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Current Release Notes

Table of Contents

BioData Input Version 5.8.1

Release Date 2016-03-11

  • Reactivated cache preloading to help performance

  • Resolved several bugs that impacted administrative batch loading of NAWQA Fish data

BioData Input Version 5.7.1

Release Date 2016-01-06

  • Switched BioData to the NatDB deduplicated site file as the source for site information

BioData Input Version 5.6

Release Date 2016-01-06

  • Improved the usability of the ‘Sampling Method Reference’ section of the GUI for FGEN and IGEN samples

BioData Input Version 5.5

Release Date 2015-12-22

  • Added the ability for administrators to batch upload the seining and snorkeling collection methods for all samples collected using NAWQA fish protocols

  • Corrected a bug that caused RHAB samples with valid secondary transect numbers to be flagged as invalid

  • In preparation for integration with the NWIS NatDB site file, obsolete functionality for the administration of the USGS sites in BioData was removed

BioData Input Version 5.2.1

Release Date: 2015-09-24

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a validation problem related to fish total length and standard length that prevented an administrator from batch uploading NAWQA fish taxonomic data

BioData Input Version 5.2

Release Date: 2015-08-24

New Features

For Batch Loading by Data Administrators
  • Added the ability to batch upload NAWQA IRTH sample information
  • Added ability for system to automatically recognized and remove extra characters such as leading a trailing spaces or quotation marks during batch upload
  • Added the ability to include review status in the batch upload of all community samples
  • Modified the batch upload process to use semicolons to parse out multi-valued fields instead of commas

  • Fixed an error that allowed a value to be uploaded without units and visa versa in batch upload


For Users

  • Removed default values from the IRTH sample user interface, so that they would not conflict batch uploaded values

Bug Fixes

For Users
  • Fixed an error in the site ETL process that prevented some sites from being available in BioData

BioData Version 5.0

Release Date: 2015-04-13

New Features

For Users
  • Support for a broader variety of benthic macroinvertebrate sampling methods through introduction of the "User-specified Invertebrate" (IGEN) sample type


For Users
  • Improved loading performance of Review Taxa Records tab on Project screen
  • NAWQA projects no longer have to be assigned to a Study Unit
Bug Fixes
For Users
  • Fixed Excel export of taxon count records (Export List button) on the Review Records screen
  • Fixed bug that forced user to enter site and date in particular order when trying to enter (create) a new sample
  • Fixed Subsampling Numerator validation error message in laboratory data uploads.
For Application Administrators
  • Fixed error validating/storing time datum in fish community batch upload
  • Fixed issue with sending broadcast e-mail to all users

BioData Version 4.3.2

Release Date: 2015-02-20

BioData Input version 4.2 was used for testing and not released.

Bug Fixes

For Users
  • Valid filter removed from the Lab Order List page (Manage Lab Orders tab) because of performance problems
  • Improved load times fish taxonomic results sets on the Find Taxonomic Result Set page (Review Taxa Records tab). Please note that load times for invertebrate and algae taxonomic result sets will be addressed in an upcoming version.

System Upgrades

  • Code repository improvements
  • Addressed potential cross-site request forgery (CSRF) vulnerability

BioData Version 4.1

Release Date: 2014-09-30

BioData Production version 4.0 was used for development and not released. 

New Features

For Users
  • Support for a broader variety of fish sampling methods through the introduction of the “User-specified Fish" (FGEN) sample type.
  • Support for requesting new methods for use with the “User-specified Fish” sample.
  • Support for setting of project level defaults for “User-specified Fish” samples.

See User-specified Fish (FGEN) Data Entry Form for illustration of new features that support user-specified methods and protocols


For Users
  • Removed requirement on project account, proposal number, and program/project for lab orders submitted to the National Water Quality Lab.
  • Removed requirement for snag validations on IRTH, ARTH, and ADTH samples to reflect data currently collected from the field.

Bug Fixes

For Users
  • Corrected validation of minnow seine and NumberStationarySetsKicks in batch uploads.
  • Corrected NAWQA Fish version date on the “Create New Sample Screen” from “2009” to “2002/1993”.
  • Corrected problem with Internet Explorer not displaying SIDNO & Sample Type in sample header, and Mesh Size and Area Sampled not displaying in invertebrate sample information.
  • Corrected display of project level defaults set on the profile page are displayed after tabbing to a new screen within a session.
For Application Administrators
  • Corrected UI problem where duplicate taxon version drafts may be created through the “Manage Taxonomy” administrative tab.

BioData Version 3.3.2

Release Date: 2014-06-26

Bug Fixes

  • User interface improvement on lab order submission to prevent unintentional creation of duplicate lab shipments.

BioData Version 3.3.1

Release Date: 2014-06-04

Bug Fixes

For Users
  • Fixed download of manifest and NWQL ASR documents.

