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1.6.4 - 10/1/2018


  • [WRIA-1135] - Deactivate 36 (Active) threat records that have null quality codes in R4

1.6.3 - 10/1/2018






  • [WRIA-1047] - Cannot download needs filter report for all regions



  • [WRIA-1028] - Deploy WRIA 1.6.1 to production


  • [WRIA-1012] - Update water resources in production
  • [WRIA-1016] - Monitoring update failing because NWIS webserivice can't handle volumne of sites
  • [WRIA-1018] - Update RHIs that were failing before due to invalid geometry
  • [WRIA-1019] - Correct RHI geoms and retrofit code to handle MultiPolygon type


  • [WRIA-1020] - Error thrown when servcat docs are accessed for certain refuges
  • [WRIA-1021] - Interest acreage does not show


  • [WRIA-1022] - Water resources aren't updating for following refuges


  • [WRIA-1006] - Water Resources Updated (by June 23)

Research or Investigation

  • [WRIA-992] - Investigate why monitoring site update fails for 4 refuges on beta

1.6.0 - 5/23/2017


Refuge Summary Report and Monitoring Site Map Changes

Reports -

  • User can access a summary report by Refuge
    • User can search for the refuge by Region and Refuge Name
    • User will see the following sets of Information
      • Refuge Overview - Basic information on refuge
      • Water Resource Summary - Counts on Type and relationship to other areas of WRIA
      • Threats Summary - Counts of Threats and by Severity
      • Needs Summary - Counts by Level 1 Type and by Priority
      • Surveys Summary - Counts by Resource Theme Levels 1,2 and 3 and relationship with Water Resource and Monitoring Sites
      • Water Quality Summary - Count by Source with Contaminant Type and relationship with Water Quality, Water Resources, Needs, and Threats
  • Updates to Report layouts for all reports
  • Added Refuge, Water Resource and Survey Reports
  • Updated selection interface for Contaminant Types
  • Updated selection between Region and Refuge for Water Quality Reports
  • Updated General Layout for Reports selection


Monitoring Site Map

  • National Data updated with new data source of USGS
  • On clicking of Monitoring Sites tab default view is now the Map view
  • Map will center of Refuge interest when the map loads
  • Each Site is now grouped by Type
    • Surface
    • Ground
    • Spring
    • Atmospheric
    • Other
    • Unknown
  • Each Site is now Color Coded based on Group
  • Each Group can be Turned on or off (default is on)
  • When a user Clicks on a site they will see the new data from the Data Source
    • Note that old data for sites that have been modified or as an official record for WRIA will be marked as UNKNOWN on the map as the Group types are not available
  • When a user Clicks on a site they will see a new option to indicate if site has been "Flagged" - this is used as needed to identify items that need further attention or is of interest to the user.
    • The icon for that site will change so on the map the user can distinguish between Flagged and Non-Flagged items quickly
    • A user can only flag an item based on their role and if they have edit rights for that region/refuge
  • Users can switch to the List view
    • Users can use the Flagging Option in the list view


  • [WRIA-893] - Water Quality Filter Report - Sorting Functions
  • [WRIA-895] - Update wria.contaminant_type_lut table from epa_impairment
  • [WRIA-908] - Water Quality Filter Reports - Add Status filter
  • [WRIA-911] - Replace capContamTypeIdMap map with CapContaminantType domain object
  • [WRIA-925] - Update water quality filters to use new contam type mapping for epa records
  • [WRIA-939] - Threat summary report can be downloaded as pdf
  • [WRIA-942] - Needs summary report can be downloaded as pdf
  • [WRIA-946] - Wire in a call in the epa update to trigger the contaminant type cross function
  • [WRIA-947] - Contaminant Type - Cause Unknown
  • [WRIA-948] - Fix the failing test EpaImpairmentServiceSpec.testSaveEpaImpairmentDataForARefuge
  • [WRIA-950] - Release WRIA 1.6.0 to Production
  • [WRIA-952] - Sort by Contaminant Type - wrong pagination
  • [WRIA-956] - Save water resource features geojson in the database when saving water resources for a refuge
  • [WRIA-957] - Fix wria branch test build
  • [WRIA-959] - Survey Filter Report - On click Expanded Area - Change
  • [WRIA-961] - Fix display of ECDMS water quality in list widget expansion
  • [WRIA-962] - Add a subheading for threats and needs summary report to discribe high, medium etc. columns
  • [WRIA-963] - Store Refuge RHI geo json in the database
  • [WRIA-967] - Overhaul monitoring circle points to images.
  • [WRIA-970] - Water resource updates throw an error


