apr-05-2013 FIS-1335 FIS Home page edits to update due dates.
FIS-1_10_03 Mar-13-2013 FIS-1269, FIS-1331 Congressional district changes, Priority Species changes
FIS-1_10_02 Feb-15-2013 Various bug fixes for last bootstrap deploy.
1_10_01 Feb-01-2013 Updated views to use ecos-bootstrap; New menu system /
look and feel; Integrated with new
FIS3 project which includes reports and data management feature; 
1_9_34 Nov-27-2012 FIS-1237 Added more response headers to force the excel
1_9_33 Sep-27-2012 Changed how Distribution fiscal year search works
1_9_32 Sep-13-2012 FIS-1191 Added some R4 FWCO office ids to the FisOfficeProfile
1_9_31 Sep-10-2012 FIS-1178 Updated end of year deadline dates
1_9_30 Aug-23-2012 FIS-1154 removed link to bad document
1_9_29 Aug-21-2012 Plan ad hoc report status fixed
1_9_28 Aug-16-2012 Final changes for FIS-820 Connect People With Nature Report
1_9_27 Aug-07-2012 Initial changes for FIS-820 new Connect with nature report and measures (this build does not include the report)
1_9_25 May-16-2012 Fixed bug with broken view of uploaded fact sheets, FIS-1073
1_9_24 Apr-30-2012 Fixed broken station factsheet link, FIS-1067
1_9_23 Apr-18-2012 Another Partial fix for FIS-1065
1_9_22 Apr-17-2012 Partial fix for FIS-1065
1_9_21 Apr-04-2012 Priority Species, Google disclaimer, Upload fact sheet button fix.
1_9_20 Mar-13-2012 Station profile branch and FIS Requests fix
1_9_19 Jan-05-2012 Station profile and Requests module fixes FIS-1027, FIS-1026, FIS-1024
1_9_18 Dec-08-2011 Requests module searching, duplication, and other enhancements.
1_9_16 Nov-09-2011 Added database connection params to build properties for Production.
1_9_15 Nov-09-2011 Deploying FIS trunk merged from FIS_POSTGRES_2011 branch to Staging machine for tesing. FIS-837 Migrate FIS from Oracle to PostgreSQL.
1_9_14 Oct-27-2011 FIS-986 Added 2012 of FY dropdown for ORE reports query page. Part of FY 2011 rollover changes.
1_9_13 Oct-18-2011 FIS-950 FY 2011 rollover changes.
1_9_12 Oct-05-2011 FIS-965 Fixed error creating/duplicating distributions. Added permission error message. FIS-962 Fixed volunteer report to download as spreadsheet.
1_9_11 Sep-09-2011 FIS-870 Fixed 52.1.7 performance measure to count hatcheries that have an office profile.
1_9_10 Sep-06-2011 Set the field deadline for accomplishments to be identical to the one for RO to WO
1_9_9 Sep-01-2011 Fixed a bug with reports ore xmls and views while searching by population listing status.
1_9_8 Aug-31-2011 FIS-469 Added ability to attach documents to Plans and Populations. Added unit tests. FIS-860 Fixed some IE8 related bugs for google maps. FIS-861 Removed Targets section from Accomplishment object browser.
1_9_7 Aug-24-2011 Changed context.xml to allow maximum of 100 active database connections
1_9_6 Aug-23-2011 FIS-747 Improve FONS ranking, old FONS ranking code clean up, Made 'Legacy' tab as default on Reports home page Fixed bugs with Project data audit, unit tests, upload document, group editions to egg distributions.
1_9_5 Aug-11-2011 Merged maintenance branch FIS_MAINT_2_2011 with trunk.
1_9_4 Aug-11-2011 Fixed a bug in plans module while changing primary species and pop.
1_9_3 Aug-10-2011 FIS-758, FIS-786 Fixed Reports page office combobox, Fixed Accomp Narrative CLOB saving, migrated new AIS funding codes.
1_9_2 Aug-09-2011 FIS-844 Changed FIS Due Dates on home page.
1_9_1 Aug-01-2011 FIS-316 Fixed a bug and some tests.
1_9_0 Aug-01-2011 FIS-316, FIS-728 Fixed some bugs with plan work and funding channels.
1_8_9 Jul-27-2011 FIS-43,FIS-316,FIS-516,FIS-182,FIS-742,FIS-748,FIS-772,FIS-728,FIS-722,FIS-197,FIS-743,FIS-165 Worked on various maintenance tasks.
1_8_8 Jul-21-2011 FIS-742 Fixed javascript problem with change detection when opening a popup help window., Fixed bad links to requests movies.
1_8_7 Jul-18-2011 Updated the due dates, updated the contact page with current coordinators
1_8_6 Jul-12-2011 Fixed an error with copying pictures while upgrading FONS. Fixed an error with Truncate tag and loading project activites for Accomplishment narrative.
1_8_5 May-24-2011 Updated links to the fonts and template
1_8_4 May-19-2011 Fixed some issues after release.
1_8_3 May-18-2011 Added an image scaling action
1_8_2 May-17-2011 Updated business rules
1_8_1 May-17-2011 FIS-801, FIS-701, FIS-291 AIS Reports & FIS-826,FIS-811,FIS-828 FIS Media managment (Image consolidation, factsheet uploads) work.
1_8_0 Apr-08-2011 FIS-692 Enabled the link to T&E species rollup jasper report and made some minor changes to the report.
1_7_9 Apr-04-2011 FIS-701 Release of the T&E Roll up reports
1_7_8 Mar-29-2011 FIS-809 Fons Funding channel make over and related Report changes. Issues : FIS-201,FIS-692,FIS-701 are worked on but not displayed to User yet.
1_7_7 Mar-10-2011 Habitat Reports lat long fields were mixed up.
1_7_6 Mar-02-2011 Habitat Reports released
1_7_5 Mar-01-2011 Trouble downloading the files generated with the PDF station profile generator
1_7_4 Feb-16-2011 FIS-804 Requests module fix for showing Distribution sites in result tables
1_7_3 Feb-14-2011 FIS-814 Released changes to enhance the view of FONS Projects when running an ad hoc report, for external viewing
1_7_2 Feb-01-2011 Released with new FONS funding codes for 1334 NFPP and 1334 NFHAP
1_7_0 Jan-13-2011 Released the version with station fact sheet report
1_6_5 Nov-18-2010 Fixed a bug that occurred when saving a FONS Ranking with multiple new projects without a rank value
1_6_4 Nov-09-2010 Requests module was not finding all of the correct permitted offices
1_6_3 Nov-08-2010 HD-3822 Added jquery back to the pages
1_6_2 Nov-04-2010 FIS-783 Flash player detection added for the Reports page
1_6_1 Nov-01-2010 Replaced a bad ORE jar file with one that works.
1_6_0 Oct-29-2010 Merged Request branch FIS-1_5_REQ to trunk.
1_5_9 Oct-14-2010 Added the view of 2010 performance measures
1_5_8 Oct-13-2010 Deploying end of year report changes
1_5_7 Oct-07-2010 Deploying NFHAP and NFPP report and it's link. Previous deployment didn't work. so retrying...
1_5_6 Oct-07-2010 Deploying NFHAP and NFPP report and it's link
1_5_5 Sept-29-2010 Changed access to Accomp, Plan and Pop modules so that they are open to RO users without any due date restrictions. Special request from Quincy and FIS Regional coordinators. Needs to be reversed once FY rollover happens.
1_5_4 Sept-08-2010 Reverted an ORE upgrade because report ouput was broken
1_5_3 Sept-03-2010 FIS-754 Release the Habitat features
1_5_2 Aug-04-2010 FIS-751 Office 2007 document extension support, added ad hoc tab to the reports page
1_5_1 Aug-02-2010 FIS-158 Fixed a link to go to Fons Ranking view  page instead of edit page on Needs channel details page.
1_5_0 Jul-29-2010 FIS-1_7 FONS Ranking work deployed.
1_4_33 Jul-21-2010 FIS-736 Added new tat-gis.jar with only ArcSDE implementations. Fixed Ajax call - response handling javascript to render data in correct format.
1_4_32 Jul-14-2010 FIS-735 Fixed Plan creation for RO and WO user to creae in office in the session. Added office in session to the list of offices displayed on the Create Plan page.
1_4_31 Jul-13-2010 FIS-735 Fixed Plan creation for RO and WO user to creae in office in the session.
1_4_30 Jun-22-2010 Minor fix removing nested quotes that don't obey the strict quote escaping for tomcat 5.5
1_4_29 Jun-15-2010 Fixed a bug that found it's way into production.
1_4_28 Jun-10-2010 Changed itis dependency from species schema to support scheam.
1_4_27 Jan-07-2010 Follow up to FIS-644 - updated the external report to show the new funding codes 
1_4_26 Dec-21-2009 FIS-652  Commented out conditional test that was causing error.
1_4_25 Dec-11-2009 FIS-645, FIS-650, FIS-649 Also fixed Lake trout distribution report.
1_4_24 Nov-25-2009 FIS-644 Funding information displayed for newer funding codes in FONS
1_4_23 Nov-23-2009 OM-365 Removed the session timer js script.
1_4_22 Nov-3-2009 FIS-628 Performance measure channel only showed data for Fisheries measures
1_4_21 Oct-27-2009 FIS-628 Performance measure channel now shows data for 2009
1_4_20 Oct-20-2009 Slight change to the statusCheck servlet configuration 
    Added a column for 8 digit huc code in the populations ad hoc report
1_4_19 Oct-13-2009 End of year roll over. 
    Added a status servlet that forwards to the status.jsp
1_4_18 Oct-1-2009 FIS-601 Fixed algorithm for P-15.4.6, so species are considered potentially recreational when at least one population is recreational for that species
    Added a System checking jsp page for better system monitoring.
1_4_17 Sep-25-2009 Null pointer fixed where Adult distribution Length, Quantity and Weight units are null. Added Regional distribution data audit.
1_4_16 Sep-21-2009 FIS-611
1_4_15 Aug-24-2009 Null check added when Updating a distribution location
1_4_14 Aug-12-2009 Attempt to fix a Null Pointer Exception when saving a distribution site without a waterbody type
1_4_13 Aug-06-2009 FIS-501 Fixed a bug related to the Distribution species station report
1_4_12 Aug-03-2009 FIS-435 Merged from branch FIS-1_6
1_4_11 Jul-31-2009 Changed build property and branches file
1_4_10 Jul-31-2009 FIS-435 Merged the branch FIS-1_6
1_4_9 Jul-21-2009 FIS-526
1_4_8 Jul-17-2009 FIS-198 Changes
1_4_7 Jun-24-2009 Performance Measure updates 
1_4_6 Jun-22-2009 
    FIS-505 Error when saving distribution info where there is no accomplishment
    FIS-494 Editing information for distribution in which a user has edit permission
    FIS-500 Female strain not showing in search results
    FIS-502 Sorting of the distribution sites
    Error thrown when attempting to create a new partner
    Error thrown when viewing comments of a distribution which are null
1_4.5 Jun-02-2009 Fixed a bug in Plan adhoc report
1_4.4 May-28-2009 FIS-492 Changed validation for Arra Project Id
1_4.3 May-28-2009 Fixed two unit tests
1_4.2 May-27-2009 Fixed a bug caused throw validation
1_4.1 May-27-2009 Fixed a business rule bug and fixed few unit tests
1_4 May-26-2009 ARRA features 
1_3_12/13 May-21-2009 FIS-486 FIS-415
1_3_11 May-19-2009 FIS-488 Corrected Problems related to state and water body drop down menus when working with distribution sites
1_3_10 May-18-2009 Corrected double importation of jquery on some pages
1_3_9 May-15-2009 FIS-485
1_3_8 May-15-2009 FIS-482, FIS-483: Spring 2.5 and latest ECOS.jar.
1_3_5/6/7 May-14-2009 FIS-473, FIS-453, FIS-481
1_3_4 May-14-2009 FIS-416, FIS-476, FIS-470
1_3_3 Apr-15-2009 FIS-425
1_3_2 Mar-19-2009 Disabled Distribution Quarterly Report
1_3_1 Mar-16-2009 Replace uitags with cluetip for help tips.
1_3 Mar-4-2009 Added Distribution module
1_2_109 Feb-4-2009 Added pictures to the FONS ad hoc vertical external report FIS-402
1_2_108 Feb-3-2009 Replaced missing shell script files from bin
1_2_107 Feb-2-2009 FIS-361 Updated SystemMgr class to do an additional check before archiving a duplicate work measure
1_2_106 Jan-27-2009 FIS-174 Added JQuery and JQuery cluetip plugin
1_2_105 Jan-12-2009 FIS-354 Image and Docs directories not set until a project was viewed. Caused view of images to break when viewing a paragraph report before viewing a project because those attributes are set in the session
1_2_104 Dec-30-2008 FIS-341, FIS-342 AdHoc report not including partner_type_id of null.  Regional ranking set to same rank not working.
1_2_103 Dec-29-2008 FIS-39
1_2_102 Dec-29-2008 FIS-44
1_2_101 Dec-23-2008 FIS-347
1_2_100 Dec-16-2008 FIS-339 Refactored removePicture code to superclass
1_2_99 Dec-09-2008 FIS-338
1_2_98 Nov-18-2008 FIS-324
1_2_97 Nov-13-2008 FIS-243 Identify NFHAP partners
1_2_96 Nov-03-2008 
    FIS-297 Added 2008 records for performance measures
    FIS-314 Improved export of records
1_2_94 Sep-22-2008 Undo turning on of targets put on beta
1_2_93 Sep-22-2008 Updates to Fish & Egg interface; make Fish & Egg totally invisible on production;
		Correct Tasks ad hoc report to prompt for including deleted tasks
1_2_92 Sep-17-2008 Fixed path to FIS ant build in
1_2_90/1 Sep-15-2008 FIS to tat-build project structure
1_2_89 Sep-12-2008 Changed TaskCountCalculator to ignore tasks which have been deleted
1_2_88 Sep-10-2008 Added EditingModuleException to list of ignore exceptions
1_2_87 Sep-08-2008 Fixed task type exclusion but in MitigationNonRefugiaTasks calculator
1_2_85/6 Sep-05-2008 FIS-42
1_2_84 Sep-05-2008 Increased the heap size of the work_measure_archive target
1_2_83 Sep-04-2008 Added task status of completion to the list of possible task statuses for the task implemented calc
1_2_80/81/82 Sep-04-2008 Move accomp lockout date to 9/9/08
1_2_79 Sep-04-2008 Up'ed the connection pool
1_2_78 Sep-02-2008 Fixed validation bug
1_2_77 Aug-29-2008 Fixed validation bug
1_2_76 Aug-28-2008 FIS-32, FIS-35
1_2_75 Aug-26-2008 FIS-31
1_2_73 Aug-26-2008 Fixed validation bug
1_2_72 Aug-25-2008 FIS-30
1_2_68/9/70/71 Aug-21-2008 FIS-24, FIS-21
1_2_67 Aug-18-2008 Updated log4j
1_2_66 Aug-18-2008