BioData Version 3.3

Release Date: 2014-05-08

New Features

For Admins
  • Collection methods tab redesigned to manage methods for user specified protocols.

Bug Fixes

For Admins
  • Saving is correctly detected when moving a branch of the taxonomic tree to a lower level. The system detects the initial save and will not request another save when the user interacts with the UI further.
  • Edits to the “Parent Published Taxon” field are correctly detected and enables the save button.
  • The saving spinner is removed when saving an edit to a Published Taxon Name as the Phylum level.

BioData Version 3.2.1

Release 2014-03-13

Release 3.2.1 is the first production release of “Release 3.2”. Release 3.2.1 serves as the de facto “Release 3.2” of BioData Input and Retrieval.

BioData now supports batch loading for fish community data collected using the NAWQA methods. This capability can be used to import data for ongoing projects and historic data collected by science center projects. Science center personnel will work with the BioData team to prepare upload files and execute each load.

New Features

For Users
  • Fish batch upload file column names have been renamed to be more intuitive.

Bug Fixes

For Users
  • The transect point “Add” option in the NAWQA reach habitat screen remains available after the addition of a transect point.
  • Taxonomic "Order" column added to Excel export for invertebrate results on the “Review Taxa Records” tab.
  • Quick Search returns search results rather than giving an error.
  • The batch load log now records and displays the BioData version. This was previously unrecorded.

BioData Version 3.1.5

Release: 2014-02-18

Bug Fixes

For Users
  • Manage sites tab now uses an NWIS sitefile that is regularly updated. The correct WebCodes are now displayed for NWIS sites.
  • The Bed Substrate column in the NAWQA RHAB Transect Point "Display All" pop-up table now displays code with value.
  • Exports of lab orders list as an MS Excel file now includes all lab orders for a project.
  • Exports of physical samples list as an MS Excel file now includes all physical samples for a project.
  • Exports of taxa review records list as an MS Excel file now includes all taxa review records for a project.

BioData Version 3.1.4

Release: 2014-01-24

Bug Fixes

For Users
  • NAWQA Transect Point module is now uneditable in view-mode.
  • Performance of loading large numbers of lab orders from the “Manage Lab Orders” menu has been improved.

BioData Version 3.1.3

Release: 2014-01-14

Bug Fixes

For Data Stewards
  • Batch fish taxonomic results with non-electrofishing methods are no longer validated against electrofishing methods, but rather the method that was used.

BioData Version 3.1.2

Release: 2013-12-17

Bug Fixes

For Administrators
  • Performance improvements to the Site Audit Trail.

Non-code Fixes

For Administrators
  • 2013-12-27: A missing constraint has been added to a taxon table to fix a problem with productionalizing taxonomy.

BioData Version 3.1.1

Release Date: 2013-12-05

System Upgrades

  • Updated SQL queries for improved database compatibility.

BioData Version 3.1

Release Date: 2013-11-22


For Users
  • A module has been added to the RHAB physical sample type for entry of particle size data.
  • Batch uploads that are “pending commit” can now be cancelled if needed.
  • The NWIS sitefile is once again being updated from the NAWQA Data Warehouse.

BioData Version 3.0.2

Release Date: 2013-11-13

System Upgrades

  • BioData is now served from the USGS EROS data center.


For Lab Users
  • Lab representatives are now notified via email if a user changes the Project Assigned Sample Label after an order has been placed.
For Users
  • Forms with the “Mean Wetted Channel” field have new label text: “Mean Wetted Channel Width Used for Study Reach Determination (m)”.
  • “BioData Support” links added to access FAQs, tips, sheets, and more.

Defect Fixes

  •  Lab orders will display the full six digit lab order ID.

BioData Version 2.3

Release Date: 2013-07-26


For Users
  • "NRSA Invertebrate, wadable, reach-wide benthos" protocol has been updated to support 2013 changes to the field sheet.
  • “NRSA Invertebrate, boatable, transect benthos” protocol has been updated to support 2013 changes to the field sheet.
  • “NRSA Wadable Reach Habitat” protocol has been updated to support 2013 changes to the field sheet.
  • “NRSA Composite Periphyton” protocol has been updated to support 2013 changes to the field sheet.
  • Print-outs of NWQL ASRs appear with the project assigned sample label as the "Field ID" to support NAWQA cycle 3 requirements.

Defect Fixes

  • Outdated NBII link which gave a 404 error has been replaced with a BISON link in the "External Links" section of the dashboard.

BioData Version 2.2.1

Release Date: 2013-07-01

Defect Fixes

  • NRSA link points to correct URL.
  • Admin page displays properly on IE9.
  • Sibling sort ordering fixed when a parent of a child is changed.

