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TAILS users have access to the professional service staff of the ECOS Help Desk. If you have ANY questions about ECOS, TAILS, becoming a member of the UAT, the registration process, or the access request procedure, contact the ECOS Help Desk at

or at 970-266-2999 9 am–6 pm Eastern time M-F.

You can also access the ECOS Help Desk through the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of every TAILS page. This link opens a partially pre-filled form (Fig. 6) that you can complete and click .

Note: Should you need it (if TAILS freezes, for example), the direct link to provide feedback or request assistance is This direct link, however, will not pre-fill the form for you, so be sure to complete all the fields provided.

When using the feedback form, please provide clear and detailed comments. Identify an overall subject (e.g., “Species master list doesn’t include expected species”) and describe the specific problem or desired enhancement (e.g., “Homo sapiens should be included in this, see listing status of 1/1/2000 in Federal Register document 35 FR 8491 8498”). If appropriate, include the complete URL for the page on which the error or issue occurs. Your name, email address, and phone number should auto-fill based on your ECOS registration information.

Your submittal will result in an automatic email notification and will be entered into the incident tracking software of the ECOS Help Desk. If necessary, you will be contacted for additional information or clarification and, ultimately, be notified of the status or resolution of your request.

Items that you can report on can generally be classified into five main types:

  • Bug: Page shows an error.
  • Data inconsistency: Data form does not show the correct data.
  • Business rule inconsistency: Not the form or report expected or needed.
  • Suggestions for enhancements or improvements: The TAILS Management Team will review these and establish outcome recommendations based on available resources, current capabilities, other requests, and level of difficulty.
  • Other: Any other item that you desire to report (e.g., policy/guidance question, praise to the developers, etc.).

Figure 6. The ECOS Help Desk issue reporting/help request form. Note the links to editing your profile and requesting a change in access. 

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