    More JOSSO post data timeout issue Action changes.

1_2_65 Aug-13-2008
    Added mariana as a email

1_2_61-3 Aug-12-2008

1_2_57/8/9/60 Aug-11-2008
    FIS-1, FIS-2, FIS-3, FIS-4

1_2_56 Aug-7-2008
    Changed email addresses for transfer back to FORT.

1_2_55 Aug-7-2008
    2008 PMs.

1_2_54 July-17-2008
    Added an is recreational value to populations, changed the user interface in 
    the pops. module to allow (and require) this be set, and changed the validation
    in the pops. module to check for pops. in which this hasn't been set (is null).

1_2_53 July-14-2008
    Release of the Targets module, new accomp. adhoc report, and incorporation of the 
    distribution module (although it is only visible when the code is not run in 
    production).  This is the one branch with all current code in preparation for 
    the move of FIS back to FORT.

1_2_52 June-25-2008
    A fix to Fish and Egg prototype and a due date change.

1_2_51 June-11-2008
    Elizabeth's Fish and Egg prototype to beta.

1_2_50 June-11-2008
    Final targets revisions to beta.

1_2_49 May-30-2008
    Changed FONS due dates; Elizbeth's enhancehment to accomp. adhoc. to allow export to
    Excel, etc.

1_2_48 May-21-2008
    Fix sorting of user names.

1_2_47 May-01-2008
    Remove Sean's demoninator demo change (WG doesn't want to do it); added a missing 
    accomp. adhoc. java file.

1_2_46 May-01-2008
    Some targets enhancements based on user beta review.

1_2_45 Apr-25-2008
    Elizabeth's first cut at accom. adhoc. report rewrite (JIRA: FIS-293).

1_2_44 Apr-02-2008
    Adding support for adding pictures to FONS projects (JIRA: FIS-228).
1_1_43 Apr-01-2008
    April Fools release: Thoroughly tested environment for work measure archive tasks; 
    removed junk character from repository.xml that affected the script execution;
    wrote a calculator that divides by zero.

1_1_42 Mar-31-2008
    Setting environment correctly for running work measure archive cron.

1_1_41 Mar-25-2008
    Added revised FONS due dates; removed training material links from 
    home page.

1_1_40 Mar-23-2008
    Targets module ready for review.

1_1_39 Mar-07-2008
    Removed link to meeting notes (they are on Sharepoint site), and change 
    accomplishment due dates.

1_1_38 Mar-05-2008
    Fixes to document path and needs plan JSP.

1_1_37 Mar-04-2008
    Elizabeth's changes to implement uploading of documents (JIRA: FIS-278).

1_1_36 Mar-04-2008
    Elizabeth's changes to implement a station list of plans (JIRA: FIS-195).

1_1_35 Mar-03-2008
    Changed target toggle to be at the module level.

1_1_34 Feb-28-2008
    Update script creating MV for task report to deal with archived tasks.

1_1_33 Feb-28-2008
    Fix to channel headers for FONS.

1_1_32 Feb-14-2008
    Disable targets for training.

1_1_31 Feb-11-2008
    Mouse-over revision for parent select list values; deleting (archiving) a task.

1_1_30 Jan-31-2008
    Elizabeth's mouse-over enhancement for parent select list values.
1_1_29 Jan-30-2008
    Updated funding codes, implemented logic to allow archived funding codes 
    to be displayed for a previous year, implemented a year implemented/deprecated 
    methodology for the funding code data.
1_1_28 Jan-02-2008
	Edits to help file.
1_1_27 Dec-27-2007
	Changed fish barrier edit text and fix bug with titles not displaying when 
	drilling into a project and/or need.    
1_1_26 Dec-21-2007
    Help file changes.
1_1_25 Dec-12-2007
    ITIS URL change.
1_1_24 Dec-04-2007
    Initial targets prototype.

1_1_23 Nov-05-2007
	Synchronize production fixes with development work (in progress), rewriting 
	accomp. adhoc report as ORE. 

1_1_22 Sep-22-2007
	Update to account for work measure qualifiers (for new 2007 work measures)

1_1_21 Sep-13-2007
	Merged production fixes (1_1_17_* into this branch).

