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In an effort to consolidate USGS hosted Wikis, myUSGS’ Confluence service is scheduled for retirement on January 27th, 2023. The official USGS Wiki and collaboration space is now SharePoint. Please migrate existing spaces and content to the SharePoint platform and remove it from Confluence at your earliest convenience. If you need any additional information or have any concerns about this change, please contact Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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USGS Site number: Each site in the USGS database has a unique 2- to 15-digit identification number, and a unique name.

  • You may browse for and select individual sites or multiple sites
  • You must enter at least 3 characters in the 'Site Number (starts with) OR Name (contains)' box to display a list of sites
  • Selecting a state is optional, but may help focus the list of available sites
  • Entering new search criteria will not erase your existing list of selected sites, but will allow you to find and select a variety of sites more quickly
  • You can also 'Upload sites from File' using a space or tab-delimited text file that contains a column with Site Numbers with or without an agency code. Please contact us if you have any questions about using this feature. 

Example of file contents with Agency Codes and USGS site identification numbers:

USGS 05572000
USGS 11447650
USGS 394523084582301

  • Note that many USGS Site numbers have leading zeroes



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