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Client properties including bridges and buildings


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Yajie (Jerry) J. Lee, Technical Manager, Earthquake Risk Services

ImageCat is an international risk management company, whose mission is to support global risk assessment and disaster management through the development of advanced software solutions. ImageCat works with structural engineering firms as well as governements, NGOs, and various other research and private organizations to implement the ShakeCast application in corporate IT environments for post-event response management. Disaster responses have been developed for major events such as the Northridge, Niigata, and Bam earthquakes.

Recently, ImageCat worked with Nabih Youssef Associates, a California structural engineering firm providing specialized structural and earthquake engineering consulting, to implement ShakeCast for the University of Southern California, where it is used on the main University Park campus as well as the Health Sciences campus in Los Angeles.

In addition to consulting services, ImageCat has developed several online applications that incorporate ShakeCast for risk mitigation and rapid post-earthquake loss assessment.

In the aftermath of an earthquake, ImageCat applications utilize the ground shaking intensity maps provided by ShakeCast and perform property damage and financial impact assessments to help clients understand and manage their unique post-earthquake consequences. In high risk regions with anticipated seismicity, applications such as SeismiCat and recently released Inhance integrate a range of hazard databases to quantify property exposure and building evaluations for use by engineers, insurers, and brokers.

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