1_1_20 Aug-28-2007
	Changed "other" to include refugia for recovery plan tasks.
1_1_19 Aug-28-2007
	2007 performance measures added

1_1_18 Aug-13-2007

     Jon's fix to performance measure archive cron job.
1_1_17_5 Sep-07-2007

     Changed drop dead edit date for FY for office users to
     match the regional user date (a hidden window for office 
     users since the home page still specifies the old date).
1_1_17_4 Sep-04-2007

     Changed "other" definiton for recovery tasks to include 
     "refugia", changed code to always create an accomplishment 
     activity for the current FY if one doesn't exist.
1_1_17_3 Aug-29-2007

     Changed SQL files that build views to accomodate 4-char.
     project numbers, and changed documentation about species
     list download.
1_1_17_2 Aug-28-2007

     Changed developer emails, fixed ECOS help link.

1_1_17 Jun-20-2007

     Added the old FONS "one big table" output to the new FONS report.

     Added the ability to run the FONS measure estimate report by intended
     funding source

1_1_16 Jun-18-2007

     Corrected logout sequence to get rid of FIS session and
     then JOSSO session

1_1_14 Jun-11-2007

     Added region column to Accomp module ad hoc table

     Updated to Tomcat 5.5

1_1_13 Jun-07-2007

     Fixed bug in ORE FONS report

1_1_12 May-23-2007

     Changed director's reserve overhead costs to be called "Director's
     Deferred" (This mistake was pointed out by Sean C).

1_1_11 May-21-2007

     Released new, veritically oriented output formats for FONS ad hoc report under ORE 
     technology. This release closes out the only pending functionality that still 
     needed to be replaced from the old FONS ad hoc report. Retired the old FONS ad hoc 
1_1_10 May-20-2007

      Released new, ORE version of FONS ad hoc report. The FISWG decided to keep the
      old FONS ad hoc report around for a while until the new report can replace the
      output capabilities of the old.

      Added the ability to search by benefited congressional district to the accomps ad
      hoc report.

1_1_9 May-10-2007

       Changed the Director's reserve overhead in FONS to 0.5% from 3%.

1_1_7-8 Apr-30-2007

       Fixed a bug in the switch office page

1_1_6   Apr-24-2007
       Added missing data check for FONS projects which had no data in measure estimates.

       Added measure estimate ad hoc report

       Added the ability to filter tasks by Accomplishment/FONS project
       linkage in the Task ad hoc report

       Added the ability to filter tasks by whether or not they have
       been linked to a Accomplishment/FONS project in the Task ad
       hoc report

1_1_5   Apr-23-2007

       Bug fixes

1_1_4   Apr-20-2007

       Added barrier to be remove coordinate check to FONS missing data
       check output.

1_1_2-3  Apr-19-2007

       Added the ability to remove a measure estimate from a FONS project
       Restricted the switch office drop down list for super users to a
       reduced list of projects.

       Only those tasks not already associated with a project are shown to be
       added to a project in the FONS and Accomps modules

1_1_1  Apr-16-2007

       Opened up the FONS module for accesss

1_1_0  Apr-12-2007

       Completed major code clean up. Got rid of a bunch of files which no
       longer applied. Resorted several files.

1_0_45-7  Apr-07-2007

        Added the work_measure_archive cron job

1_0_44  Apr-06-2007

        Enhanced the plan ad hoc report using ORE technology.
	Added a task report.

1_0_43  Apr-02-2007

        Reinstated FONS due date for Field and Regional offices.

1_0_40-2  Mar-29-2007

        Added funding information (13XX) to fons regional ranking page.

	Fixed some bugs in the archival of a project and the ugrading of a
	FONS project

1_0_39  Mar-29-2007

        Deployed new Population Ad Hoc report built on ORE reporting engine.

	Added ability to select those FONS projects of a particular rank in
	the FONS ad hoc report

1_0_38  Mar-22-2007

        Consolidated all reports in FIS into one "reports" module.

1_0_36  Mar-20-2007

        Added Intended Funding Source as a required data field which will show
	up in the missing data check report for the FONS module.

1_0_34  Mar-20-2007

        Added the ability to archive the TaskGroup project-task relationship
	so that past project activity work would not interfere with removing a

1_0_31-3 Mar-13-2007

        Made sure the FONS ad hoc report was ranked by regional priority.

	Got rid of FONS regional ranking report because it was redundant with
	the FONS ad hoc report

	Added export of regional/national performance measure data for
	enterprise planning system.

	Fixed bug in FONS project upgrade

1_0_30  Mar-09-2007

        Changed the regional FONS ranking page to allow for 1...N ranking

1_0_29  Mar-06-2007

        Fixed a bug in the Accomps ad hoc report in which large report
	selections (> 1000 projects) were generating an "IN" overflow error
	during rollup calculation. 

	Fixed another bug in the FONS ad hoc report when validation failed.

1_0_28  Feb-16-2007

        Added training manuals to FIS home page.

1_0_27  Feb-13-2007

        Made the "intended funding source" a new attribute of a FONS project.

	Increased the visibility of the performance measure identifiers across
	the application

1_0_24-6  Feb-08-2007

        Minor textual changes as requested on today's conference call

	Removal of hyperlinks to station allocation data entry/report

	Additional fields to population ad hoc report

	Now the Accomps module ad hoc report (all in one big table) output
	sums 11xx, 12xx, 19xx, and otherxx funding totals by year. (Request
	from Morgan)

1_0_22-3  Feb-05-2007

        [1] Created regional ranking prototype

1_0_21  Jan-29-2007

        [1] Added PART Measure blurb on home page

1_0_20  Jan-29-2007

        [1] Made some changes to the biz rule FISWG list
	[2] Changed plan sort order to case-insensitive

1_0_18  Jan-22-2007

        [1] Bug fix in the Accomps ad hoc extended report

1_0_16  Jan-22-2007

	[1] FIS-217 Ability to enter State ANS Plans supported information at the Regional level
	[2] Added the ability to restrict the FONS report by project funding
	[3] Added the ability to restrict the Accomps report by funding code
	[4] Added the display of 2006 funding data to the ad hoc table report

1_0_15  Jan-22-2007

        [1] Allow national super users to edit work measure identifiers
	[2] FIS-206 Allow a user to edit the task type
	[3] Various small user interface changes identified at the FIS Working Group meeting
	[4] The FONS ad hoc report can now be run for any species

1_0_11  Jan-11-2007

        Made the T&E status of a population more visible from the species
	edit pages of the FONS/Accomps/Plans modules

1_0_9-10 Jan-08-2007
        Added the ability to see FIS users for the region or nation from the
	home page

1_0_8   Jan-08-2007

	Added ability to edit performance measure CSF identifiers

        Added some past meeting notes

        Added the ability to export the Population report in MS Excel

1_0_7   Jan-05-2007

        Added basin fields to the huc report.

	Added ability to select populations linked to an accomplishment
	project in a specific region

1_0_6   Jan-04-2007

        Minor bug fixes

1_0_5   Jan-03-2007

        Added distribution prototype.

        Added link to MSExcel download.

1_0_4   Dec-27-2006

        Added FONS ad hoc report format "Extended, appropriate for external

1_0_3   Dec-26-2006

        Added the ability to edit a barrier's lat/long and name in preparation
	for Leslie's barrier coordinate data call.

1_0_2   Dec-23-2006

        Corrected Coordinator names and contact info

1_0_1   Dec-19-2006

        Added exposure of the 2006 performance measure data to the project
	home page and project reports.

	Fixed self-sustaining glossary definition

1_0_0   Dec-13-2006

        FIS end of year archive taken and database rolled over.

0_9_75  Nov-29-2006

	Implemented performance measure report archival to database.

0_9_74  Nov-27-2006

        Added performance measure definitions printout

0_9_72-3  Nov-21-2006

        Minor change to biz rules document and context help text.

0_9_71  Nov-17-2006

        Added overhead charges to FONS ad hoc report output.

	Added FONS funding history to Accomp ad hoc report output.

0_9_70  Nov-14-2006

        Removed page breaks in the cells of the Population report so that the
	Excel download would not generate merged cell problems.
0_9_68  Nov-2-2006

	Added special office IDs to the spreadsheet export of performance
	measure data. 

0_9_67  Nov-1-2006

	Changed FONS module regional office lock out date to Nov 7, 2006

0_9_66  Oct-24-2006

        Fixed bug in the performance measure report in which hatchery and ma measures
	weren't showing up in the right row - each row was showing the total for the 
	nation, all offices.
0_9_65  Oct-24-2006

        Fixed bug in the upload picture function that was generating an error message
	when the user went to the project home page after submitting an incompletely
	filled out request.
0_9_63-4  Oct-23-2006

        Changed the population qualified measures to roll up measure values
	associated with accomplishment project which specified NO primary
	benefitted population to the "pop of management concern" bucket.

	Added some more fields to the FONS module ad hoc "big table" report

0_9_62  Oct-21-2006

        Fixed broken link on regional performance measure summary page. 

0_9_61  Oct-19-2006

	Mitigation Production Tasks Implemented was counting post stocking and
	survival tasks, not production tasks.  Change measure calculator to
	calculate production tasks

0_9_59  Oct-11-2006

        Made regional demonimators identical for all types of performance
	measures (ma,all,hatcheries). Added report that shows tasks for a
	given denominator

0_9_57  Oct-10-2006

        Added Hatchery and Management Assistance performance measure 
	breakdowns to the Accomplishment module performance measure

0_9_56  Oct-5-2006

        Fixed the Accomp module big table download so that it could be
	imported into Excel without any cell merging issues.

