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This page shows a summary of the Implementation Schedule for the current Document.  The layout is modeled on that used in published recovery plans.  To see more detail on a particular Recovery Action, choose "Actions" -> "View Action" and find the Action you are interested in.  To make changes to a particular Action, choose "Actions" -> "Edit Action" (or, alternatively, you can choose "Schedule" -> "Edit Schedule" to view the entire Implementation Schedule with each Action being directly clickable for edit).

This page differs from "Edit Schedule" only in that the latter allows you to edit an Action by clicking on it; this screen does not provide this ability, and is available to users who do not have permission to edit the current Document's Implementation Schedule.  In addition, the "Edit Schedule" page has a highlight which follows the mouse, which may cause it to print incorrectly.  Printing the "View Schedule" page avoids this issue.

Finally, note that if you are looking for a printable form of the Implementation Schedule, you might want to use "Schedule" -> "Full Schedule Report", which shows data captured by ROAR which does not appear in the published form of the Document.


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