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The Flood Event Viewer's Sensor Data report creates a Instruments.csv or Instruments.json file for the current selected event.  The data dictionary for this event is shown below, and users can downloaded the dictionary here as a CSV file.

instrument_idUnique integer ID assigned to each instrument deployment (i.e. an instrument will get assigned a new instrument_id if reused again in a subsequent event)
sensor_type_idCode for type of sensor deployed.  Possibilities include:
1 Pressure Transducer
2 Meterological Station
3 Thermometer
4 Webcam
5 Rapid Deployment Gage (telemetered real-time gage height)
6 Rain Gage
deployment_type_idCode defining data type collected by sensor.  Possibilities include:
1 Water Level
2 Wave Height
3 Barometric Pressure
4 Temperature
5 Windspeed
6 Humidity
7 Air Temperature
8 Water Temperature
9 Rapid Deployment
location_descriptionLocation notes entered at time of sensor deployment
serial_numberDevice manufacturer's serial number
housing_serial_numberMounting bracket serial number (often not assigned, not known, or not recorded)
intervalData recording interval in seconds (e.g. 4Hz = 0.25)
site_idUnique integer ID assigned to each Site in the system
event_idUnique integer ID assigned to each Event in the system
inst_collection_idCode indicating type/condition of fluid being measured:
1 Saline Water
2 Brackish Water
3 Fresh Water
4 Air
5 Not Recorded
housing_type_idCode indicating type of mounting system used for sensor:
1 Pre-Deployed Bracket
2 Ruston Steel Pipe
3 HIF Stainless Steel
4 Tidal CSG
5 Quick Deploy RDG
sensor_brand_idCode indicating manufacturer of sensor:
1 Measurement Specialties
2 USGS Homemade
3 RBR Solo
4 Level Troll
5 Hobo
61 Unknown
ventedYes = Vented device
No = unvented device
last_updatedDate (integer) and time (decimal fraction of day) of last update to this sensor
last_updated_byInternal STN identifier - no useful info for FEV user
instr_collection_conditionscurrently unused
sensor_brandcurrently unused
sensor_typecurrently unused
housing_typecurrently unused
deployment_typecurrently unused
instrument_statusInternal STN identifier - no useful info for FEV user
data_filesInternal STN identifier - no useful info for FEV user
filesInternal STN identifier - no useful info for FEV user
eventcurrently unused
sitecurrently unused
Linkscurrently unused

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