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BioData Workflow for Labs

  1. Biologist Places Lab Orders. The workflow is initiated by a field biologist using BioData to "place" a group of lab orders. This makes the orders available to the laboratory for downloading. Each lab order specifies the analysis being requested and the container(s) that will be sent to the lab to satisfy that request. From the labs perspective each "lab order" is equivalent to a "sample" that must be analyzed.
  2. Notification. When the field biologist places lab orders the laboratory is notified via email.
  3. Lab Retrieves Lab Orders.After being notified that orders are available a lab representative:
    1. Logs in to BioData.
    2. Chooses which lab orders to retrieve and downloads a zip file containing 3 tables of information about the lab orders. The tables are: (1) a table describing each lab order, (2) a table of information about each collection site, and (3) a table listing all of the containers that are associated with the lab orders. See Algal Lab Orders or Invertebrate Lab Orders for detailed descriptions of the lab order tables.
      (info) If a biologist changes a "Placed" lab order an email alert is sent to the laboratory
  4. Lab Processes samples/lab orders and prepares data set for uploading to BioData (see Algal Data Upload Files and Invertebrate Data Upload Files for documentation on format and content).
  5. Lab Submit Results. When the data are ready to deliver a lab representative
    1. Logs in to BioData
    2. Submits (uploads) the result data set.
    3. BioData runs data checks and provides immediate feedback on whether the data uploaded successfully or need to be edited and re-submitted. The lab can view and download a report that lists all of the issues that need to be resolved.
      1. (info) When data for a lab order is successfully uploaded the status of the order is changed from "Placed" to "Submitted"
      2. (info) If a biologist changes a "Submitted" lab order an email notification may be sent to the lab representative (subject line, "SUBMITTED Lab Order Updated Notification").


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