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ECOS Application Help

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**It is recommended that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser when working in HabITS V5. Other internet browsers may not work properly.**

For a PDF version of the tutorial on this page, click image below to download the PDF.

Creating a Project

1. All Projects must be assigned to a Mechanism, to create a project you must first choose the Mechanism to assign it to. Start from the Habitat Improvement module on the HabITS V5 Dashboard and clicking Search for a Mechanism.

2. After clicking Search for a Mechanism, you will see a search box. From here you can choose many different way to search for a Mechanism. For this tutorial we have chosen to search by the Mechanism Name by typing the name into the search box. After typing the name you should see the Mechanism you are searching for in the list below. Click on the Mechanism you would like to create a project under.

3. After clicking on the Mechanism, a box will open showing more information. Click More Actions in the bottom right corner of the box.  From here you can choose to create a New Project with the same geometry as your Mechanism by clicking +New Project with Mechanism Geometry or you can create new geometry specific to the project by clicking +New Project. For the purpose of this tutorial we are choosing to create a project with new geometry.

 4. You should now see a Create a Project page. If you are in Planning mode and will be coming back to edit your Project, click the Planning? checkbox now.  Go ahead and enter your project information including Project Name, Descriptive Project Name, FWS Point of Contact, Lead Office, etc. After entering your information you must create a geometry by clicking +Create Project Geometry before you are allowed to save the Project.

5. After clicking +Create Project Geometry you will be directed to the HabITS Mapper where you will see the polygon of the original Mechanism that your project will be within unless your Mechanism has no geometry. If your Mechanism has no geometry, you will see the national map with current Mechanisms, Projects, and Accomplishments.

6. From here you can choose to add the geometry by either using the Draw Tools to Sketch your polygon or by uploading a shapefile that has already been created using ArcGIS. For this tutorial we will be uploading a shapefile that has already been created. Click Upload, you should now see a file explorer window, click to select your shapefile and click Open. For more information on how to create and package shapefiles to be uploaded into HabITS click How-To Create and Package Spatial Data in ArcGIS for Uploading in HabITS V5. To Be Created.

7. After clicking Open you will see your polygon projected into the Mapper.

8. Click on the polygon and select +Activate from the dropdown to activate your polygon.

9. You will know your polygon has been activated because it will turn blue and you will see your shapes vertices. Now click Return to Project Form

10. After clicking Return to Project Form you will be directed back to the Create a Project page where you should see your Project polygon in the small Mapper window. If you are completely done creating your Project you can uncheck the Planning? button now. Next, you must click the Save button to save your Project.

11. After clicking Save you should see a green splash banner (for just a second or two) saying your Project was saved successfully. You will see five new tabs next to the Properties tab allowing you to add additional information such as Species, Financials, Files, Monitoring, and Accomplishments. Proceed by adding files as demonstrated in the How to Create a Mechanism tutorial and any monitoring that has been completed. For a tutorial on how to create an accomplishment, click How to Create an Accomplishment.

How to Add Service Financial Information

12. Next click the Financials tab and click +Add Service Contribution.

13. Populate all the required fields and add comments. Now click Add Service Contribution to add the contribution to the Accomplishment.

14. You will see your contribution added to the Financials page. However, the row will be highlighted yellow, indicating that it has not been saved. Make sure to save the contribution by pressing the Save button at the bottom of the page. You can also add/edit/remove contributions from this page.

How to Add Partner Financial Information

15. To add Partner Contributions, clicking +Add Partner Contributions.

16. Continue to populate the fields and click Add Partners Contribution.

17. After clicking Add Partner Contribution you should see a box showing that contribution. Once again, the row will be highlighted yellow, indicating that it has not been saved. Make sure to save the contribution by pressing the Save button at the bottom of the page. You can also add/edit/remove contributions from this page.

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