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Appendix 2.

The following people contributed significantly to the development of this workshop. The FICMNEW Early Warning Sub-committee appreciates the time and effort they contributed to make the workshop a success.

Executive Committee

Randy Westbrooks, USGS, Whiteville, NC.
Bill Gregg, USGS, Reston, VA.
Deborah Hayes, USDA, Washington, D.C.
Jim Quinn, University of California. Davis, CA.
Bob Eplee, USDA, Retired. Whiteville, NC.
Paul DeMorgan, Contract Facilitator. Resolve, Inc. Washington, D.C.
Mike Ielmini, FWS. Arlington, VA.

Steering Committee


Al Tasker, APHIS. Riverdale, MD.


Eric Lane, Colorado Department of Agriculture. Denver, CO.
Barbra Mullin, Montana Department of Agriculture. Helena, MT.
Sarah Reichard, University of Washington. Seattle, WA.
Peter White, University of North Carolina. Chapel Hill, NC.


Brent Meyer, Weed Supervisor, Nuckolls County, NE.

NGOs/Private Interests

John Randall, TNC. Davis, CA.
Brian Bowen, TN-EPPC. Nashville, TN.
Steve Manning, Invasive Plant Control, Inc. Nashville, TN.

Special thanks

is also extended to Laura Janine Lloyd, Invasive Species Specialist at the USGS Field Office for Invasive Species in Whiteville, NC, for logistical support in conducting the workshop.

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