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What is IRIS Snapshot?
The IRIS Snapshot tool allows users to discover a variety of information about National Wildlife Refuges and Wetland Management Districts.   A variety of source database modules provide Snapshot with a “snippet” of their content.  This allows users to search across multiple database modules.  

How IRIS Snapshot Works
Essentially, each source database modules are harvested at scheduled intervals using public facing web services.  These data are organized and stored within an open source enterprise search platform.  See guidance on how to search.

Who Manages IRIS Snapshot?
Please contact Todd Sutherland at 970-266-2926 for questions or comments.

Visit the I&M site to learn more!

Known Issues

  • Survey records from PRIMR that reference ServCat protocols or products which are “versioned” in ServCat are not available in Snapshot even though the ServCat reference and associated digital file are marked public.

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