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ECOS Profile

In order to access the PRIMR application you must first register your government email account with Login.Gov so you can access ECOS and setup your profile..

Login to Secure ECOS at and supply your AD credentials. If you have never established an account you will be asked to setup your profile at this time. If you already have an ECOS account access the PROFILE page (under My Account) and verify your current profile. If you have switched stations recently your organization information will be incorrect.  Unfortunately, you cannot make this change yourself.  and you will need to submit a help desk ticket to have ECOS change your profile.

Requesting Ability to Edit PRIMR

Once you have gained access to ECOS, you can View records in PRIMR.    However, to become an editor, contact your Regional PRIMR Owner.   See the list of regional PRIMR owners from this link:

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