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Blog from December, 2018

I am very, very pleased to announce that Invasive Plant Management Planning: Technical Considerations, a  document that provides an overview of key technical concepts and critical information needed to develop the content of an effective invasive plant management plan, has been published and is available through the Integrated Resource Management Applications (IRMA) Portal (also downloadable here).

It does not address the specifics of the planning process and environmental compliance requirements as that guidance is provided by the NPS Environmental Quality Division. Invasive plant management needs to be strategic and based on the best available science. Invasive plant management planning is critical for successful implementation of an invasive plant management program that serves to protect park values at risk from invasive plants. Each division within the park as well as park volunteers, partners, and neighbors plays a role in implementing a successful plan.

Staff at park units without a current invasive plant management plan can use this guidance to help develop a robust plan that complies with law and policy and invests available resources efficiently to address invasive plant management needs on a programmatic basis. This document summarizes foundational information regarding laws and policies on which to build an invasive plant management plan, describes best practices for invasive plant management planning, and details technical considerations for the development of an invasive plant management plan.

This important and very useful document has been in development for some time. Many thanks to all of those who finally assured its publication.


Terri Hogan, NPS Invasive Plant Program Manager