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  • Data Entry and Management System Release Notes
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See also: Data Retrieval System Release Notes or Data Management System Release Notes History

BioData Input Version 5.18

Release Date 2019-09-25

For Users

  • Addressed an issue that prevented users from logging in related to a deprecated domain controller and other items related to changes in USGS policy

BioData Input Version 5.17

Release Date 2018-06-19

For Users

  • Fixed bug that occasionally displayed non-public release status for samples assigned to a site having NWIS SiteWebCode = "L"

BioData Input Version 5.15

Release Date 2017-04-10

For Users

  • Added NYSDEC Invert 2014 to invert collections methods domain to support data entry

BioData Input Version 5.14

Release Date 2017-04-13

For Users

  • Added Pusey and others, 1998 to fish collections methods to support data entry

For Administrators
  • Fixed ITIS search bug in taxonomy management application

BioData Input Version 5.13

Release Date 2017-03-16

For Users

  • Added "Create New Sample Button" to sample data entry forms to bypass sample list when entering another sample.

  • Added California Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (SWAMP) 2016 Reach Wide Benthos
    (SWAMP-RWB-2016) and Margin-Channel-Margin (SWAMP-MCM-2016) methods for the generalized invert
    sample data form (IGEN)

  • Fixed bugs preventing use of user-defined flags in generalized fish sample (FGEN)
  • Changed pre-processing of user-submitted taxon names for Taxon Comparison Tool - leading and trailing white space will no longer be trimmed before comparing to BioData taxon names. This is stricter matching rule and will cause match-failure for names with leading and trailing white space

For Administrators

  • Prevented use of leading and trailing white space in taxonomy management system
  • Allowed use of quotation marks in taxonomy management system
  • Stopped stripping quotation marks in pre-processing of submitted lab data upload files

BioData Input Version 5.12.2

Release Date 2016-08-25

For Users

  • Fixed bug that kept new-taxon request from being sent to taxonomy steward

For Administrators

  • Fixed bug that prevented broadcast email messages from being sent
  • Fixed bug that prevented Contact Use messages from appearing in Remedy queue

BioData Input Version 5.12.1

Release Date 2016-08-18

For Users

  • limited number of lab orders that can be placed simultaneously to keep system from timing out before process completes
  • fixed bug that sent lab notification email to field user when orders are placed
  • added the ability for user to delete lab results from data review screen so they can be cleared 
    out prior to lab reload

For Administrators

  • Fixed bug that prevented more than 30 taxonomy versions from being listed in taxonomy steward management screen
  • Fixed bug preventing site ETL from running
  • Fixed bug that allowed site ETL to fail silently

BioData Input Version 5.10.1

Release Date 2016-06-02

  • added the ability to batch upload FGEN taxonomic results
  • fixed bugs in the taxonomy management system
  • fixed a bug that prevented larger fish taxonomic files from being batch loaded

BioData Input Version 5.9

Release Date 2016-04-15

  • put a limit of 100KB in place for the size of lab batch upload files
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