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From a user's perspective, NetQuakes instrument is the most effective method to improve ground motion estimates at or near user's facilities.  NetQuakes data is automatically incorporated into real-time earthquake software to improve earthquake locations and magnitudes, and determining the fault orientation, and ShakeMaps. Ground shaking data derived from ShakeMap is used as input for analysis of facility fragility.

The USGS National Strong Motion Program (NSMP) manage the NetQuakes program and will do all data management. The user simply purchases and installs the NetQuakes instrument from the vendor. 

The GeoSIG rep in the US is

NSMP can remotely help with instrument configuration based on user's needs, but cannot send USGS technicians to user's facilities to install the equipment.  Physical installation is not difficult. It requires drilling a 1/2" hole into concrete (see, inserting an expansion bolt, and the rest is simply orienting the device.

From NSMP:

The biggest hurdle is usually getting the devices connected to the Internet if there are corporate firewalls.  Once connectivity is established in your office setting, we can remotely update firmware and configure the instruments for the actual deployment.  Obtaining latitude/longitude coordinates for the actual deployment location is now easy. There are several excellent GPS apps for smart phones that provide sufficient accuracy.

As for getting email, text, etc. alerts, there is a simple solution and a much more elegant solution. The simple solution is to use the Earthquake Notification Service, This service allows you to set various criteria under which you would be emailed, texted, paged, etc.

The magnitude threshold for the creation of ShakeMaps is 3.5,, which will have peak accelerations of all reporting stations. The more elegant solution is ShakeCast. Take a look at and for more information.

You can see profiles of some other users of ShakeCast at


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