BioData Version 2.2

Release Date: 2013-06-07


For Users
  • NWQL paper ASR forms have been updated to support NAWQA Cycle 3 program code requirements
  • Lab order fields have been updated to support NAWQA Cycle 3 program code requirements
For Administrators
  • Administrators can view a full list of duplicated records during batch uploading
  • Administrators can view an updated validation report to get clearer descriptions of batch upload errors
  • Administrators can batch upload samples without specifying a study reach
  • Required fields for defining unique records in batch uploads have been limited to make uploading easier
  • Batch uploading template names are more consistent and descriptive
  • Administrators can add collection method citations to support general collection protocols
  • Administrators can view data release status review report for NAWQA projects

BioData Version 2.1.3

Release Date: 2013-05-21

Defect Fixes

  • NAWQA algae original volume dropdowns show appropriate unit values

BioData Version 2.1.2

Release Date: 2013-05-07

Defect Fixes

  • NRSA FISH samples no longer get errors on blank flag rows
  • Fish Pick List now working in Google Chrome browser
  • Dominant Age Class field in Physical Site Conditions form now working in Google Chrome browser
  • NAWQA RHAB parameter renamed to "Overhanging vegetation" to match the field forms
  • Periphyton Habitat and Sample Method dropdowns now working as expected in Algae RTH samples

BioData Version 2.1

Release Date: 2013-03-01


For Users
  • Email notifications updated to include "BioData Notification" in subject line to allow for easier searching
  • Data Release Status screen loads with a collapsed pie chart section to allow easier access to sample list
  • Community Samples tab no longer includes expander for Fish samples because they do not have additional information
  • Link to BioData Release Notes now includes the term "Release Notes" to be more clear
  • Autocreate row function in IRTH Supporting Information grid no longer autocreates rows to prevent loading incorrect default units
  • Dashboard sort improved to sort on first character of first line
  • Users can select whether the dashboard sorts by project name or project label
  • Users can download Excel exports with number data formatted as numeric fields
  • Users can collapse Fish Collection Method(s) section to see more rows in the taxonomic results data entry table
  • Users can now enter site numbers straight into the search bar instead of using the Site Selection pop up window
For Administrators
  • Administrators can upload legacy NAWQA FISH samples and utilize more features than in Release 2.0
    • Administrators can batch upload study reach data
    • Batch uploaded data are tagged with original record information to maintain data provenance
    • Administrators can upload large batch files without concern of timeouts
    • Administrators are notified when batch uploads are complete
    • Administrators can access a data validation/check report of their batch upload results to review before permanent storage
  • Default view of taxonomy version list only includes production and draft versions
  • Administrators can save published taxon names and ITIS TSN values when the ITIS service is not available
  • Administrators can choose individual users to receive broadcast emails
  • Administrators can choose to send broadcast email to only users that have recently logged in

BioData Version

Release Date: 2013-01-31

No changes

BioData Version 2.0.3

Release Date: 2013-01-30

Defect Fixes

  • Taxonomy managers can trigger a warning to save after any edit action
  • All Lab Results files are now downloadable

BioData Version 2.0.2

Release Date: 2013-01-23

Defect Fixes

  • Duplicate sample validation messages no longer display after a sample has been deleted
  • The validation bar updates appropriate while user is entering sample collection methods

BioData Version 2.0.1

Release Date: 2013-01-10


For Users
  • GZIP compression added application-wide to improve performance

Defect Fixes

  • Error messages are now synced at all times with appropriate icon
  • Error message popup closes after user moves away from the sample
  • Users are now able to tab, instead of clicking, into the Channel Feature Width grid in RHAB samples using Google Chrome
  • Extraneous menu dropdowns are no longer available in the RHAB Transect and Transect Point lists

BioData Version 2.0

Release Date: 2012-12-21


For Users
  • Users can access project information via the Project Profile tab
  • Users can view the labs currently available in BioData
  • Users can export lists of community samples, physical samples, study reaches, and release statuses
  • Users can determine list export format from the Excel icon used on the button
  • Users can request new projects be added via the user interface
  • Users can set project default units via the Project Profile
  • Users can request new labs be added via the user interface
  • Users can set review status codes for an entire result set on Review Taxa Records tab, not just the results visible on the page
  • Users can view more taxonomy-related columns on Review Taxa Records tab
  • Users can view more algae result summary values on Review Taxa Records tab
  • Users can view SIDNO and completeness icon in result header on Review Taxa Records page
  • Users can view entire result set in a single grid or Excel export from Review Taxa Records tab
  • Columns were updated to clarify and fully describe result records in the Review Taxa Records tab
  • Users are returned to the page they were on before submitting the Contact Us form
  • Users are given a confirmation that their request from the Contact Us form was submitted
For Administrators
  • Administrators can upload legacy data with the NAWQA Fish sample type
  • Administrators can use Manage Labs tab to load or edit lab information
  • Administrators can send email to some or all BioData users from the administration interface

Defect Fixes

  • Validation error messages no longer remain on screen when the user moves away from a sample

BioData Version: 1.31.7

Release Date: 2012-12-05


For Labs
  • Performance improvements have been applied to speed up the lab order screen
For Administrators
  • Performance improvements have been applied to speed up the taxonomy management screen

BioData Version: 1.31.6

Release Date: 2012-11-21


For Users
  • Users can select VERSAR lab and procedures for lab order analysis

Defect Fixes

  • New algae lab upload format propogated throughout the application

BioData Version: 1.31.5

Release Date: 2012-11-10

Defect Fixes

  • Upload button on lab result upload tab is now disabled upon click, preventing inadvertent duplicate uploads. 