0_9_55  Oct-4-2006

        Fixed a bug in the performance measure calculations that 
	was including archived populations in some performance

0_9_52  Oct-4-2006

        Added "big table" report format to the Accomp module 
	ad hoc report

0_9_51  Oct-3-2006

        Added two more performance measures: recreational fishing
	and # of hatcheries with friends groups.

	Added the ability to limit the population report to recreational

0_9_50  Oct-1-2006

        Added Regional denominators back into the PM report

0_9_48-9  Sept-29-2006

        Fixed some navigational errors in the populations module and added
	a report to enable a user to download all the performance measure
	calculations for the entire nation.

0_9_47  Sept-28-2006

        Changed the due dates to be midnight on Oct 1st for the FONS and
	Accomp modules.

0_9_45  Sept-27-2006
        Added "is recreational species" attribute to FIS species table

0_9_38-44 Sept-23-2006
        Added regional totals to the volunteer services report in the 
	Accomplishments module.

0_9_38-43 Sept-17-2006

        Several fixes related to moving object navigation out of the session
	environment and into request parameters.

0_9_35 Sept-07-2006

        Added population self-sustaining performance measures.

0_9_32 Aug-31-2006

        Added species filter to the populations report.
	Fixed bug in adding a nuisance species to a plan/project in which not all
	the species were displaying in the drop down.

0_9_31 Aug-30-2006

        Fixed a few bugs in the Population archival process that I didn't
	catch yesterday.

	Removed the Task - Population dependency from the plans module. This
	means that a user doesn't have to specify a Population for those task
	types which previously required a Population association. All
	performance measures which calculated task work for specific
	population types (T/E, Candidate, or management concern) were either
	removed from FIS (because they are no-longer needed) or are now
	calculated differently. See individual performance measure
	descriptions for more information.
0_9_29 Aug-28-2006

        Fixed a bug in the archival of a Population in which archived projects
	were preventing the archival.

0_9_28 Aug-25-2006

        Added clarifying help text on how to enter SAMMS work order numbers
	into the FONS projc funding page.

0_9_27 Aug-23-2006

        Changed performance measure calculators that calculated tasks of type
	"other" to include all "other" task types like ANS, FP, Habitat, and

	Added wget based archival of Accomplishments module measures report.
	Fixed bug in FONS project print out.
	Added self-sustaining definition

0_9_25  Aug-18-2006

        Fixed bug in the removal of a nuisance species from the accomps and
	FONS projects.

0_9_24  Aug-17-2006

        Added fiscal year headers to a lot of titles in the accomplishments
	module so that users understand that they are entering data for the
	current fiscal year.

0_9_23  Aug-11-2006

	Added ad hoc report links to plan and population measures at the
	region level so one can now drill down using the ad hoc reporting
	facility to see the individual populations and plans objects that 
	make up the measure count values.

0_9_22  Aug-10-2006

        Enhanced the FONS and Accomplishments ad hoc report with capability to 
	enter complex (AND/OR, quoted strings) search text.

	Removed Funding code 1313

	Created the new Population biological status of "self-sustaining". All
	populations with a biological status of "sustainable" should consider
	that status obsolete and will fail the data check.

0_9_21  Aug-09-2006

        Added a new output report from the FONS module. It dumps a lot of info
	about the FONS project into a big table.

0_9_20  Aug-07-2006

        Now the "help" link at the top of every page links directly to the
	specific help page for the specific module.

0_9_17-19  Jul-31-2006

        Misc bug fixes most having to do with eliminating double click errors.

0_9_16  Jul-28-2006

        Fixed bug in Volunteer measures report.

        Preventing double click error in adding a species to an office.

0_9_15  Jul-27-2006

        Fixed some help text errors on the Accomp module plan/work page.

	Improved the display of plan task work you did on the Accomp
	module project home page.

0_9_14  Jul-26-2006

	Added ability to filter populations by associated plan type and
	whether it is the primary or secondary benefited population.

0_9_13  Jul-24-2006

        Disabling species submit buttons on submit so that we stop getting
	double click errors

0_9_11  Jul-21-2006

        Population performance measures linked to plans are now using the
	secondary link to plans too.

	Additions to FIS help.

0_9_11  Jul-19-2006

        Bug fix to FONS home page

0_9_10  Jul-18-2006

        Added ability for regional super users to upgrade FONS projects.
	Fixed upgrade FONS project bug

0_9_9   Jul-17-2006

        Added ability to edit the plan name and task number.

0_9_7-8 Jul-07-2006

        Misc bug fixes

0_9_6   Jul-06-2006

        Added explicit reverse links between Populations and Un/FundedProjects. These
	links show up when you view a Population

0_9_5   Jun-29-2006

	Added new filter options to the populations and plans module ad hoc

0_9_4   Jun-28-2006

        Deployed new registration instructions in help

0_9_1-3 Jun-27-2006

        Allowed viewing of the Plans (primary and secondary) connected to a population on the 
	Population ad hoc report, View Population popup screen, and 
	population "home" page.  

        Added subspecies column to Population ad hoc report.

0_9_0   Jun-21-2006

        Implemented several small changes requested by the conference call
	this week. 

	FIS-114    	 Allow population qualified tasks to specify that they
	do not work on a specific population

        FIS-35    	 Additional buisiness rules for task completion
	Fix 450 record report limitation on Funded Project ad hoc report

	Population list report showing canidate populations

0_8_28-9  Jun-20-2006

        Added additional columns to Population ad hoc report. 

0_8_27  Jun-19-2006

        Ordered Population ad hoc report by species name instead of Population name.

0_8_25  Jun-14-2006

        Added FIS Species Quick Reference report to the support module.

0_8_24  Jun-06-2006
        Implemented changes requested by the FISWG on Jun 7 conference call.
	Changes mostly to help and home page documentation.

	Note that FONS module due dates changed to RO - Oct 1st, WO - Nov 1st

0_8_23  May-30-2006

	FIS-162 - made species/pops lists separate for accomp/fons/plans edit species pages
	to eliminate defect and generally improve operability.

0_8_21  May-24-2006

        Added Glossary in help
	Pruned extraneous files

0_8_20  May-23-2006
	FIS-160 check office and regional sign off in the accomp/fons project
	data audit report
	FIS-128 rework various things related to the static FIS Species "Can
	not assign" and "Multiple Species"

0_8_19  May-23-2006

	FIS-154 Rework of WorkMeasureCalculators 
	FIS-153 2 more measures to be added to WO only edit measure list 
	FIS-144 Get rid of uitags library 
	FIS-140 Upgrade need error 
	FIS-139 Measure 155 performance measure calculator returning too slow 
	FIS-124 Misc ANS related changes from Don McClean 
	FIS-67 Add project leader review of Accomps and FONS projects 
	FIS-19 Add copy of barrier information from FONS to accomps in a project Funding event dao 

0_8_18  May-15-2006

        Added Area Profile links for each state that overlapped a project's 
	congressional district.

0_8_17  May-12-2006

	FIS-67 Station and Regional Accomp/Fons project signoff implementation

	FIS-144 uitags library removed

	FIS-151 spell checking resurrected

	FIS-143 ecos user without FWS office, send to special page

	FIS-121 created nationally scoped measures structure.  made 2 existing
	measures only editable by WO users.
0_8_16  Apr-25-2006

        FIS-145 Double clicking the removal of a congressional district generates an error.

	FIS-141 Incorporate lock out date biz rules into the biz and ui layers.

        FIS-29 Create a VIEW ONLY role

        FIS-124 Misc ANS related changes from Don McClean

        Moved the FileMaker image navigation que's further down the home page.
        Added training manual links to home page.

        Added regional coordinator information to the "Contact us" page.
0_8_15  Apr-21-2006

        [1] Added prototype of station/regional sign off

	[2] Added "Meeting notes link from home page.

	[3] Implemented FIS VIEW ONLY user. (FIS-29)

	[4] Implemented FIS module lock out dates for fiscal years (FIS-141)

	[5] PDF training document links added.

0_8_14  Apr-14-2006

	[1] Various bug fixes

	[2] FIS-32 : Plans ad hoc report - filter by region added
	[3] FIS-45 : Fons/Accomp projects do not need to specify a primary pop
	(added a special not applicable population selection in the
	pops list)

	[4] FIS-78: Added ability to edit the population associated with a task

	[5] FIS-145 : prevent err when dbl-clicking remove cong dist link for 

	[6] FIS-123 : ability for basic FIS users to switch offices to edit
	data in other offices they are authorized to edit.

0_8_13  Apr-04-2006

        [1] All Plan database associations removed from Populations

        [2] Various other fixes

0_8_12  Apr-04-2006

        [1] Fixed errors identified in Region 1/CNO training

0_8_11  Mar-23-2006

        [1] Fixed bugs identified during the first part of the Region 1/CNO

0_8_10  Mar-23-2006

	[1] When creating a new population, Fis species special values such as
	multiple species and cannot assign have been removed from the list of
	available Fis Species for selection.  It is not valid to create an
	FIS population based on these FIS species.

0_8_9   Mar-21-2006

        [1] Added "regions using plan" information to plan home page

0_8_8   Mar-20-2006

        [1] Fixed various bugs identified during Region 6 training

        [2] Limited Performance measure report to at most 2 users at once.

0_8_7   Mar-15-2006

        [1] Various final improvements before Region 6 training

0_8_6   Mar-15-2006

        [1] Added missing data check in the accomps module to make sure that no one
	can specify work done on an obsolete task.

        [2] Closed issue FIS-83

0_8_5   Mar-10-2006

        [1] Fixed bug in Population ad hoc report.

