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ECOS Application Help

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**It is recommended that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser when working in HabITS V5. Other internet browsers may not work properly.**


For a PDF version of the tutorial on this page, click image below to download the PDF.

Reports Module

Advanced Filtering Reports

1. Start from the main HabITS Dashboard by going to the Reports module and clicking Advanced Filtering Reports.

2. From this screen you can first choose to filter your report by FWS POCs, Office, State, or Region. Within each of these filter categories you will be able to also filter by Fiscal Year, Program, Accomplishment Type, and Habitat Types. 

3. This advance filtering reports interface will allow you to select multiple criteria within each filter type. For this example we are choosing to run a report for the state of Colorado by selecting all years, the PFW Program, Restoration and Enhancement Accomplishment Types within the Uplands Habitat Type. To select multiple values just continue clicking on each of them.

4. After selecting your reporting filters, select Performance, from here you can choose to run a report to give you either the Totals or a List. We are choosing List for this tutorial. 

5. After making your selection you will see a table containing the report data. From this screen you can choose to receive the report in an excel or PDF format. If needed you can also click on the hyperlinked Accomplishment or Project ID numbers to take you directly to the entry in HabITS, these links will also be available in the Excel and PDF downloads. After choosing your download a new Save As window will open. Browse to the location that you want to save the file, then click save. The file will appear in the bottom left of your screen or in your computers downloads folder. 

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