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In an effort to consolidate USGS hosted Wikis, myUSGS’ Confluence service is scheduled for retirement on January 27th, 2023. The official USGS Wiki and collaboration space is now SharePoint. Please migrate existing spaces and content to the SharePoint platform and remove it from Confluence at your earliest convenience. If you need any additional information or have any concerns about this change, please contact Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
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The Project Page is used to access ALL data management activities for your project


Using the Tabs...

Project Profiles and Default Values
  • View and edit the project profile of the selected project
Study Reaches
  • Create, View, and Edit Study Reaches that can be associated with Community and Physical Samples.
Habitat, Site Conditions, and other Physical Samples
  • Create, View, and Edit Physical Samples (including Reach Habitat; Physical Site Conditions; Light Availability) data.
  • These samples are typically collected to support analysis of taxonomic identification and enumeration data in Community Samples.
Community Samples
  • The default starting tab when a user selects a project
  • Create, View, and Edit Community Sample (i.e. fish, invertebrate, algae)
  • Create lab orders.
Lab Orders
  • View, place, and track lab orders
  • To edit lab orders use the Community Samples tab
Taxonomic Data Review
  • Set review codes for fish, invertebrate, and algae taxonomic identification and enumeration results.
Data Release Status
  • View a summary of the release status of all your project data
  • Quickly access data that has not been fully reviewed and accept


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  1. Unknown User (

    I assume this is to replace the "project page tips" in the current internal biodata.  This is more than Project tips. This is internal data entry page tips and tab navigation.  Maybe it should be renamed "project data entry tips".