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Here are additional documents related to FICMNEW's business and actions.

FICMNEW Fact Sheet (2008) (word document)

FICMNEW trifold flier (GIF image; choose 'save as' to download)

FICMNEW history (2014) (pdf document)

FICMNEW's weekly listserv summary blog page (web link)

FICMNEW-generated documents

Play Clean Go Congratulatory Letter (2015) (pdf document)

FICMENW CHARTER (2008) (pdf document)

FICMNEW Issue Paper on Invasive Plant Management - Final Version - 2004 (pdf)
FICMNEW Issue Paper on Japanese stiltgrass (2004) (pdf)
FICMNEW National Early Detection and Rapid Response System for Invasive Plants in the United States Conceptual Design (2003) (pdf 3.6MB)

EDRR Workshop proceedings (2000) (web link)

Biocontrol Presentations at fall 2015 ISAC Meeting:

Blossey presentation:

Blossey- ISAC 2015.pdf

Lane presentation:

General Insectary 10-28-15_Lane.pdf

Hall/Herod presentation:

20151026 FWS Sec 7 Status_Hall-Herod .pdf

NPS EPMT 2015 report:


Section 508 Guidance

Section 508 Basic Testing Guide Checklist PDF v 0_1 07-28-15 Final (word document)

Section 508 Basic Authoring and Testing Guide Checklist (word document)

Creating Section 508 Compliant Document OCIO 4.6.17 Training (word document)

Miscellaneous shared documents (newest first)

FICMNEW Talking Points for the 2018 WWCC.pdf (pdf document) by Gina Ramos 2019-03-28

Mycorrhizal/Plant Factors Involved in Roadside Reclamation (pdf document) submitted 2018-11-02 by Bonnie Harper-Lore

National Pest Alerts (web link)

Water Quality Justification For Invasive Plant Control (2017) (pdf document)

Best Management Practices: Noxious Weeds on Sites with Rare Plants (2016) (pdf document)

USDA Do No Harm Report (2016) (pdf document)

National Park Service Invasive Plant Program Strategic Plan (2016) (external pdf)

Presidential Memorandum on Mitigation - 2015 (external link)

Presidential Memorandum on Conservation Mitigation (2015) (web link) 

Sierra Club Deer Tick Brochure (2015) (pdf document)

How To Control 40 Common Weeds (2009) (pdf) from: Harper-Lore, Bonnie, Maggie Johnson, and William F. Ostrum. Vegetation Management, an Ecoregional Approach. Federal Highway Administration.  (external link OR pdf download - 14MB)

Wavy Leaf Basket Grass Task Force Meeting Notes (2009) (pdf)

National Invasive Species Management Plan (2008-2012) (pdf)

City of Hyattsville Ordinance Chapter 65 Weed Abatement (2008) (word document)

The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) (2007) Biofuel Feedstocks: The Risk of Future Invasions. CAST Commentary QTA 2007-1. CAST, Ames, Iowa. (pdf)

CWMA Cookbook (2003) (pdf)

Executive Order 13112 (1999) (pdf)

FICMNEW homepage 
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