BioData Version: 1.31.4

Release Date: 2012-10-24

Defect Fixes

  • Fixed dirty form detection on taxonomic management administration tab in cases where the BioData name field was edited.

BioData Version: 1.31.3

Release Date: 2012-10-10


For Users
  • Project dropdown now sorts project labels alphabetically
  • Light Intensity form now allows user to enter 14 readings

Defect Fixes

  • Display All table in RHAB Transect Bank Measurement now sorting numbers numerically instead of alphabetically
  • Administrators can save values on "Create New Child Wizard Published Taxon Name" form
  • BU_ID is now always generated the same way no matter how a Bench Concept is created
  • Taxonomy Version Comparison utility now correctly displays BU_ID

BioData Version: 1.31.2

Release Date: 2012-09-24

Defect Fixes

  • Taxonomy administrators can now clear BioData Taxon Short Name without clearing the Published Taxon Name
  • Users can now view the full column headers for the Microhabitat Characterization grid in IRTH samples
  • Incorrect eroded fin labels in NAWQA Fish updated to correct label in Taxonomic Result grid and Pick List
  • Removed extra space in Lab Order screen when using Google Chrome
  • Users with IE9 can now view the scroll bar in the Fish Taxonomic Results data entry grid

BioData Version: 1.31.1

Release Date: 2012-09-11


For Labs
  • Algae labs can upload files with new fields (LabSampleID, IdentifiedBy, LabTaxonID, ProportionExamined - previously PercentAnalyzed)
  • Labs can identify taxa by taxon name and authority
For Administrators
  • Taxon administrators can no longer edit algae bench authority on concepts that have been productionalized
  • Taxon administrators are warned before navigating away from a form with unsaved data
  • Taxon administrators can view Bench Taxon Authority values in the version comparison screen

Defect Fixes

  • IRTH default unit field dropdown menus now allow user to select units using the keyboard
  • Taxonomy version Migrate to Production button now refreshes after user saves Reviewed and Accepted status
  • All fields on Taxonomy Version Info screen trigger warnings to save page before navigating away
  • Administrators can now sort on Project Name and Project Label when editing a user
  • Lab stewards no longer receive a popup message about result size when downloading lab results to Excel

BioData Version: 1.31

Release Date: 2012-08-30


For Users
  • Users can compare a file of taxa names to BioData taxonomy and download a list of unmatched taxa through the Tool link in toolbar
  • Users can compare taxonomy using Authority as part of the taxon identifier
  • Users can request new fish taxon on NAWQA Fish or NRSA Fish data entry pages
  • Users can delete RHAB transects without system locking up
For Labs
  • Labs can compare lab taxonomy to BioData taxonomy and download a list of unmatched taxa through the Lab Upload screen
  • Labs can upload algae results using Authority as an identifier
  • Labs can request new invert/algae taxa during lab upload process
  • Labs users can view a list of unique taxa from their uploads with information about matching to BioData taxonomy
  • Labs can upload result sets with special characters
  • Labs can download upload results in either plain text or Excel file formats
  • Labs can view validation timestamp on upload and test upload results
  • Labs can view a list of only the currently accepted taxonomy
For Administrators
  • Confirmation message displayed when a new taxonomy draft is published
  • Inserted new bench concepts that inclue algae authority
  • Added Algae Authority field to Bench Concept screens
  • Bulk retired a set of algae taxonomic concepts no longer accepted in BioData
  • Taxonomy steward is given a confirmation message when publishing a taxonomy draft
  • Taxonomy stewards are notified via email when users upload invalid taxa in lab results
  • Taxonomy steward is warned when navigating away from page before saving and is given options for continuing (Save and Continue, Discard and Continue, Cancel)
  • Taxonomy stewards can use special characters in taxonomy management screens

Defect Fixes

  • Systemwide formatting and tabbing problems when using IE9
  • RHAB sample type locked up when user deleted a Transect Point Number and then tried to re-select it

BioData Version: 1.30.2

Release Date: 2012-07-17

Defect Fixes
  • Review Completeness column in Review Taxa Records tab no longer gives error while resorting
  • For lab test upload, detailed validation results download timeout extended and offers user warning to break up upload if file is too large
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Fixed the BioData Short Name dropdown menu to correctly use a type-ahead starts with search

