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ShakeCast publications can be found below, including Fact Sheets, conference articles, and published papers.

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  File Modified
PDF File 15WCEE_ShakeCast.pdf 15WCEE 2012: Developing Statistical Fragility Analysis Framework for Rapid Post-earthquake Assessment Jun 11, 2012 by
PDF File 2010EQConf-000533.pdf 9USN/10CCEE proceeding article 533: Using ShakeMap/Cast for Post-earthquake response and Damage Assessment Jun 11, 2012 by
PDF File FS07-3086.pdf ShakeCast Fact Sheet Jun 26, 2013 by
PDF File ShakeCast_Performance_2014_Napa.pdf Caltrans report for the 2014 M6 Napa earthquake Jan 20, 2015 by Lin, Kuo-wan
PDF File Turner et al (2009) Caltrans.TRNews.pdf TR News 261: ShakeCast: Caltrans Deploys a Tool for Rapid Postearthquake Response May 07, 2014 by
PDF File Wald et al (2008) ShakeCast Spectra.pdf Earthquake Spectra v24, i2; ShakeCast: Automating and Improving the Use of ShakeMap for Post-earthquake Decision-Making and Response Jun 11, 2012 by
PDF File Wald et al (2013) ShakeCast.DOTs.pdf 7NSC: Connecting the DOTs: Expanding the capabilities of the USGS ShakeCast Rapid Post-Earthquake Assessment System for Departments of Transportation Jun 26, 2013 by