0_8_4   Mar-09-2006

	[1] Updated various measures and accomp/font adhoc reports to use population activity object 
	when working with fiscal year specific population data.

0_8_3   Mar-08-2006

        [1] Fixed bug in which the ad hoc reports were not able to be printed on IE
        [2] "Tightened" up the user interface by reducing some vertical spacing
        [3] Fixed some bugs related to the last deployment, item 3.

        [4] Changed "archive" to "remove" when removing an object from editing.

0_8_2   Mar-08-2006

        [1] Bug fixes in the recording of Office activity measurements
	and one measure calculator.

	[2] Capability to download the partner list.

	[3] Added Population_Activity data table to track fiscal year specific
	population attributes.  Reworked existing data structures and data to
	correspond to the change.

0_8_1   Mar-02-2006

        [1] Various bug fixes identified during NCTC training.
        [2] Implemented issue FIS-41 (share codes) 

        [3] Added module due dates to the home page.

0_7_41  Feb-19-2006

        [1] Various final improvements before NCTC training

0_7_40  Feb-17-2006

        [1] Fixed bug in which archived plans and pops were showing up in pick lists
        [2] Added logging/notification functionality to the TransactionFilter
	so EDG will be notified of commit time errors.

	[3] Made more improvements identified by Wes and I on our pre-NCTC training walk
0_7_39  Feb-16-2006

        [1] Improved UI changes to the Accomps/FONS module species edit pages.
        [2] FONS ranking display moved to the details channel from it's separate channel
	in the FONS module.
	[3] Fixed more bugs/improvements identified by Wes and I on our pre-NCTC training walk

0_7_38  Feb-15-2006

        [1] Added ability for fish health centers to edit hacthery disease classifications.

	[2] Fixed bugs identified by Wes and I on our pre-NCTC training walk

0_7_37  Feb-14-2006

        [1] Added nuisance species list to the plans/accomps/fons modules.

	[2] Bug fix in plans. primary population/species now added to this
	list of available populations for new task creation.

0_7_36  Feb-05-2006

        [1] Several misc. changes I found that needed to happen before the
	Albuquerque training.

0_7_35  Feb-03-2006

        [1] Added the ability for hatchery users to automatically create fish
	and egg requests and assign those requests to their facility for

	[2] Changed the association of a funded_project with a egg/animal
	request to a plan.

	[3] Allowed users to be able to see the full strategic plan objective
	when selecting a strategic plan.

	[4] Imported the new strategic plan objectives as received from

        [5] Added strategic plan dichotomous key in Accomplishments and FONS modules.
        [6] Moved the editing of Plan development state to the Plans module.
        [7] Removed the management of plans affecting a Population from the Pops module.
	This will be managed only from the plans module.
        [8] Added the ability to specify a primary species/population benefited in the
	plans module.

0_7_34  Jan-31-2006

        [1] Changed column in the distribution/request search results to 
	be of the distributing facility instead of the location.
        [2] Changed "Distribution request" text to "Request" across application.

	[3] Expanded help text for the Create a new Distribution link on the
	distribution module home page

0_7_33  Jan-25-2006

        [1] Removed all recording of strain information (maintained/established/
	genetic evaluation conducted) from the application.
        [2] Added confirmation check on all applicable editing screens that asks users
	if they are sure they want to navigate away from a screen if they made
	a change to some form element without clicking save.

        [3] Fixed correct ordering of tasks in the Plan Work page

	[4] Fixed the image upload problem

0_7_32  Jan 23-2006 

0_7_31  Jan 20-2006 

        [1] This deployment represents a wide variety of bug fixes and 
	enhancements as requested at the FIS coordinators meeting 
	in Devnver on January of 2006. I have not listed them hear because
	their are so many, but if anyone would like to know if a particular
	item was fixed, contact Jon French.

	This deployment does NOT represent the final release before the Region
	2 training.

0_7_30  Jan XX-2006 

        [1] Fixed misc bugs that generated an error during the FIS training.

	[2] Changed labels of "Vision Goal" to "Strategic Plan Objective".

	[3] Select the current office in the office dropdown for accomp/fons
	project report page

0_7_29  Jan 12-2006 

        In an attempt to fix an OutOfMemory error that seems to be commonly
	generated in a request to the FisOfficeProfile object, I removed
	the FisOfficeProfile Collection references to FundedProjects,
	Populations, and Plans. Hopefully, this will make each Object

0_7_28  Jan 08-2006 BETA RELEASE

        Minor bug fixes and ui enhancements.

0_7_27  Jan 06-2006

        [1] Fixed bug in performance measure page in which not all the 
	project performance measures were correctly showing up.

0_7_22  Jan 04-2006

	Added Plan data audit report.
	PlanTypeDao.TRIBAL_PLAN_ALL_PLAN_TYPES constant deprecated 

0_7_21  Dec 30-2005

	Added needs and accomp project full project report to allow users to
	request project reports for projects from all offices/regions

0_7_20  Dec 30-2005

    	pop region duplicate message fixed.

0_7_19  Dec 29-2005

	Fixed incorrect forward link which occurred when
	performanceMeasures.jsp was submitted with the this project reports no
	measures set to true.

0_7_18  Dec 29-2005

	[1] Fixed oracle constraint violation: [ORA-00001: unique constraint (FIS.SYS_C0014569) violated
	This occurred when attempting to update service expenditure info: line
	1150 -, added lock for FundingCode object.

0_7_17  Dec-22-2005

        [1] Fixed bug in saving of a ProjectActivity measure in which
	multiple measures were being created for the same project/year/measure id.

	[2] Wrote more importation scripts.

0_7_16  Dec-22-2005

        [1] Allowed the specification of FONS FTE's on the funding 
	page as decimals and not just integers

0_7_15  Dec-22-2005

        [1] Added links from distribution records to Accomplishment

	[2] Added some more help desk at different locations

0_7_14  Dec-20-2005

        [1] Small bug fixes to JSP pages that display a species list
	in which the office has no species list yet

0_7_13  Dec-17-2005

	[1] Fixed small bug in new task creation.

	[2] Fixed small bug in the selection of a plan in the Accomps module
	plan work page.
0_7_12  Dec-16-2005

	[1] Changed FIS home page to display the permissions of the
	currently logged in user.
        [2] Bug fix on the "create a new task" use case.
        [3] Added some help text as per reviewer comments
0_7_11  Dec-15-2005

        [1] Added notification in Plan Work page of Accomplishments module 
	if a project is linked to a deprecated task.
        [2] Fixed FIS species bug in which foreign names were showing up.
        [3] Added download of FIS species list to Excel. 

0_7_9/10 Dec-10-2005
        minor releases to get build to work.

0_7_8   Dec-08-2005

        [1] Added Volunteer services report excel export. See
	the link under the Accomplishments module home page
	("Volunteer report").
        [2] Improvements to the Accomplishments project view/print
	screen to incorporate all the fields in a project. Accessed
	by opening a project in the accomps module and clicking 

0_7_7   Nov-30-2005

        [1] Misc improvements after business rules meeting.
        [2] Added capability to the Population module ad hoc report -
	now it has the ability to limit the results be owning region.

        [3] Fixed bug in Switch Station implementation. 

        [4] Added the ability to specify that a Barrier is removed by
	a project in a single fiscal year. See the "Barriers" box on the project
	home page in the accomplishments or needs module. Before this change, a barrier
	was only associated with a project and you couldn't specify which
	fiscal year should be credited with the removal of the barrier. Now
	the system allows you to specify the barriers removed by a project
	at the project's inception and credited as removed at some fiscal year
	in the future.

        [5] Accomplishments module work measures report: 
	Expanded the capability of the measure report to allowing viewing
	of project measure values. This means that if a measure is reported
	at the project level, you can click on the value of the measure
	for an office and view the individual values of that measure for 
	each project in the office. Although this feature wasn't specifically
	requested, it was easy to do and seemed to be useful for data
	auditing purposes.
        [6] Incorporated new ECOS colors (Dark blue fade and brown) instead of
	old FIS colors (medium blue and orange). This will allow the website to
	better blend with the upcoming, new ECOS look and feel.

        [7] Added the Volunteer Services Report to the Accomplishments

        [8] Added several new performance measure calculations.

0_7_6   Nov-07-2005

        [1] Release of several new performance measure calculations. I'm 
	not recording a detailed list here, but several of the new measures
	calculate the percentage of task work implemented/met such as 
	"Percentage of post-stocking survival tasks met as prescribed by Recovery plans".
	These performance measures show how the performance measure calculations
	are tied in with the Accomplishements module "Task work" page.
	This release was to make sure the application worked for the upcoming 
	FIS biz rules conference call and does not constitute a release of 
	all performance measures. 

0_7_5   Nov-04-2005

	[1] Released Distribution module ad hoc report.

        [2] Added data audit check for request and distribution modules.
	Records may be audited at the regional and office levels.
        [3] Added Great Lakes Fish Stocking export

        [4] Implemented different permission roles for Washington and Regional
	super users. See the FIS "help" for more information on how the 
	two roles are implemented.
0_7_4   Oct-31-2005

        [1] Small bug fix

0_7_3   Oct-31-2005

        [1] Added the request module ad hoc report. 
0_7_2   Oct-XX-2005

        [1] Added the ability to edit the list of species for a particular office
	via the support module.

	[2] Implemented picture functionality for Funded Projects.  Add,
	Delete, View, Storage of images associated with funded projects.
0_7_1   Oct-24-2005

        [1] Fixed bug in fish request commenting.
        [2] Expanded the fish and egg request creation screens in the Request module
	to allow a requester to enter an initial value for all core request information.