BioData Version: 1.30.1

Release Date: 2012-07-02

Defect Fixes
  • Lab Order status correctly defined regardless of the number of times labs download the order or the initial state it was in
  • Values used in Study Reach calculation updated immediately instead of on page refresh
  • Data Release Status pop up box now correctly directs users to Study Reach
  • Corrected a validation for Anom NC field on NRSA fish to be more clear to users
Administration Defect Fixes
  • BU_ID generated on taxonomy management screen appropriately incorporates taxon authority
  • Taxonomic reference citation merge improved
  • Renamed ITISNum to ITIS TSN in taxonomy screens
  • Updated the searching capabilities of the taxonomy tree to ensure taxon names and NADEDIDs can be found

BioData Version: 1.30.0

Release Date: 2012-06-11 (approximate)

  • Data Review Tip Sheet linked between BioData and myUSGS
  • Data Release Status icon refreshes after autosave
Administration Features
  • Added filters to taxonomy comparison screen
  • Warning color and text added to test environments
  • Default BU_ID created that can be edited by the user in taxonomy management screen
Defect Fixes
  • Taxonomy draft comments truncated in header bar
  • Generate BU_ID function working as expected when multiple biodata taxa exist for a single published name

BioData Version: 1.29.2

Release Date: 2012-05-21

Defect Fixes
  • NRSA Fish validation now appropriately enforcing anomaly counts
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Long version comments are truncated while in that version's tree view

BioData Version: 1.29.1

Release Date: 2012-05-07

  • Labels, descriptions, and help text were updated for clarity

  • Data release icons are refreshed when system autosaves

  • GUI updated to visually distinguish test environments from production environments

Administration Features
  • Created a default BU_ID to be edited by the user in Taxonomy Management screen
Defect Fixes
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Clarified the messages provided during reference code merging


BioData Version: 1.29.0

Release Date: 2012-04-23

  • Reduced verbage in Data Release Status tab Getting Started popup
Administration Features
  • Taxon_Wide download updated to modify formatting for version comments and information
  • Taxonomy version comparison file reformatted to more easily identify version information
  • Added Google Analytics
Defect Fixes
  • Emails are sent to lab and project when date/time changed on a placed/fulfilled lab order
  • Data Release Status Tab pie chart now filtering correctly
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Records deleted from all associated database tables when a taxonomic concept is deleted
  • Checking both Show Unmapped Concepts and Hide Concepts with TSN No longer causes system failure

BioData Version: 1.28.0

Release Date: 2012-04-10

  • NAMC 600 count invertebrate lab procedure added
Administration Features
  • Taxonomy management screens continue to display hierarchy after saving edits
  • Filter criteria is sticky after editing and deleting in taxonomy management screen
  • BU_ID is cloned when cloning a bench concept in taxonomy management screen
  • NADEDID added to quick search options in taxonomy management screen
  • Text box enlarged for long version comments in taxonomy management screen
  • Taxonomy version comparison screen sorts by Published Sort Order
  • Bench comments added to the taxonomy version comparison screen
  • Added a button to reset filters on taxonomy version comparison screen
  • Taxonomy version list update date changes on edits
  • Sorted taxonomy downloads by published sort order
  • User is prompted to save reference code edits before leaving page
  • User is prompted to merge reference codes if there are duplications
Defect Fixes
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Reording taxonomic records does not throw inappropriate validation for ITIS match codes

BioData Version: 1.27.0

Release Date: 2012-03-27

  • Users are warned and labs notified when a container is added or removed from a placed lab order
  • Data Release Status Factor icons displayed consistently across the application
  • Data Release Status messages reworded for clarity
  • Data Release Status icon legend added to Data Release Status tab
  • Data Release Status page revised use of N/A for clarity and consistency
  • Data Release Status "Getting Started" link displays on initial load
Defect Fixes
  • Modified date sort order no longer sorts on words instead of dates
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Invertebrate upload date validations now being correctly applied

BioData Version: 1.26.0

Release Date: 2012-03-12

  • Sample type descriptions were added to create samples pages
  • Optimized webservices supporting the Review Taxa Records tab to improved performance
Defect Fixes
  • Review taxa records tab no longer failing from timeout
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Able to search AD for user on Admin screen
  • Lab order export filenames are properly formed
  • Lab order export extension contains .zip
  • Algae lab order date validations are now applied correctly

BioData Version: 1.25.0

Release Date: 2012-02-28

  • System clears cookies when user logs in or out
  • Cache is preloaded to improve performance
Administration Features
  • Filters on Manage User screen improved
Defect Fixes
  • Removed ability to duplicate page/line number in fish results through pick list
  • Can now see all users in Project/Staff and Project Owner selection boxes
  • Lab order site file no longer contains duplicate site records
  • NRSA PHAB-W no longer displays internal ID numbers

