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Early Detection, Reporting, Identification, Rapid Assessment, and Rapid Response to Invasive Plants in the United States

Proceedings of a Workshop on Setting up a National Early Warning and Rapid Response System
for Invasive Plants in the U.S.

Ft. Collins, Colorado June 21-23, 2000

Organized and Hosted by:
The Federal Interagency Committee for the 
Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds 

Sponsored By:
U. S. Department of Agriculture
U.S. Department of the Interior – U.S. Geological Survey

Image of witchweed on corn

Proceedings Home Page



Workshop Overview and Summary

Working Group Reports:

A. Scientific Aspects of Early Warning
B. Rapid Assessment
C. Rapid Response
D. Public Outreach
E. Operational Framework 

Summary of Recommendations

Next Steps


Appendix 1: Pre-Workshop Concept Paper
Appendix 2: Steering Committee
Appendix 3: Participants
Appendix 4: Photo Gallery
Appendix 5: Witchweed

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Other Documents
Open Reports

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