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Instructions for All Users

The Performance Reporting application in ECOS is designed to automate as much performance reporting as possible. This system pulls much of its initial values from other ECOS modules, including TAILS, TESS, and ROAR. Applicable data will be uploaded from PRS to PTrac.

 To access Performance Reporting, first log into secure ECOS:

  1. Log into
  2. Click on the "Performance" link. 

The Performance home page for your role, location, and the current fiscal year will display. Most users will see links for the national performance report, their own region’s performance report, and their own office’s report. New feature for Field Office users that have access to multiple offices, will now see on the Performance Home page a link for each office.  Regional Office users will see the national report and their own regional report. Headquarters users will see the national report and the reports for each FWS Region.

Also available for viewing are Summary Reports, Archived Performance Reports from previous years (select the desired year from the dropdown menu), and HPPG Quarterly Metrics. Administrative Functions and information are on the bottom portion of the home page. 

Performance Reporting Access Rules

Access to PRS is restricted to FWS users (based on having an e-mail address) Rights and privileges in PRS are determined by your org code. Anyone can view the information at any level. Most information in PRS is not editable directly in PRS, but if it is, it may only be edited at your own level:

  • Field Office (FO) users may edit their own office’s data.
  • Regional Office (RO) users may edit their own office’s data and data at the Regional level.
  • Headquarters (HQ) users may edit their own office’s data and data at the national level. In practice, however, HQ will work with the RO and/or FO if data needs to be changed.

Customizing PRS

The first time select a report in PRS, you’ll get a screen that allows you to customize which programs are displayed.

  1. Categories with checked boxes will be displayed in PRS. To hide a category or categories, click on the checkbox to remove it.
  2. When you’re done customizing your view of PRS, click the Save button.
  3. Next you’ll get the confirmation screen; click the Close button to continue. 
    Note: You only need to do this the FIRST time you enter PRS; after that, PRS will remember your selections and only display what you want to see. If for any reason you change your mind, click the Choose link under the Program column heading to display this screen again and adjust your selections.
  4. After clicking Close, on the confirmation screen, the performance report you had selected will be displayed.

If You Need Help

Updated instructions are linked from the Performance Measures home page in the callout box on the top left of the home page. Click on the link appropriate to your office level.

The same updated instructions are found in the upper right-hand corner of the National, Regional and Office performance reports, right under the double blue lines. Click on the Instruction manual link.

You can also send a help ticket to the ECOS help desk by clicking "Contact ECOS" on the bottom navigation of the Performance Measure home page and each performance report. This is the preferred way of contacting the ECOS Help Desk for assistance.
This brings up a help ticket. All fields are required:

  1. Your name, email address and phone number will already be filled in (from your ECOS profile), but you can adjust them if necessary.
  2. On the "Application" dropdown, click “Performance.”
  3. Enter a Subject — a short summary of your issue. For example, you might write “Unable to view measures."
  4. Enter a Description — a more detailed description of your issue, including the text of any error messages. For instance, you might write, "When I click on 'edit' under Office Adjustment, nothing happens." or "When I click on an ECOS Value to edit it, I get a 404 'Page not available' message."

When you’re done describing your issue, click the Submit button. A confirmation page will be displayed. 

You may also call 970-266-2999 Monday through Friday, 9 am–6 pm Eastern Time.


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