0_7_0   Oct-19-2005

        [1] Completed the data entry portion of the Distribution and Request
	modules. Outstanding work includes the "missing data" check in both
	modules and reporting.
        [2] Added ability to update the strains established, maintained, and
	evaluated performance measures via the distributions module.
        [3] Began FIS help manual. See "help" link in the top right hand corner
	of the FIS application.
        [4] Added Benefited Congressional District / Project association to
	the Accomplishments and FONS module.
        [5] Added ad-hoc report generation to the Population and Plans modules.

0_6_16  Sep-12-2005
	[1] Implemented ability to rank FONS projects by regional priority.
	See link "Rank existing needs for this region" on the FONS module
	home page.

	[2] Implemented FONS and Accomplishments module quality data QA/QC report. 
	See links "Quality assure * data for this station." and "Quality assure 
	* data for entire region" on the FONS and accomplishment module home pages.
        [3] Implemented the ability to upgrade a FONS project to an accomplishment
        [4] Added the ability to edit Presidential budget request dollars
	(requested and received) for funded FONS projects.
        [5] Added the ability to page through FONS records via the "next" and "prev"
        [6] Implemented JSP size crunching algorithm to reduce downloabable file sizes.
	This will make the application run faster.
0_6_15  Sep-08-2005

        [1] Misc bug fixes and small enhancements

0_6_13/14 Sep-07-2005

        [1] Implemented FONS module editing of the species, partners, 
	Strategic Plans Objectives, and Plan/task work.
        [2] Implemented the ability to edit the FONS station project 
	priority rankings.
        [3] Implemented the FONS Regional priority ranking report.
        [4] Imported FONS module data.
0_6_12  Aug-31-2005

        [1] Added a link on the home page called "Pending Features" 
	that lists requested features that are not currently included
	in the prototype.  
        [2] Implemented the editing of FONS project funding information.
0_6_11  Aug-25-2005

        [1] Implemented the ability to return to the last Accomplishment Project you were
	editing in the Accomplishments module and the ability to page through
	the projects (see "prev" and "next" buttons at the top of the page).
        [2] Imported more Accomplishment module project information including
	plan/task associations and partner associations.
        [3] Optimized the ProjectList ad hoc report in the Accomplishments module
	to return results faster. This upgrade is notably faster for large queries
	(those that return a lot of projects).

        [4] Implemented the following use cases in the FONS module:
	    [a] Create a new FONS project
	    [b] Open an existing FONS project for editing
	    [c] Edit the performance measures outcomes associated with a FONS

0_6_10  Aug-19-2005

        [1] Implemented the ability to return to the last Plan you were
	editing in the Plans module and the ability to page through
	the plans (see "prev" and "next" buttons at the top of the page).
        [2] Imported basic Accomplishment module project information from 
	FIS '05. Basic information means most information on the General
	tab of the FileMaker Accomplishments module. 

0_6_9   Aug-18-2005

        [1] Bug fixes released

0_6_8   Aug-18-2005

        [1] Implemented the extended and extended w/ accomplishment information
        view of the Accomplishments module ad hoc report. Also added the ability
        to limit the results of the report by plan type, station type, keyword,
	and search term.
        [2] Implemented the managing add/removal/creation of the partner list
	for an individual station. See the support module.

        [3] Implemented the editing of a Accomplishment project's primary, secondary
	and nuisance species lists in the Accomplishments module.
        [4] Imported FileMaker Species,Population, and Plan data. Now the Plans and
	Population modules are populated with real data.
        [5] Implemented the ability of a user to switch the editing mode of FIS to a
	different station. In the final release of FIS, this functionality will only 
	be available to regional and washington edit users, but in this version the
	capability is available to everyone. Access another orgcode's data by clicking
	on the "Edit data owned by a different station" link on the home page. 

        [6] When you log onto FIS, your default orgcode is registered in FIS's session.
	If you go to the Pops or Plans module, you will only be able to edit
        populations and plans owned by your station. Before this release everyone 
	logged on as the same orgcode.
        [7] Completed the adding and editing of Plan tasks in the plan module. Note
	how you can move tasks between the active, completed, and deprecated task

0_6_7   Aug-09-2005

        [1] Implemented the ability to adjust Accomplishment project funding.
	Note: the recording of the FONS module explanation is not yet

	[2] Implemented the editing of project detail information such
	as the keyword, title, and description.

        [3] Implemented the manipulation of an accomplishment project 
	primary and secondary strategic plan objectives.

        [4] Implemented the ability to record outreach accomplishments
	at the project and office level.

        [5] Implemented the ability to create a new project in the accomplishments

        [6] Implemented the ability to record station allocation dollar
	numbers against individual cost codes. See the support module.

        [7] Implemented the station allocation report in the accomplishments
        [8] Implemented the prelimary Accomplishment module ad hoc report generation.
	There are several controls that still do not limit the result set returned,
	but the report runs and a few selectors do work (namely those which limit
	the projects returned to a set of offices or which search the project's
	title and description fields for a keyword). 

	The two types of ad hoc rollup roll up information (performance measure and 
	funding - see the checkboxes at the bottom of the form) do return valid values. 
0_6_5   Jul-25-2005

        [1] Implemented a variety of Accomplishment module features including 
	the ability to manage a project's partner list, record which tasks
	are implemented in a fiscal year, and specify barriers removed. Many 
	of these features effect the calculation of performance measures. 

0_6_4   Jul-06-2005

        [1] Completed preliminary work on the first Project measure (Population
        assessments completed. 

        [2] The Accomplishments module home page now dynamically loads the Funded
        projects associated with the user's office. See the pull down list of 
        projects under the "Record Accomplishments for Project" heading.

        [3] This was a bit of an "emergency" release to make sure the site on beta was in sync         
	with the latest development database.

0_6_3   Jul-01-2005
        [1] Reformated the recording of office-centric outreach measures 
	(the old "outreach-project" construct from the Filemaker application) 
	to make it look more like the project performance measures page.
        [2] Added ? icon for each measure in the Measures report (accomplishments
	module). Clicking the icon pops up a new window in which is printed
	the performance measure algorithm description.

        [3] Completed the capability to edit NPDES performance measures. This
	feature is accessed from the home page of the Accomplishments module
	Because the NPDES performance measure is a percentage measure, I also 
	completed the ability of the Accomplishment's module performance measure 
	report to display percentage measures. 

0_6_2   Jun-28-2005

        [1] Completed the implementation the Plan module "Edit Species 
        Affected" page. Now users can add and remove species and populations
        to and from the lists of benefited and nuisance species associated
        with a plan.

        [2] Implemented the "Create Plan" use case.

        [3] Added the ability to associated a specific population with either
	tasks of type "Stocking: Marking/Tagging" or "Stocking: Post stocking
	Survival". To view this functionality, go to the "Edit Task" page in 
	the Plans module and choose either of these task types. Notice that the
	user has the ability to choose a Population associated with the plan. This
	functionality is necessary to acurately record the performance measures
	that capture information about how many Recovery/Management stocking Tasks are met 
	for certain types of fish.
        [4] Completed the "Edit General Population Informatino" use case. 
	You may now edit the general metadata associated with a Population via the 
	Populations module.

        [5] Created the preleminary architecture for the work measure
	report. You may run the report from the Accomplishents module 
	"Work measure report" link. The report shows just one measure
	right now. Click the regional total links to see the performance 
	measure count by office. 
        [6] Created most of the data model architecture for the accomplishments
	and FONS modules. This work is not yet viewable from the website but
	lays the foundation for implementing these two modules.

0_6_1   Jun-15-2005

        [1] Fully implemented the "Edit General Plan Information" page.
	This is the page in the plans module that allows you to edit such
	plan information as the version, status, website, and evidence.
        [2] Implemented the creation of log entries for important state
	changes made to the general information of a plan. These log entries
	are visible via the "history" link on the Plan home page.

0_6_0   Jun-06-2005

        Laid the initial groundwork for implementing the business and data
	layer implementation. Partially implemented the "Edit General Plan
	Information" usecase all the way to the data layer. This implementation
	will serve as a template for 1st (data) and 2nd (business) tier classes
	for the rest of the application. 

0_5_0 -> 0_5_1

	[1] Many changes to the application based on the Albuquerque meeting.

0_4_6   Apr-28-2005 

        [1] Made various touch-up changes that I found.
        [2] Customization module > station allocation page. Added all the 
	funding codes to this page so that the station may enter their 
	allocation across all programs.

        [3] Made the request/distribution links from the Operating Plan and 
	Accomplishment modules' work-load measures page go directly to the
	Request and Distributions modules respectively. I really didn't see
	a need to have another page inbetween.

        [4] Added link to delete operational need.
0_4_5   Apr-28-2005 

        [1] Made some small changes to the distribution and request
	modules based on a review with Linda Andreasen. One note: The "Stand By"
	property of a egg request is now a selection under the
	"approval" field. 
        [2] Added the ANS performance measure definitions document to the
	accomplishments module home page for user reference.
0_4_4   Apr-28-2005 

        [1] Changed the project list report to a more "ad hoc" reporting
	interface that allows the user to query by different criteria
	and generate roll-up reports.
        [2] Added the capability to create a brand new request record
	from scratch in the fish & egg requests module.
        [3] Added a new "Operating Plan" module. This module takes the 
	"proposed" accomplishment recording out of the "Accomplishments"
        [4] Reconfigured the look of the open project, plan, and population
	home page so that the user may immediately see the different fields
	available for that object. Each group of fields is enclosed within
	it's own blue box and is editable via an "edit" link. This user interface
	allows for better viewing and quick editing.  
0_4_3   Apr-27-2005 

        [1] Made the open rank field editable in the 
	needs module > rank needs page.