BioData Version: 1.23.1

Release Date: 2012-01-30

  • Updated numeric fields to handle validations on the back end
  • Remark field validations updated for clarification
Defect Fixes
  • Scientific notation excluded from all validations and calculations
  • Time fields in fish collection methods now validating properly
  • Corrected NRSA fish validations on min/max length
  • Remark field listeners now work after a post action
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Reference citation and reference codes buttons working as expected
  • Algae draft download files downloading as expected
  • Algae download links working as expected
  • Updated ITISNum list to display requested fields

BioData Version: 1.22.0

Release Date: 2012-01-17

  • Updated grids to highlight red for errors and use fixit in validation message
Administration Features
  • Loaded updated invertebrate taxonomy
  • Made sort order consistent across taxonomy downloads and the taxonomic management interface
  • Made filters sticky in the Reference Code screens
Defect Fixes
  • Scientific notation was removed from application
  • Remark code value formatting consistent across application
  • Removed ability to add spurious row to FISH using Copy Last Row button
  • Fish result grid validations highlighting properly and using Fixit button
  • Spaces in decimal fields no longer throw away part of the number
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Resolved corruption issues with taxonomy comparison download in taxonomy Admin screen
  • Resolved missing taxa from invert load in taxonomy Admin screen
  • Resolved errors in flat file invert taxonomy load with missing taxa
  • Able to map more than one published name to an ITIS TSN
  • Taxa displayed in alpha order after the selected phylogenetic level

BioData Version: 1.20.0

Release Date: 2011-12-20

  • NRSA PHAB-W: changed the wetted/bar width comparison to validate on the nearest whole number
  • Increased the size of the reach name data entry box
  • BioData Fact Sheet made available on home page and dashboard
  • Release Categories made consistent in Data Release tab
  • Added Release Category column to all lists
  • Release categories in samples removed references to visible
  • KML file created for site locations
Administration Features
  • Modified algae result upload file
  • Added type-ahead combo box for taxonomic ShortName
Defect Fixes
  • AQMH samples no longer require user to sumbit periphyton habitat percentages. Can be left null.
  • Reach Status column renamed to Reach Valid on Data Release tab
  • Clear all filters link no longer clears out page size
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Files can be successfully uploaded to the Help system
  • Corrected problem of adding a family to taxonomic hierarchy
  • Corrected Reference Code dropdown to be type-ahead contains in taxonomic hierarchy
  • Fixed filters on reference code list screen in Reference Citations screen

BioData Version: 1.19.0

Release Date: 2011-12-06

  • Uploaded image to data release help topic
  • Performed impact analysis on proposed numeric field changes
  • ADR for algae implemented
  • Cancel lab order message is more explicit
Administration Features
  • Reference code managment page added
Defect Fixes
  • Community sample fails with incorrect study reach validation corrected
  • Data release status icons not being displayed properly in Mac can't be reproduced
  • Cancel lab order button works as expected
  • Corrected error when sorting by community on Community Samples tab
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Inability to create new taxonomy draft corrected
  • Removed Published Name Match Code columns from taxonomy version comparison

BioData Version: 1.18.0

Release Date: 2011-11-22

  • Created a numeric data entry test page to examine data entry characteristics
  • Added release status factors to Data Release tab
  • User allowed to filter off pie piece percentages in Data Release tab
  • Data Release tab icon set was changed to a single bubble
  • Exposed release rules for study reaches on Data Release tab
  • Release status icons added to each object for Data Release indication
  • Fixed data impacted by a bug in the system
  • Replaced double-bubble icon on Data Release tab (and elsewhere throughout application)
  • Reworked figure legend and terminology for Data Release tab
  • Data Release Status tab made the default project tab
  • Community samples visible to project staff if there are no results available on Data Release tab
Administration Features
  • Algae group derived by phylum/division
  • Added ability to remove taxon from unpublished drafts
  • NADEDID is not required for algae bench concepts
  • Removed Published Names Match Code from locations in Taxonomy Administration Screen and BioShare Retrievals
  • Changed the title of BioData names in Taxononomy Administration screen
  • Added authority to the taxonomy tree view
  • Phylogenetic ordering is in place for fish and inverts in tree view of Taxonomy Administration screen
  • Warns user if ITISNum points to different taxon than that in the Published Taxon Name field in Taxononomy Administration screen
Defect Fixes
  • Reduced cookie size on sticky filters to prevent failures
  • Fields no longer default to zero for null values
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Taxon version locking information dates available to view in all browsers

BioData Version: 1.17.0

Release Date: 2011-11-08

  • Aquatic Biology Associates Lab information and procedure added to system
  • Aquatic Biology Lab (UW-Stevens Point) lab procedure information has been updated
Administration Features
  • Updated terminology in Administration Taxonomy screen
  • Drag and drop taxonomic ordering allowed in Administration Taxonomy screen
  • Taxon Concept Comment field exposed for Bench Concept in Administration Taxonomy screen
  • Drag and drop taxonomic ordering allowed through Family level in Administration Taxonomy screen
  • Algae ADR service is available
Defect Fixes
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Resolved display screen for unmapped taxonomic concepts in Taxonomy screen
  • Comparing algae taxonomy versions does not cause system error anymore on Taxonomy screen
  • Data Release Tab revised to display the correct site ID

