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This space will provide general information about the USGS Online Metadata Editor (OME), including help documentation, announcements of updates and improvements, and a community forum for questions and answers about the tool and the standard it supports.

Latest Updates and Improvements

Last Release Date:  9 August 2017 (Release 2.13)

Improvements, Modifications, and New Features:

  • Dashboard: User Dashboards have been extended to include the following new features: Completeness (the extent to which mandatory and mandatory-if-applicable fields have been populated for each of the 7 CSDGM sections; Status (showing whether records are 'In Progress' - incomplete or not yet validating - 'Valid' - already passing MP validation - or 'Migrated' (records whose status were unknown on 9 August 2017 when this feature was deployed); and Type (shows whether the record is in the core CSDGM, or the CSDGM Biological Data Profile.
  • Reserve your data release DOI directly from the OME: OME users can optionally choose to reserve/acquire the DOI for the pending data release during their OME session, rather than having to log in separately to the USGS DOI Tool to do so. The metadata's Title and Abstract are passed to the DOI Tool, the DOI is generated in the Tool, and the DOI is passed back to the OME and inserted in the data release's Online Linkage field in the proper hyperlinked format. Users will still need to login to the DOI Tool at a later time to complete other required metadata, and to publish the DOI following approval for release. If your DOI is reserved for you by your data manager, you can use the option to 'enter my DOI manually' and complete the Online Linkage field when you receive your assigned DOI from your data manager.


Technical Problem With OME?

If you are experiencing a technical problem with the OME (e.g., problems saving or locating your record; lost data; timeout issues; a field not working as expected), please use the OME Service Desk to report the issue. You will generate a ticket to describe your issue. Using the Service Desk helps to ensure that the OME development team is promptly notified of a potential problem, and allows you to track the status and progress of your reported issue until it is resolved.

Known and Reported Issues

ISSUE: 'Download Metadata Package' is not producing a downloaded zip file of validated metadata.

REPORTED: 09/19/2017

STATUS: Resolved. (History: OME currently cannot complete the 'validate and download' process, due to its dependency on the Metadata Parser (MP) Service. MP, which validates a metadata record and produces the zip file for download from the OME, is currently being blocked by USGS eSAS due to an SSL certificate showing as expired in eSAS. The SSL certificate has been renewed, but this renewal has not propagated through eSAS as of 2 p.m. ET, so both the MP website and its services are currently unavailable. As soon as eSAS restores access to MP, the OME will be able to complete the validate and download process. As soon as we receive word that MP access has been updated, we will resolve this status.)



ISSUE: The OME is rejecting the Planar Distance Unit of 'meter' in records imported from the Metadata Wizard.

REPORTED: 07/06/2017

STATUS: Resolved. Release 2.13 updated the anticipated common values for this field to accept case-insensitive, singular and plural values for meter(s) and foot/feet.

PRIORITY: normal


ISSUE: For scientific name lookups for a Genus with a large number of corresponding species, the picklists produced take a very long time to load in the UI (sometimes timing out), are difficult to scroll.

REPORTED: 6/12/2017

STATUS: Resolved. Release 2.12 improves the speed of retrieval by returning only valid/accepted scientific names in ITIS. By not retrieving invalid/not accepted scientific names in the lookup, no look-up timeouts were observed in testing, and the resulting picklists are faster and easier to navigate. If you do not see an expected value in the returned list of valid scientific names returned in the ITIS lookup, try submitting the lookup by Common Name. If you still do not see your expected result, go to and search on the scientific name to determine whether it is a) available in ITIS and b) possibly designated as invalid/not accepted. Remember that you can always enter any taxonomic classification manually (citing the authority) if you choose to do so.

PRIORITY: normal



Browser Advisory

The OME is optimized for Google Chrome, and we recommend that users choose Chrome when accessing this editor. Generally speaking, the OME performs adequately in Firefox and Safari; however, the user interface may look and behave slightly differently in these browsers.

The OME is not completely functional in Internet Explorer, and we therefore strongly urge users to not use Internet Explorer to access this tool. Because Microsoft discontinued further development of IE in 2015, the browser no longer includes up to date code libraries that are necessary for many applications, including OME, to operate correctly. You are at risk of losing your metadata, being unable to correctly save your metadata, and being unable to use key functionality in the OME if you choose to login using Internet Explorer.

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