        [2] Added more project data to the project share page (accomplishments
	and needs modules) so a user can see a bit more information.

        [3] The needs module funding page now adds up total project costs
	by year. Before, the yearly overhead charges were not added to the
	yearly total.

        [4] Changed the need module > work-load measure page so that it looks 
	a bit more like the needs module funding page and the work-load 
	measures page from the accomplishments module. The page also sums
	the measures across the first five years of the project.

        [5] Added the ability to edit a station profile description
	via the Station Customization module.

0_4_2   Apr-27-2005 

        [1] Made a variety of changes to the fish & egg distribution and 
        request modules after speaking with Dave Radloff.

0_4_1   Apr-27-2005 

        [1] Added population benefited information to fish and egg requests
	so that users may specify which populations will be benefited by the
	request for fish/eggs. This already exists for distribution information.

        [2] Prototyped the viewing of congressional district maps when 
	specifying a congressional district.

0_4_0   Apr-26-2005 

        [1] Altered the navigation tabs across the top of the application.
	The tabs are closer together because of the new distribution
	and request modules.

        [2] Removed 19XX funds from estimated needs monies. See the Needs
	module > funding information.

        [3] Added fish transfer work load measures to accomplishment 
	performance measure page.

        [4] Created two 1332 subactivity code records in the pulldown list
	of subactivity codes in the funding page of the accomplishments module:
	one for ANS funding and one for non-ANS funding.
        [5] Added the "Number of ANS plans supported" performance measure
	back to the list of work-load measures that may be recorded under
	one project. Previously, this was a derived measure.

        [6] Extended the new layout (no-right-hand-menu) to the needs, plans,
	and populations	modules.
	[7] Prototyped the entry of WAG and actual accomplishments data in the
	accomplishments module by adding two buttons to the module home page.
	Clicking the buttons allows the user to simulate proposed
	and actual accomplishment editing.
	[8] Added anticipated FTE entry into the needs module > funding page.
        [9] Needs module: moved the accomplishment summary data entry into the 
	same page as the title/description/keywords.
        [10] Added new distribution and request modules. They are ready for 
	initial review.
0_3_3   Apr-20-2005 

        [1] Changed the comment viewing to correctly display carriage returns.
	This is a nice formatting improvement.
	[2] Added the prev|next buttons to the proposed open project page that 
	would allow users to page through project.

        [3] In order to allow users to navigate to the operational needs and
	projects quickly, I created quick links from the accomplishments and 
	needs module home pages into specific accomplishment records. See the
	pull down lists of accomplishment/need numbers at the respective module
	home pages.
        [4] Changed the "WO" (Worked On) acronym to just "W" on the plan work
	page of the accomplishments module because WO means
	"Washington Office" to field stations.
        [5] Changed the name of the "Office" module to the "Station Customization"
	module. This was in response to comments that the module name was 
        [6] When searching for a project to view, added the capability to limit the
	results by office and project number.
        [7] As requested, the system now allows a user to enter a station allocation 
	broken out between four funding codes: 1311, 1331, 1332, 1313. This can be seen 
	at the "Station	Customization" > Allocation page and at the 
	"Accomplishments" > Allocation summary report. 

        [8] Prototyped the Project List report in the accomplishments module. This report
	takes the place of the List 1, 2, and 3 reports from the FileMaker Pro software.

        [9] Renovated the Accomplishments module > Open Project > performance measure page 
	so it looks like a big list of performance measures again. 
	This was done for a few reasons:
              [i] Users were having trouble finding the performance measures. This page
	      looks a lot like the file maker Activity tab and thus will be more familiar.

	      [ii] Having all the performance measures on one page will allow a user to 
	      quickly view and edit the perforamance measures produced by the project.

	      [iii] Since some of the performance measures are "derived" from data entered
	      in other parts of the project, the new page allows users to see how 
	      data they fill out about task implementation, fish/egg distribution, partnerships,
	      etc roll up to performance measures for that project.

0_3_2   Apr-14-2005 

       	[1] Prototyped an alternative method of displaying data validation
	(quality assurance). In the accomplishments module, alternative
	project home page, data elements that are complete have a gray 
	exclamation point icon beside them. See:

       	[2] Added the proposed distribution module. This module aggregates
	fish and egg request and distribution information that was
	either without a module (in the case of the broodstock request
	approval functionality) or in the accomplishments module. The 
	distribution module has not been implemented in the prototype
	yet, but the links explain potential functionality when clicked.
0_3_1   Apr-14-2005 

       	[1] Removed the underlining of links that are long text phrases.
	This makes them a bit easier to read.
        [2] Changed how fish and egg requests are entered into the system.
	There is a link from the accomplishments module called:
	"Enter fish and egg distribution requests".
	This link allows a user to easily manage the list of fish and egg
	distribution requests for their station. Because this functionality
	is provided, the listing of fish and egg request information under 
	a project proposed accomplishment is now read only.
        This change did not affect the data model at all. Fish and egg
	requests still fall under one project. The change was made to allow
	a user to easily edit all the requests for one office without
	having to excercise all the necessary clicks to select and edit
	each project respectively.

0_3_0   Apr-14-2005 

       	[1] Implemented new module home user interface. The home page
	of each module is now an organized set of links to different
	functionality in the module. 

        This change was made to make the application more understandable.
	Links that are complete, active phrases (ie. "Record project
	accomplishments") are more understandable than short, noun oriented 
	buttons (ie. "Accomplishments")

	[2] Clicking on the module tab now always returns you to the module home page. 
	This is different than the last release when clicking the module home 
	page would sometimes forward you back to the page you were 
	within the module. I've replaced this 'stateful tab' capability
	with a link at the top of every module that quickly returns a user
	to the last domain object within that module that they were editing. For
	instance, at the top of the Accomplishment module, there is a link 
	"Go to the last project that you were editing." Having the module tabs
	always go to the same page will is more predictable for users.
        [3] Changed the page a user sees after logging into the prototype 
	to be a user instruction/welcome page. The "welcome" page text was
	removed from the application home page. This will allow reviewers to 
	better understand what they would really see on the first page of the 
       	[4] Prototyped an alternate web page for what a user would see 
	when they opened a project for editing. The alternate web page is
	accessed via the Accomplishments module > "Review an alternate project 
	home interface" link. This alternate interface could be easier for
	users to navigate and looks more like the familiar module home pages.
	My recommendation is that FIS would go to this type of design instead
	of the current left, navigation menu button design.
       	[5] Switched the order of the "Accomplishments" and "Needs" tabs
	across the top of the application. The new order is intended to
	better capture the fact that a user would usually enter in "Needs"
	before "Accomplishments".
        [6] Within the Accomplishments module, expanded the titles
	of the "'05 Proposed" and "'05 Actual" sections to "'05 Proposed
	Accomplishments (RO WAG)" and "'05 Actual Accomplishments" 
	respectively. Hopefully, these titles will be clearer to users. 

        [7] Changed the way in which population groups are associated with
	projects and plans. Before, a population group was associated directly
	with projects, now adding a population group to the list of 
	secondarily affected project populations will directly add the individual
	members of the group, not the group itself. This will be much easier
	to implement in the FIS data model, and will insulate projects from 
	arbitrary future changes to population groups.

        [8] Added dummy links to reports for each of the modules. Most of these
	links don't work yet, but are intended to demonstrate how users might
	access reports. 
0_2_12  Apr-11-2005 

	[1] Removed the expandable left button menus from the accomplishments
	module. I thought they were confusing and created unnecessary
	clicks. Now a user may see all the accomplishment menu 
	selections at once. The "General Info" links (those links that 
	access project-centric information) were moved below the 
	links that access yearly accomplishment information. This moved
	the accomplishment reporting links to a more prominent location 
	on the page. 

0_2_11  Apr-08-2005 

	[1] Added the "Refugia" task type back to the list
	of possible task types. However, the performance measure, 
	"number of populations held in refugia" will still be
	captured via the "held in refugia" attribute of a population.
	(see the populations module > general button.

        [2] Changed the select list of plan types in the plans
	module so that it displays a better hierarchical listing
	(with subtypes indented to the right)
	of how different plan types will roll up to performance 
	measure reporting. For instance, the Fisheries Management
	plan type includes Restoration, Comp Hatchery Management, and
	Comp Conservation. 
        [3] Altered the accomplishments module yearly plan/task work
	reporting. Now all tasks may be marked as "worked on". Only
	tasks of type "production" or "stocking" may be marked as 
	having "met" their goals for that fiscal year. All tasks may
	be marked for "proposed completion". Proposed completion is a 
	flag for the owner of the plan to review the change the state 
	of that task to complete. 
        Added the capability to mark a task as complete in the plans module.
	This may be done via editing the specific tasks of a plan or
	via the "Review task completion" link on the plans module start page.
	Note that the fact of a project's proposed task completion shows up
	at both pages.

        [4] Added the plan website field to the general information of
	a plan in the plans module.