BioData Version: 1.16.1

Release Date: 2011-10-25

  • Updated lab information for University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point
  • Added Aquatic Biology Associates lab
Administration Features
  • Updated taxonomy screen to improve usability (changed locking mechanism on taxonomy version)
  • Updated taxonomy screen to improve usability (modified the behavior of the read-only list)
  • Updated taxonomy screen to improve usability (rearranged modules for taxonomic data entry)
Defect Fixes
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Corrected process for adding a taxonomic Bench Concept
  • Corrected button action for adding a child to hierarchy

BioData Version: 1.14.0

Release Date: 2011-10-13

  • Updated numeric fields to allow correct number of characters and decimals
  • Defaulted taxonomist on Copy Last Row and Add Using Pick List
  • Sample collectors are immediately available to be used as taxonomist on NAWQA Fish
  • Widened common name dropdown for NAWQA and NRSA fish
  • Added Clear All Filters button to filters on each tab
Defect Fixes
  • Corrected inconsistent font and placement of reach name in View mode for Study Reaches

BioData Version: 1.13.0

Release Date: 2011-09-13

  • Filters are sticky within projects, but not across projects
  • Updated ASR to not populate end date if end time is not given and to circle A's for Lab Code entry
  • Eliminated unnecessary verbiage in ASR comments section
Defect Fixes
  • RHAB transect point macrophyte percent corrected to display as percent
  • Last entered number no longer defaulting in transect point measurements
  • Corrected endless loop when inactive user tried to access help system
  • PHAB Cross-section transect grid shifted while tabbing, but user could not shift back to initial position
  • Corrected broken validation in PHAB after changing the format of the transect dropdown menu
  • Corrected broken Lab Order documents for lab orders simultaneously placed
  • Corrected ASR shipping information to correctly count the number of bottles in lab order
  • Corrected ASR to correctly display sample type (IQMH instead of IIQMH)

BioData Version: 1.11.0

Release Date: 2011-08-15

  • Reconfigured the Review Taxa Records screen to be more user-friendly
  • Community sample list changed to display full name in community column instead of abbreviation
  • Reordered Algae sample type list on create sample screen
  • Sticky filters working properly on lab order screen
  • Sample type is more consistently displayed throughout BioData
Administration Features
  • Made taxonomy tree view screen sticky
  • Added a highlight color to accent selected items in tree view on taxonomy Admin screen
  • Added functionality to pre-populate taxonomic rank in tree view of Admin screen
  • Updated Parent taxon display in taxonomy screen
  • Added type-ahead feature to published taxon name taxonomic rank item
  • Taxonomy steward can delete BioData Taxon Concepts in taxonomy screen
  • Added functionality to default parent published taxon name
  • Updated available taxonomic ranks in taxonomy Admininistration screen
  • Updated the Published Taxon Authority to be read-only display
  • Clarified button name in taxonomy screen
  • Clarified column labels in taxonomy screen
Defect Fixes
  • Removed extra characters in lab order display name
  • Corrected problems with GCU length addition for NAWQA Reach Habitat
  • Project Owner History link is working as expected
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Tree view on taxonomy screen now sorts alphabetically
  • Tree view on taxonomy screen reformatted to accomodate all taxon ranks
  • Tree view updated to show only unmapped taxa when that feature is selected
  • Published name taxonomy search correctly searching taxon names with spaces

BioData Version: 1.10.0

Release Date: 2011-08-02

  • Community Samples filters and list updated for consistency
  • Physical Samples filters and list updated for consistency
  • Changed buttons to make navigation between project profile and project home more clear
  • Fixed invertebrate summary statistics in the Review Taxa Records screen
  • Revised wording in algae summary statistics in the Review Taxa Records screen
  • Added tabbing and pagination to Lab Upload reports
  • Added help link to "Review" filter on Review Taxa Records screen
  • Help link hidden until new Help System has been instituted
  • ARTH/ADTH sample separated to their own sample types
  • Changed Sample Type codes and display to be consistent throughout the application
  • Made filters sticky on all screens
Defect Fixes
  • Algae cross-column date validations now working
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Algae bench comment validations now working

BioData Version: 1.9.0

Release Date: 2011-07-19

  • Updated column definitions for NRSA FISH-W
  • Added link for "Getting Started" on Study Reach tab
  • Improved consistency of "Review Status" fields
  • Updated filters and list in Manage Lab Orders tab
Administration Features
  • Loaded new algal taxonomy version
  • Created Administration screen to review samples not being ETLed
  • Refined summary statistics for invertebrate review screen
  • Refined summary statistics for fish review screen
Defect Fixes
  • Taxa records being displayed on Review Taxa Records screen