  • [WRIA-835] - Water Quality Reports Section
  • [WRIA-837] - Water Quality Summary Report - Link
  • [WRIA-838] - Water Quality Summary Report - Filter
  • [WRIA-847] - Refuge Report - New Section
  • [WRIA-848] - Refuge Summary Report - Link
  • [WRIA-850] - Summary Report Update for Needs
  • [WRIA-851] - Summary Report Update for Threats
  • [WRIA-852] - Refuge Summary Report Filter Selection
  • [WRIA-858] - Contaminant Type Data Display Change
  • [WRIA-859] - Contaminat Source Data Display Change
  • [WRIA-862] - Refuge Summary Report - Overview Details
  • [WRIA-863] - Refuge Summary Report - Threats Table
  • [WRIA-864] - Refuge Summary Report - Needs Table
  • [WRIA-865] - Refuge Summary Report - Water Quality Table
  • [WRIA-866] - Refuge Summary Report - Water Resources Table
  • [WRIA-867] - Refuge Summary Report - Monitoring Sites Table
  • [WRIA-868] - Refuge Summary Report - Surveys Table
  • [WRIA-869] - Water Quality Tab - Update Filters
  • [WRIA-870] - Update Selection Logic for Contaminant Types
  • [WRIA-871] - Update Selection Logic for Source
  • [WRIA-874] - Water Resource Summary Report
  • [WRIA-875] - Survey Summary Report
  • [WRIA-899] - Water Quaility Reports - Region and Refuge Interaction
  • [WRIA-905] - Monitoring Site Map - Basic Layout
  • [WRIA-918] - Map View is Set as default on Tab Click
  • [WRIA-919] - Monitoring Site Map - Set Site Points on Map
  • [WRIA-920] - Monitoring Site Map - Set Point Color Codes
  • [WRIA-921] - Monitoring Site Map - Layer Setup
  • [WRIA-922] - Monitoring Site Map - List View Button function
  • [WRIA-923] - Monitoring Site Map - Point Popup
  • [WRIA-929] - Monitoring Site Map - Record Update with New Data
  • [WRIA-958] - Water Resource Summary Report PDF Export


  • [WRIA-934] - Error thrown when updating water resources for a refuge




Module Enhancements
  • For Refuge Threats
    • New Threat - "Hydrocarbons"
    • New Cause - "Public Use / Recreation"
  • For Surveys
    • Surveys that have a Future status display "Future / TBD" for start year and end year (currently it shows 9998)
    • Surveys that have an Expected status display "Indefinite" for the end year when an actual year is not specified (currently it shows 9999)
    • New column - "Res. Theme Lvl 1"
  • For Refuge Overview
    • WRIA Completed Date shows year and is clickable to the supporting Document
      • Note System shall use keyword "WRIA" and document Reference Type of "Unpublished Report"
        • if a match above then use Year value in Issue date to display and link
        • If No Date then display in Complete Date as "No Date Found". Note this will indicate to user that document was found but date is missing and they will need to update ServCat
        • If no match to keyword OR Reference Type then display in Complete Date as "No Document Found". Note this will indicate to the user that  the A document was found but missing the keyword or reference type and they will need to update ServCat.
        • If no match to keyword AND Reference type then Display in Complete Date as "TBD". Note this will indicate to the user that no document has been uploaded yet and they will need to complete upload process in ServCat
New Tab for Water Quality
  • Water Quality Summary Report
    • More detailed design for Summary Report
    • Counts for relationships to other areas
    • PDF version
  • Water Quality Filter Report
    • Similar to other Filter Reports
    • download to excel
Defects Addressed
  • Fixed Broken download links for Servcat documents


  • [WRIA-827] - Update servcat search core for better dynamic searching
  • [WRIA-834] - Investigate ways to do distance calculation
  • [WRIA-841] - Display ECDMS sample data in water quality edit page
  • [WRIA-885] - Fix Contaminate Type filter in WQ Summary Report
  • [WRIA-887] - Add a Quartz job to update ecdms sample water qualtiy records on regular basis
  • [WRIA-888] - WQ Summary Report application error
  • [WRIA-889] - Deploy WRIA to beta for UAT
  • [WRIA-890] - Make select 2 widget stay open when selecting multiple options
  • [WRIA-891] - Make select 2 widget drop down stay open when selecting multiple options for all reports
  • [WRIA-897] - Fix broken tests on qa branch 1.5



