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FICMNEW was formed by interagency MOU in 1994, signed by 17 organizations (now evolved to 16 organizations, due to agency merges within USDA). EPA joined in 1997. Therefore there are two separate MOU documents. There is also a draft of an updated MOU from 2008, which was never finalized, and a word document that is a recreation of the original 1994 MOU, since the original is not a digital pdf.

  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document FICMNEW-MOU-1994.docx May 06, 2015 by Simpson, Annie
PDF File Original EPA MOU Signature Document dated 05 17 1997.pdf May 06, 2015 by Simpson, Annie
File DRAFT_FICMNEW MOU_052708.rtf May 06, 2015 by Simpson, Annie
PDF File FICMNEW MOU 1994.pdf May 06, 2015 by Simpson, Annie