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Private, engineering




Hospitals, varied engineering structures; varied portfolios


SA(T), HAZUS (capacity spectrum), custom


Post-earthquake inspection, priorities, customer service


Operational & development

Contact Info

Mahmoud Hachem,  Associate Principal

Degenkolb Engineers is the largest and oldest earthquake-engineering firm in the nation, specializing in strengthening and seismic evaluation of new construction as well as existing structures.

The firm incorporates ShakeCast into its Degenkolb Alert service, which provides participating clients with hosting, maintenance, configuration, and support for a dedicated Degenkolb ShakeCast server. In return, Degenkolb clients receive rapid structural damage estimates that can be used for evacuation protocols as well as prioritized building inspections.

Beyond the suite of features included with the standard ShakeCast package, Degenkolb has used its strengths to expand the capabilities of the system for its clients. Degenkolb Alert adds tools such as refined fragility characterization and supply chain interdependency modeling that adds valuable economic data to alerts. Degenkolb's implementation of ShakeCast can also be used to identify opportunities for cost effective mitigation.

In addition to the time saved in deploying their post-earthquake response teams, Degenkolb Alert clients maximize their resources by utilizing the experience and skill of Degenkolb engineers to properly implement and operate the ShakeCast system.




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