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Tuesday, June 8th, 2021

National Park Service - JUNE 24th IPM WEBINAR - Integrated Pest Management Virtual Training Series (June)

We are fast approaching the halfway point of the year-long NPS IPM Webinar Series! As such, we have a special presentation planned for Session #26. The NPS IPM Program and the NPS Connected Conservation community are crossing over and jointly hosting a webinar titled, "Biological Control Across the Landscapes We Manage: What Agents Are Established and What New Tools Are on The Horizon" presented by Joseph Milan of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)!

Joseph “Joey” Milan is a Boise, Idaho native. Joey graduated from the College of Idaho with a BS in Biology and the University of Idaho where he completed his MS in Entomology. Upon completion of his MS, Joey began working at his present position as a Biological Control Specialist with the BLM. At his present post, he serves as the interagency coordinator for biological control, assisting weed control practitioners in their Integrated Weed Management approach by providing technical assistance and monitoring of past releases as well as organizing new collections and additional potential release sites.

A public facing website on the NPS Common Learning Portal will be updated and live in a couple of days, so feel free to share the link ( with partners in the coming days!

Also, feel free to send any questions, or topics and suggestions for future webinars, to this email address, or post them in the IPM Common Learning Portal forum.

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