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The Geo Data Portal (GDP) provides access to numerous datasets, including gridded data for climate and land use. Datasets can be subsetted or summarized before download using several algorithms, and these algorithms can also be applied to other datasets hosted elsewhere. Users can interact with the GDP through the tools listed below.

Cite the GDP: Blodgett, David L., Nathaniel L. Booth, Thomas C. Kunicki, Jordan I. Walker, and Roland J. Viger. Description and testing of the Geo Data Portal: Data integration framework and Web processing services for environmental science collaboration. No. 2011-1157. US Geological Survey, 2011.

Please send any bug reports, feedback, or feature requests to

Geo Data Portal Overview

The USGS Geo Data Portal (GDP) project provides scientists and environmental resource managers access to downscaled climate projections and other data resources that are otherwise difficult to access and manipulate. This user interface demonstrates an example implementation of the GDP project web-service software and standards-based data integration strategy.

A user of the GDP interface can supply their area of interest as a pre-existing GIS shapefile with one to many unique polygons or by drawing a single polygon using an interactive web-map. A user can select from available GDP project web-service processing algorithms, which include raw data subsetting. returning a NetCDF. or file and area-weighted statistics summarization, returning a text file of summary time series.

Processing algorithm options such as dataset component of interest, time period of interest and output file formatting must be specified. As the GDP project progresses, other processing algorithms and output formatting options will become available. Datasets available from the initial public release of the portal include historic weather and downscaled climate projections.

As the GDP project progresses, the catalog of data available from the portal will expand to include more climate, weather and geographic data resources. In order to allow processing of very large datasets, GDP project web services perform asynchronously. This allows a user to supply an email address and be notified upon process completion.

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