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This space will provide general information about the USGS Online Metadata Editor (OME), including help documentation, announcements of updates and improvements, and a community forum for questions and answers about the tool and the standard it supports.

Latest Updates and Improvements

Last Release Date:  14 March 2017

Improvements, Modifications, and New Features:

Technical Problem With OME?

If you are experiencing a technical problem with the OME (e.g., problems saving or locating your record; lost data; timeout issues; a field not working as expected), please use the OME Service Desk to report the issue. You will generate a ticket to describe your issue. Using the Service Desk helps to ensure that the OME development team is promptly notified of a potential problem, and allows you to track the status and progress of your reported issue until it is resolved.

Known and Reported Issues

ISSUE: The ITIS Lookup on the Taxonomy tab is frequently hanging, without producing any results.

REPORTED: 01/08/2017

STATUS: We believe that Release 2.9 includes a fix for this problem. If you continue to have issues with the ITIS lookup, please use the OME Service Desk link to report the issue.

PRIORITY: normal


ISSUE: For some users, Taxonomy tab fields are not displaying for BDP records.

REPORTED: 10/26/2016; updated 10/31/2016

STATUS: We believe this is mostly corrected with Version 2.7 release; however, individual users caches may continue to cause this issue, particularly if your cache has not been emptied in a long time. f you continue to see this problem, please try the workaround detailed below.

Extensive testing strongly indicates that this is a browser caching issue in Chrome. Workaround: Click and hold the browser refresh circular arrow (immediately to the left of the browser address bar); when the refresh menu appears, choose 'Empty Cache and Hard Reload.' This will empty the cache, and upon the page reload, the fields in the Taxonomy tab should now be visible. We are working on a code change that will prevent caching of OME to eliminate this problem.



ISSUE: Distribution tab: Additional Distribution Service descriptions after the first one are not saving in the final metadata XML

REPORTED: 10/25/2016

STATUS: corrected with Version 2.9 release

PRIORITY: normal

NOTE: If you have more than one Distribution Service to describe in your metadata, and the bug preventing you from doing so is delaying your data and metadata review, please send an email to to request assistance. We can work with you to update your metadata manually with the additional Distribution Services descriptions, and return the amended XML to you for submission to your reviewer.

Browser Advisory

The OME is optimized for Google Chrome, and we recommend that users choose Chrome when accessing this editor. Generally speaking, the OME performs adequately in Firefox and Safari; however, the user interface may look and behave slightly differently in these browsers.

The OME is not completely functional in Internet Explorer, and we therefore strongly urge users to not use Internet Explorer to access this tool. Because Microsoft discontinued further development of IE in 2015, the browser no longer includes up to date code libraries that are necessary for many applications, including OME, to operate correctly. You are at risk of losing your metadata, being unable to correctly save your metadata, and being unable to use key functionality in the OME if you choose to login using Internet Explorer.

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