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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

The US-FWS' Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration Program is seeking qualified personnel to serve on one of six Judging Panels for the upcoming Theodore Roosevelt Genius Prize Competitions. Judging Panels will be comprised of 10-15 volunteers.

If interested, please submit to Stephanie Rickabaugh at (with subject line: "TRG-Judge Nominee - (add nominee last name)"), before February 04, , 2022:

  • The name of the judge nominee and contact information
  • Their position and agency/affiliation
  • Their position title, program they work in and supervisor contact information
  • Which of the six Judging Panels you qualify and by number, which expertise you fulfill
  • A few sentences describing their expertise/qualifications/experience


The Prize competitions encourage technological innovation with the potential to advance the mission of the Service in the following areas of concern:
1) preventing wildlife poaching and trafficking,
2) promoting wildlife conservation,
3) managing invasive species,
4) protecting endangered species,
5) managing nonlethal human-wildlife conflict, and
6) reducing human-predator conflict.  

This is the first round of competitions, so estimating the judge’s workload is not possible at this time.

Requirements for selection in two of the panels: 

Managing Invasive Species Judging Panel

  1. At least 10 years of experience (including current involvement) in studying or implementing invasive species management.
  2. At least 10 years of experience (including current involvement) in studying or implementing invasive species management.
  3. Documented expertise in invasive species control.
  4. Strong understanding of common challenges to invasive species eradication.
  5. Broad geographic and taxonomic familiarity with invasive species impacts in the United States.
  6. Past or present membership in an invasive species coordinating body or association (e.g., state or federal invasive species council).

Nonlethal Human-Wildlife Conflict Judging Panel

  1. Experience working with nonlethal human-wildlife conflict.
  2. Experience with toxicants as they relate to human-wildlife conflict.
  3. Experience with extractive industries as they relate to human-wildlife conflict.
  4. Knowledge of human behavior as it relates to human-wildlife conflict.
  5. Ability to consider diverse perspectives around wildlife sustainable use and conservation.
  6. A least five years of expertise in wildlife conservation advocacy—NGO or Tribal, federal, or state agency.

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