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**It is recommended that you use Google Chrome as your internet browser when working in HabITS V5. Other internet browsers may not work properly.**

Please note, this tutorial only pertains to only the Performance Reports in HabITS V5, we are working on redesigning all of the other reports to function in this way. If you need to run any reports other than Performance please see How-To Run a Traditional Basic Report in HabITS V5


1. Start from the main HabITS Dashboard by going to the Reports module and clicking Basic Reports

2. From this screen you can choose to filter your report by My Reports, Office, State, Region, Fiscal Year, and Program. This report only allows you to select a single year, if you would like to select multiple years, or filter by other criteria not available in the Redesigned Basic Performance Reports click How-To Run a Redesigned Advanced Filtering Report in HabITS V5 or  How-To Run a Traditional Advanced Filtering Report in HabITS V5. After selecting your reporting filters, select Performance. For this tutorial we have chosen to run an FY 2016 Performance report for the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program within the State of Colorado. From here you can choose to run a report to give you either the Totals or a List. You can also choose to receive the report in an excel or PDF format. Here we are selecting to receive a list in PDF format.   


3. After clicking either the PDF or the Excel icon you will see a file download in the bottom left of your screen, click to open the file. If you do not see the downloaded file on the bottom of your screen look in your internet browser's downloads page. 

4. If you choose to receive the report in PDF format this is an example of what you will receive. In the top right corner of the screen you can choose to print or save the PDF.

5. If you choose to receive the report in an Excel format this is an example of what you will receive.

That concludes the How-To Run a Redesigned Basic Report in HabITS V5 tutorial. If you see any errors or have any recommendations of how to improve this tutorial please contact me at

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