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Drainage Basin/Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC): Hydrologic units are geographic areas representing part or all of a surface drainage basin or distinct hydrologic feature and are delineated on the State Hydrologic Unit Maps. Each hydrologic unit is identified by a unique number (HUC), and a name. Additional information is available at this web site http://water.usgs.gov/GIS/huc.html.
Hints and Tricks:
  • You must enter at least 2 characters in the search box and click 'Search', before a list of HUCs will appear
  • After selecting HUCs based on initial search criteria, different criteria can be used to ADD more HUCs to the list
    • the HUCs from your prior searches are not erased when you perform a new search.
  • You can save more complicated (or even simple) sets of filter criteria for future use using either of the "Save Filter Set" buttons at the top or bottom of the window
  • If you need assistance in determining the HUCs that you are interested in, the following Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) web site may be helpful: http://cfpub.epa.gov/surf/locate/index.cfm


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