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  • Institute Role in WRRI for all 4 grant types
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Logging In 

DOI Users 

  • Please use your Department of Interior email address and your Active Directory (AD) password 

Non-DOI Users 

  • Please use your username (the public email address you registered in the Registration steps) and password 
  • Click Login 

Using the IPETT tool: 

  • After logging in this should be the screen you see as an Institute role:  


  • You should be able to see options to “access all your Proposals” and “+ New Proposal 
  • Click “Access all your Proposals” to see all created proposals listed  
  • This list will show all proposals for all 4 grant types 
    • National Competitive Grant
    • Annual Base Grant
    • Student Grant
    • Cooperative Grant 
  • There is the ability to filter by RFP, Stage, and Applicant and a general search on the Proposal List page 
  • Stage – where the proposal is at in the RFP. Stages used by Institute: Registered and Accepted 
  • A CSV of all the proposals under your Institute can be downloaded or a CSV of the page you are currently on 
  • Occasionally you will see the Proposal List page reload, this is IPETT refreshing to make sure the list is up to date


Creating a new Proposal: 

  • Click “+ New Proposal”  on the home page or in the top left of the Proposal List page to create a new proposal 
  • Please choose which RFP the proposal belongs to first, the proposal fields will reset to match which RFP is selected – There can be 1 to 4 options to choose from here depending on what RFPs are available 
  • AnBaseG - 104b 
  • NtlCompG - 104g 
  • CoordG
  • Student 


  • 1. Once the RFP has been chosen fill in the fields with as much information that is currently available about the proposal – certain fields will be marked RED – these are required fields for submission to and the submission cannot take place until these fields are filled in. 
  • Attach any documents related to the proposal such as the Proposal, Budget documents, and any Letters in support of the proposal 
  • 2. IF all proposal documents are in a zip file it can be imported into the tool – select “Choose File” to select the correct zip file at the top of the proposal page – once selected hit “Create” at the bottom of the page – several fields will be ingested into the tool as well as the documents in the zip file 


  • After all information and documents have been attached to the proposal hit “Create” at the bottom of the screen 


  • This will create the proposal under the RFP you selected. A Project ID will be created and will be the ID for the proposal going forward 


  • Once ALL the proposal information required in the RFP and the necessary documents have been added to the proposal you are done entering information for the proposal unless told to do otherwise. for the Annual Base Grant if all information has been entered into the tool hit "Accept Proposal" at the bottom of the screen. Only ABG proposals that have been confirmed awarded by Earl and his team should be entered into IPETT, not unapproved proposals for this RFP
  • This moves the proposal forward and helps Earl know you are done with the proposal and can move on with the RFP 
  • This completes the Institute role in the IPETT tool, Earl or his team will reach out if there is an issue or an item needs to be redone 



Submission to 

  • After the proposals have been created in IPETT you have the ability to download the proposal 


  • This download turns into a zip file and will include a PDF of the Proposal fields collected in the IPETT tool as well as any documents uploaded to the proposal in IPETT – if all the fields are filled out and necessary documents have been attached this zip file has everything needed to be submitted to 



Additional Help: 

  • If a new person(such as a PI or a new Institute Contact) needs to be added to the IPETT tool email or with the name and email of the new user and we will work with them to get access to the tool 
  • If proposal information needs to be changed at later stages in the RFP email or to correct proposal information 
  • RFPs will be created when the funding has been approved by DOI – Earl's team will send a notification when the RFP is open for submissions 
  • The SF-424 is not required for submission in the IPETT tool however it IS a requirement for submission through 
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