        [5] Disallowed editing of the list of facilities to which eggs and
	fish may be shipped. This list will be centrally managed by the
	FIS system and not editable by individual field offices. This is 
	because the list of facilities is very static and will likely change
	only infrequently. 
        [6] Added the capability for Fish Health Unit offices to specify the
	disease class rating of the facilities in their region. This is the
	one piece of facility information that might change every year and 
	needs to be kept up to date. See the office module > disease class 
        [7] Added the capability for Washington office users to record
	presidential budget request increases for any project in the system.
	Login as a Washington user and see the Home > Budget Requests link.
	Such increases are shown in an uneditable form via an open project's 
	funding page.
        [8] Added the project code attribute to a project -see the project
	details page. The project code is an funding identifier that should
	be appended to the end of all subactivity codes for that project 
	in reports.
        [9] Changed the needs ranking report so that it shows up as a table
	for easy editing. Access it via the "Rank needs" link at the start
	page of the needs module.
0_2_10  Apr-06-2005 

	[1] Moved the recording of non-project centric accomplishments
	such as Outreach and NPDES permits from the Office module to the
	accomplishments module. This will better group accomplishment
	information under one module.
        [2] Prototyped the export of the Great Lakes Fish Stocking Database
	report as an excel spreadsheet. See the reports module.
        [3] Prototyped Washington and Regional user login. See the user type
	radio buttons on the page.
	Logging in as a regional or washington user hides the "accomplishments"
	and "needs" tabs. You have to click the "switch office" link and select
	the field office you would like to edit to see these tabs for 
	a particular field office. Logging in as a washington user also allows
	you to access the "system config" home menu button.

        [4] Modified the recording of fish/egg distributions/requests in the
	following ways:
		[i] Removed the recording of fish/egg distributions from 
		Proposed accomplishment recording. Removed the recording of
		fish/egg distribution REQUESTS from actual accomplishment
		recording. Now the system only allows fish/egg requests to be 
		recorded under Proposed accomplishment information for a fiscal year
		while the fish/egg distributions are recorded under the Actual
		accomplishment information for a fiscal year.
                [ii] Distributions can now go to three different location types:
		facility, wild, or great lakes locations. Each type is managed
		as a separate data item with a unique set of attributes within 
		FIS. The facility and great lakes locations are globally managed
		by FIS (meaning every field office would use the same list), while
		wild location lists are unique to a field office.
                [iii] Removed unnecessary modifiers from the distribution/requests page.
		      - classification modifier: may be derived from the project's plan.
		      - cost recovery modifier: may be derived from the project's funding 
		      - jurisdication modifiers: may be derived from the location's agency

		[iv] Added the capability for users to specify why a particular 
		fish or egg request was NOT fulfilled. See the "This project has unfulfilled
		egg/fish requests" links via the Distribution start page under
		actual accomplishment recording.
                [v] Added the capability for a distribution to explicitly state which
		task it fulfills when you are recording the distribution record. Because
		a project can have many tasks and many distributions, there was not previously
		a way in which to record the link between a particular distribution and task.
		See either the fish or egg distribution pages under the recording of 
		yearly actual measures in the Accomplishments module.

        [5] Added a link back to the populations module if a user cannot find the
	population they would like to associated with a project.
0_2_9   Apr-04-2005 

        [1] Added the ability to set the last date for field office
	data entry and to rollover the system to the next fiscal year. 

        [2] You may now view a printable version of the "view project"
	report. Access the printable version via the context help from
	the view project page under the accomplishments module.
        [3] Changed the links on the context menu to blue and underlined
	text to keep in line with internet norms. Before, the links were
	black and un-colored.
        [4] Prototyped the ability to "copy" fish/egg distribution/request
	records. This will allow a user to copy one record multiple times 
	for the same project accomplishments in the same fiscal year. 

        [5] Split the type of a plan into two lists: primary and secondary
	types. Primary types include management, recovery, mitigation,
	and ANS. The split was to reduce the confusion of having primary
	and secondary types in the same list. 
        [6] Defined two major Task type subclasses: Reoccurring Tasks (Stocking,
	Production) and Completable Tasks (Science & Technology and Other). Every
	task must be of one type subclass. Reoccurring tasks may be "worked on"
	and "met" whereas completable tasks may be "worked on" and "complete". Once
	a completable task is complete, it may not be worked on in a subsequent
	fiscal year.
        [7] Added Entity-Relationship diagrams. They are linked from the home page.
	These diagrams depict different aspects of the FIS data model. 

        [8] Added Object Browser report. The report allows users to view properties of
	FIS domain objects (such as Projects, Needs, Populations, and Plans) and
	the relationships between the objects. When printed, the object browser
	report adds the FWS header to the top of the printout. The object browser
	may be accessed via the "view" links from the start page of each module.
0_2_8   Mar-24-2005 
        [1] Added capability to specify that a task was "met" and/or 
	"implemented" by a project for that fiscal year. These two states
	are required for performance measures that ask if a task is met or 
	implemented respectively.
        [2] Added the "hatchery-propagated" field to the populations module
	in order to capture this info for certain performance measures.

        [3] Added marine mammal measures to accomplishment measures and 
	population general info in order to capture the FileMaker measures.

	[4] Added needs ranking screen to prioritize needs at the field office,
	and regional office levels.

	[5] Added capability to enter estimated need funding for the first
	5 years of the need. See the needs module, funding button.

        [6] Added capability to set Regional indirect and CAM overhead percentages
	for an office via the office module.

0_2_7   Mar-24-2005 
	[1] Added prototype for the Data Integrity Report.  This report checks 
	the integrity of all FIS data ensuring that required fields are populated 
	and required associations are made, such as a population's link to a plan, 
	or an a accomplishment's link to plans and activities.

        [2] Changed the "link" text for the Accomplishments and Needs module
	home pages to make the distinction between editing, creating, and viewing
	a bit clearer.
        [3] Added the "Plan Work" button the yearly proposed accomplishment 
	menu. This button was previously only under the actual accomplishment

        [4] Added the addition/creation of a project share to the accomplishments
	and needs modules.
        [5] Prevented the editing of the project number. This number is prototyped
	as being auto-generated by the system.

        [6] Added the complete list of subactivity codes to the prototype funding
	popup. Clicking the add button on the popup will simulate adding a new 
	subactivity code to the list of funding codes for the project or need.
        [7] Implemented the project view page.
        [8] Implemented need view page.

0_2_6   Mar-22-2005 
	[1] Moved the recording of fish and egg distribution request under
	the accomplishments module. This means that each egg/fish distribution
	request is under the scope of one project. Currently, the prototype
	also enforces the rule that fish / egg distributions have to respond to
	requests that are under the scope of the same project as the 
        [2] Added the capability to link needs to an ongoing accomplishment
	project. See the "link needs" menu button in the accomplishments
        [3] Added the capability to record compliance with NPDES permits
	via the Office module.
0_2_5   Mar-18-2005 

	[1] Implemented prototype mock up of the management of the 
	two partner lists: [a] the field office subset of the [b] master
	FIS partner list. These two lists will allow field offices to
	quickly enter data by only having to choose from a shorter list
	while still managing to connect partner information between
	field stations.

	[2] Implemented prototype mock up of the management of the 
	office species list. Similar to the office partner list, the
	species list contains species available to the office via 
	pulldown menus. This list is managed via the office module and
	is prototyped as drawn from the ITIS species list.

	[3] Added Great Lakes trout distribution fields to fish distribution

	[4] Added ability to specify a new distribution location to the 
	fish distribution module.

	[5] Changed the "Projects" module menu to expand without making
	a trip to the server to load a new page.

	[6] Completed "modifiers" section of the fish distribution measures

	[7] Implemented egg distribution request edit screens.

	[8] Added requirement asterisks to fields of the Projects
	and Office modules. Red asterisks signify fields that are required
	for form submittal, yellow asterisks signify fields that will
	trigger a remark during a data validation report. 

        [9] Added the recording of office-wide, non-project-centric outreach
	measures to the office module.
        [10] Changed the accomplishment summary prototype page so that 
	it shows how many performance measure "widgets" are tallied
	as a result of the work on the project for that fiscal year.

	[11] Added count of comments for measures in Measures document. 

	[12] Added filtering of measures/prototype comments by date.
        [13] Complete removed the construct of a project site from 
	the prototype. A site was a distinct geographic location where
	FIS project work was done and prototyped as being necessary in order
	to record habitat improvement measures (basically all habitat improvement
	measures needed to be recorded at a site). This functionality was not 
	in the FileMaker application. EDG prototyped the site construct to 
	demonstrate how spatial data could be associated with a project
	and even performance measure measurements. It was removed because
	EDG wanted to talk about whether the feature was appropriate or not 
	with the FIS working group first.

	[14] Added View Plan & Population feature.

	[15] Added requirement asterisks to fields of the Populations
	Plan, and Dist. Req modules. Red asterisks signify fields that are required
	for form submittal, yellow asterisks signify fields that will
	trigger a remark during a data validation report. 

	[16] Added Needs module implementation of the editing of an
	existing need. 
        [17] Changed the "Projects" module name back to the "Accomplishments"
	module based on user request.
        [18] Hid the "Technical Assistance" module and moved the recording
	of tech assist measurements back under project reporting from user
	request. This may be revisited if necessary.

0_2_4   Mar-11-2005 

	[1] Added underlining of context menu button links upon
	[2] Made change to the calculation of measure 5.7 in the performance measure
	analysis to better reflect that this was an interjurisdictional
	[3] Added a "max" character count attribute to textarea in which
	the old filemaker pro system required a maximum.
	[4] Changed the filtration of the comments file when filtering
	by a single user. If there is no comment entered for that user,
	then the xslt does not display the section/page heading.

0_2_3   Mar-11-2005 

	[1] Added link back to old performance measure page from the 
	"measures" menu selection so users may compare the new page to the
        [2] Changed the performance measure link icon to a textual link.
	It was recommended that the icon wasn't clear to users.

0_2_2   Mar-11-2005 

	[1] Added link on layout page to show the current VERSION.
	This also required the programming of a ServletContext listener
	to load the current version number into the context.
        [2] Added deployment notes to the /docs directory.

0_2_1   Mar-11-2005 

	[1] Began versioning with the second prototype. 


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