    • [WRIA-796] - Add new Threat type and domain values
    • [WRIA-797] - In the Surveys module, show start and end year meaning for Future and Expected Surveys
    • [WRIA-798] - Survey module listing - add Resource Theme Level 1 as a column
    • [WRIA-799] - Survey module listing - sort by Resource Theme Level 1
    • [WRIA-802] - Display the count of Water Quality Survey records on the Refuge Overview
    • [WRIA-806] - Add Filter to UI for Resource Theme Level 1
    • [WRIA-807] - WRIA Refuge Water Quality for Sample
    • [WRIA-808] - Add WRIA Completed Date with Hyperlink
    • [WRIA-815] - Create New UI for ECDMS List Expand area under Water Quality Tab
    • [WRIA-828] - WRIA Water Quality Table - Distance From Refuge Boundary
    • [WRIA-839] - Water Quality Summary Report - Output
    • [WRIA-840] - Water Quality Summary Report - PDF
    • [WRIA-842] - Water Quality Filter Report - Link
    • [WRIA-843] - Water Quality Filter Report - UI setup
    • [WRIA-844] - Water Quality Filter Report - Filter Functions
    • [WRIA-845] - Water Quality Filter Report - List Expansion Area
    • [WRIA-846] - Water Quality Filter Report - Excel Download Function
    • [WRIA-853] - Show distance from refuge for EPA water quality records
    • [WRIA-854] - Show distance from refuge for CAP water quality records
    • [WRIA-857] - Water Quality - Remove Number of samples in the catalog
    • [WRIA-872] - Show distance from refuge for Water resources in water resource home page
    • [WRIA-900] - Water Quality Filter Report - Refuge Name in Results Table
    • [WRIA-901] - Water Quality Filter Report - Refuge Code and Name in Expand


  • [WRIA-818] - Fix the broken download link for servcat documents
  • [WRIA-824] - Clicking on the "New Request" when managing monitoring requests throws error
  • [WRIA-825] - Sort and filter doesn't seem to work correctly in water related documents list page
  • [WRIA-826] - Test ecdms update service method for removed and modified records
  • [WRIA-855] - Migrate Threats and Needs from Buffalo Lake NWR in R6 to R2
  • [WRIA-856] - Remove Fire Management Zones from the list of Refuges
  • [WRIA-880] - Update SOLR URL
  • [WRIA-896] - Provide a list of permanentIdentifiers that are linked to threat or need
  • [WRIA-898] - Update RHI Admin Tool not Working
  • [WRIA-906] - Update the RHI data update process to read multiple rings in a polygon
  • [WRIA-912] - Water resource map throws error internally for certain refuges



  • Changes:
    • Updated to use new Servcat webservices

1.4.0 - 12/07/2015

  • Changes:
    • Bug fixes
      • Dealt with various background download job issues
    • WRIA development changes
      • New EPA integration brining 303d data in to WRIA Water Quality Module
      • Updated Threat and Need List pages with dynamic paging and robust filtering
      • All modules that download data from external sources that had a column called Status when a WRIA user changed a record the status use to be Reviewed, that has now been changed to the term Modified

1.3.4 - 8/21/2015

  • Changes:
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed Needs summary report
    • WRIA development changes
      • Updated Threat type and cause values
      • Updated Threat type to follow new rules regarding obsolete type options with existing and new threats

1.3.3 - 8/03/2015

  • Changes:
    • Bug fixes
      • Fix errors processing water resources
      • Fix errors processing national monitoring data
    • WRIA development changes
      • none

1.3.2 - 7/22/2015

  • Changes:
    • Bug fixes
      • Trying to address prod errors
    • WRIA development changes
      • none

1.3.1 - 7/17/2015

  • Changes:
    • Bug fixes
      • Addressed threat filter report Cause selection
    • WRIA development changes
      • none

1.3.0 - 7/16/2015

  • Changes:
    • Bug fixes
      • Addressed issue with CAP associated water resources, obsolete water resources are now removed from WRIA
    • WRIA development changes
      • Updated WRIA to new ECOS look and feel
      • New Mega Menu navigation - removed old left navigation menu and increased page width including form fields
      • Added new Needs Filter report
      • Added new Threats Filter report
      • Added new Water Quality Module - currently only intigrates with CAP

1.2.6 - 6/12/2015

  • Changes:
    • Bug fixes
      • Updates to monitoring site processing to deal with invalid data from servers
      • Fixed Water Resource saving
      • Updated Batch RHI processing
    • WRIA development framework changes
      • Added new fields to Needs
      • Added new fields to Threats, also changed the create work flow by adding a "Save & Create Another" button

1.2.5 - 4/28/2015

  • Changes:
    • Bug fixes
      • Fixed issue with interest acreage and water related documents not displaying

1.2.4 - 4/1/2015

  • Changes:
    • Bug fixes
      • Fix Leaflet mapper not working with grails 2.4.4 and java 1.8
      • Null pointer when editing a Water Resource
      • Error in quartz job deleting Water Resources
      • Exception when saving Monitoring
      • Exception when saving Need
      • Need Level 2 Types are not working in IE9
    • WRIA development framework changes
      • Upgraded ecos-bootstrap look and feel from 2.2.0 to 2.5.0
      • Upgraded from JDK 1.7 to 1.8
      • Upgraded from grails 2.3.8 to 2.4.4 (for JDK 1.8 compatability)
      • Changed resource repositories from ivy to artifactory
      • Updated to jenkins war deploy version 1
  • New:
    • Nothing
  • No labels