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OME does not provide exhaustive coverage of the CSDGM or its profiles/extensions; its development path has focused initially on including those fields that are considered mandatory or mandatory if applicable, as well as those optional fields used most frequently within the bureau. We also focus on improving the user experience by providing plain language labels, guidance, and explanations wherever we ca to make the process of writing metadata as easy as possible. The OME development team reviews feedback, suggestions, and questions to prioritize areas for expansion and improvement.

CSAS&L does not have "dedicated" developers available to work exclusively on the OME; instead, our developers work on 9 CSAS&L data and data management products in rotation, using Agile development processes. When it's OME's turn for a development sprint, we identify, define requirements for, and estimate the resources required to completed prioritized tasks for that 2.5 week development sprint. Our goal is to roll out the results of that work in an updated release of the OME at the conclusion of the sprint.

OME Tasks on the Workbench for FY17

We hope to address as many of the improvements and enhancements listed below as possible in FY17; tasks not completed will roll over to FY18. Please note that this list is not in any priority order, but is presented strictly for information purposes only. Additional tasks may be added, and may supplant existing tasks, as priorities change or as resources to complete them are available.

A strikethrough indicates that the task has been completed and that the feature/enhancement is now available to users.


  1. Addition of the optional Cross Reference Information array to the Citation Information tab. (STATUS: completed, now available in OME)
  2. Improve the performance and speed of the ITIS species taxonomic classification lookup on the Taxonomy tab (Biological Data Profile version only). (STATUS: completed, anticipated availability 01/25/2017)
  3. Allow users to download an incomplete/invalid record as XML to share with collaborators, or to finish in another metadata editor. (STATUS: completed, now available in OME)
  4. Improve the browser advisory warning to note that Chrome is the recommended browser for the OME, and that Internet Explorer is no longer compatible with the OME. (STATUS: completed, now available in OME)
  5. Add the missing format ('geoform') field to the Taxonomic Authority Citation on the Taxonomy tab (Biological Data Profile version only). (STATUS: completed, now available in OME)
  6. Add link to this Wiki on all OME pages. (STATUS: completed, now available in OME)
  7. Resolve the problem with buttons and labels to add additional values shrinking or disappearing in some browsers. (STATUS: completed, now available in OME)
  8. Re-architect the backend to assign a true unique identifier to each record, which will support allowing users to self-delete records of their choosing from their OME accounts. (STATUS: work started, anticipated availability late 03/2017)
  9. Provide a more actionable 'dashboard' for OME users to view, select, open, delete, assess the completeness, and verify the status of all records under their management, in a single view. (STATUS: work started, anticipated availability late 03/2017)
  10. Allow users to change the Title of a record without this action creating a new version of an existing record. (STATUS: work started, anticipated availability late 03/2017)
  11. Integrate Metadata Parser ("mp") with the OME to improve validation processes and messages, and deliver a final metadata 'package' (the final metadata XML plus additional formats such as HTML and a formatted text file). (STATUS: work started, anticipated availability late 03/2017)
  12. Re-architect the storage and permissions on records to enable users to share a record they have created with another OME user. (STATUS: work not yet initiated)
  13. Initiate a user interface overhaul of the OME to provide a more attractive and efficient workspace for creating metadata. (STATUS: work not yet initiated)
  14. Continue to improve the labels, tips, and supporting help for existing fields. (STATUS: ongoing)
  15. Add optional individual Contact Info arrays for each Process Step on the Data Quality tab. (STATUS: completed, anticipated availability 01/25/2017)
  16. Make the Methodology Citation field repeatable. (STATUS: completed, anticipated availability 01/25/2017)
  17. Integrate Active Directory to optionally populate Contact Info fields. (STATUS: initiated for Metadata Contact, anticipated availability late 03/2017; for other contact fields, target availability 06/2017)
  18. Include additional projection system options supported in the CSDGM under the Time & Place tab. (STATUS: work not yet initiated)
  19. Bring the OME under full compliance with the USGS Web Reengineering requirements. (STATUS: work not yet initiated)
  20. Enable OME users to create recyclable 'templates' that can be pre-filled with metadata elements that are common to many, or all, of the metadata records they create, to improve the efficiency of the metadata creation process. (STATUS: work not yet initiated)
  21. Incorporate the Remote Sensing Extension into the OME. (STATUS: work not yet initiated)
  22. Connect the OME to the DOI Tool so that a DOI may be minted from the OME, and metadata shared to populate the DOI record. (STATUS: work not yet initiated)



FY18 plans continue to be formalized; however, one anticipated effort will be for the OME to produce basic ISO 19115 records, in addition to CSDGM-compliant records. It is unknown at this time whether this effort would also support the 19110 and 19157 components of the ISO suite of metadata standards.









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