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Blog from August, 2021

August 19, 2021

The Center for Invasive Species Prevention ( posted on August 17th a blog about invasive plants that was created by invasive species expert Faith Campbell. The comprehensive article provides an overview of the problem, shortcomings of how invasive plants are treated on public and private lands, and criteria for success in addressing the invasive plants issue. Access the blog here, and leave a comment:

Thursday, August 19, 2021

NPS is pleased to announce the release of the fiscal year 2019 and 2020 Invasive Plant Management Team (IPMT) Annual Reports, which have been compiled to highlight examples of the collective annual IPMT Program efforts. Contents of the reports were contributed by individual Teams to provide vignettes of their overall activities and are only representative of the cumulative programmatic effort. 

Each consists of an IPMT Program overview brief followed by program briefs for each of the 17 IPMTs and a list of program participants for each team. The reports are available through the NPS Integrated Resource Management Applications (IRMA) portal at: DataStore - Resource Brief - (Code: 2286813) ( and DataStore - Resource Brief - (Code: 2286814) (

By way of context, the IPMT Program represents a significant facet of invasive plant management within the National Park Service (NPS). All 17 IPMTs provide invaluable boots-on-the-ground invasive plant management services and expertise to park units across the country. Teams collaborate with park-based natural and cultural resources staff, as well as a range of partners, to achieve park resource management goals. IPMT program staff are dedicated, passionate, tireless professionals in the field of invasive plant management and restoration. They provide a level of expertise not available within most parks or regions. The NPS expresses its sincere gratitude to the teams for the support they provide to parks and other partners.