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ECOS Application Help

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**It is recommended that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser when working in HabITS V5. Other internet browsers may not work properly.**

For a PDF version of the tutorial on this page, click image below to download the PDF.

1.Map layers and shapefiles in GIS can easily be uploaded to HabITS for a mechanism, project, or accomplishment geometry. In the example below we have 3 example polygons that we would like to upload to HabITS as an accomplishment geometry. This walkthrough uses ArcGIS Pro, and although the dialogue boxes may look slightly different, this can replicated on ArcMap Desktop versions.

2. If your geometries are ready to be uploaded into HabITS, right click on your map layer in the contents panel. Then, hover over the "Data" option near the bottom of the list and Click "Export Features".

3. This dialogue box will ask where you want to save your layer and what name you would like to use. Click on the folder next to the "Output Location" to save your shapefile to a specific folder where you will be able to find your new shapefile. For this example, I saved my accomplishment to a desktop folder that I created and named "Test_Accomplishment_Folder". Then for the output name, I used "Accomplishment_Geometry". The ".shp" file type is automatically added as this file is saved as a shapefile. Lastly, click OK to perform the export process.

4. Open the folder where you have saved you shapefile. You should numerous several files of various file types associated with this new layer. 

5. Select all the files except for any of the "LOCK File". Right click on any of the highlighted files, hover of the "Send to" option, and then click on the "Compressed (zipped) folder" option.

6. You will then have your compressed zipped file which you can then upload directly into HabITS.

7. Open the HabITS mapper for the mechanism, project, or accomplishment where you would like this shapefile to be uploaded to. Click on the "Upload" button under on the left-hand panel under "Layers". Then find the location of your compressed zipped shapefile. Double click on the file to add it to the HabITS mapper.

8. We now see our three polygons from ArcGIS are now displayed on the HabITS mapper.

9. Left-click on any of your polygons and select the "Union All to editing feature option". This will select and activate all of your polygons from the new layer. Alternatively, if you do not want all of the polygons from the shapefile layer, you can click "Activate" to select individual polygons.

10. Once you have activated your desired polygons, click the "Return to Accomplishment Form"

11. You should now see your geometries (in red) within the small mapper window of your mechanism, project, or accomplishment form.

12. Lastly, make sure to scroll to the bottom of your form and click "Save" to save your new geometry. 

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