BioData Version: 1.8.0

Release Date: 2011-07-06

  • Revised the display of NAWQA Fish records and added a specimen comment field
  • Study Reach page changed to display Study Reach as full, project-specific reach name
  • Revised Taxonomic Result Summary Stats for invertebrates
  • Revised Taxonomic Result Summary Stats for fish
  • Added icons to Review Status and Valid filter pulldowns
  • Updated Review Status Icons
Administration Features
  • Re-labelled button to "Add Linked Bench Concept"
  • Able to map BioData report-as Concept to Published Names Hierarchy
  • Able to add Bench Concept using "cloned" Bench Concept
  • Able to add BioData report-as Concept to Bench Concepts
  • Able to change state of a Bench Concept on Taxonomy Admin screen
  • Able to link Bench Concept to BioData (report-as) Concept
  • Able to remap Bench Concept to different BioData (report-as) Concept
  • Able to edit attributes of existing Bench Concept
  • Able to add a member of Published Names Hierarchy to the set of BioData (report-as) Concepts
  • Able to add a Bench Concept to the set of BioData (report-as) Concepts
  • Able to edit BioData (report-as) Concept
  • Able to link a member of Published Names Hierarchy to ITIS
  • Able to delete member of Published Names Hierarchy
  • Able to remap member of Published Names Hierarchy to a different parent
  • Able to edit the Taxon Name of member of Published Names Hierarchy
  • Added logic to automated site selection process on Site Admin screen

BioData Version: 1.7.0

Release Date: 2011-06-21

  • Condition Factor column rounding rules changed for NAWQA Fish
  • Added Valid filter and help tip to list screens
  • Removed return-receipt email notifications from lab notification process
  • Modified the study reach to display project specific information
  • Added Getting Started help information on Study Reach page
  • Added Getting Started help information on Community Sample page
Administration Features
  • Added functionality for removing sites marked for deletion
  • Validations added to Site Administration screen
  • Added functionality to Administration Screen for site tracking

BioData Version: 1.6.0

Release Date: 2011-06-07

  • Clarified NRSA fish validations
  • Added filters to the study reach list
  • Added validation to ILGB-W samples for Low-gradient Benthos Microhabitat
  • Added validation to require user to enter comments on User Defined Flags for NRSA
  • Added help content for Manage Lab Orders tab
  • Added help content for Dashboard
  • Added help content for Physical Samples tab
  • Added links to commonly-used external resources on home page
  • Updated available information columns in Review Taxa Records
  • Added filters to limit display to valid vs invalid samples
  • Added validations for wetted width and bar width in PHAB-W samples
  • Relabeled lists to clarify screens
Administration Features
  • Added abbreviations for Science Centers in Science Center Domain
  • Lab result uploads now accept abbreviations for Museums and Science Centers
Defect Fixes
  • Resolved defect of not clearing summary results pane between a sample with results and a sample without
  • Corrected error when moving between internal BioData Retrieval and BioData Input
  • Able to read NRSA PHAB-W data in view-only mode
  • When using a URL to a specific sample, user is taken to correct sample and no longer directed to project list

BioData Version: 1.5.1

Release Date: 2011-05-24

  • Add paging physical sample, study reach, and lab order screens
  • Improvements made to improve readability of the Review Status Screen
  • Added columns and expander to Project List to give user more project information
  • Added a link to Training Information from the login page
  • Increased type size for links on BioData home pages
  • Clarified error messages for NWQL Proposal Numbers in project profile screens
  • Changed the display on invert screens to allow user to more easily verify the preservative concentration is within a common range for the specified protocol
  • Collection Method(s) section can be collapsed or expanded in NAWQA Fish samples
  • Fish pick list made case "insensitive"
  • NRSA Fish minimum and maximum length validations changed to better reflect protocol specifications
  • Updated documentation to reflect previous changes to NAWQA Fish
  • Anomaly validation messages updated to better reflect protocol specifications
  • Added link "Project Page Hints" to all page headers within projects
  • Added validation to require at least one container per lab order
  • Updated columns for NAWQA and NRSA Fish Taxonomic Results under Review Taxa Records tab
  • Added function to automatically set anomalies to blank if abundance is greater than one for NAWQA Fish
Administration Features
  • Added login tracking information
  • Made improvements to taxon hierarchy tree
Defect Fixes
  • Corrected algae upload to validate Number of Cells Counted column in quantification lab order uploads
  • Added missing input button from login page
  • "Input" Link does now goes to correct login page
  • Quicksearch feature functionality corrected to accept searches with large result sets
  • Corrected algae container screen to be more readable in IE8
  • Invert Upload Validation process updated to better reflect the desired data entry format
Administration Defect Fixes
  • Is Owner? column now populated in Assigned Projects section of User Record in Administration screen

BioData Version: 1.0.0

Release Date: 2011-03-09

Official release of BioData System by USGS Office of Water Quality

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