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  • Getting your lab set up to use BioData
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A lab that wants to upload data into the BioData system must complete the following steps:

1. First - Contact the BioData Team to schedule an introductory briefing. Alternatively, you can call:

The briefing will cover

    • workflow and system features relevant to labs
    • data standards
    • introduction to BioData taxonomic nomenclature and processes for reconciling it with the nomenclature used by your lab.

2. Second - verify that your lab's analytical procedures are approved.

USGS policy requires that BioData store only results derived using approved laboratory methods. The BioData team will assist you in determining whether your labs' procedures satisfy this requirement. Published methods of the USGS and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will be approved by default. Other laboratory methods (e.g State agency lab protocols) will need to be reviewed. 

3. Third - verify that your lab can produce data sets that meet the BioData format and content requirements.

We do not require successful completion of a test upload but if there are significant issues, we need to work with your lab to resolve them.

See Invertebrate Data Upload Files and Algae Data Upload Files for descriptions of these data files.

4. Fourth - reconcile BioData taxonomy with your lab's taxonomic nomenclature.

The BioData team will assist you in comparing taxonomic nomenclature and resolving differences, including formatting issues and adding taxa to the BioData System if necessary.

This step is critical because data will be rejected if it contains nomenclature not currently accepted by the BioData system.

See BioData Taxonomy Download to obtain files listing the accepted BioData nomenclature.

5. Fifth - Request a LOGIN for lab representatives and begin using BioData.

Once your lab representatives have logins the BioData Team will provide training on how to navigate, download lab orders, and upload result sets.

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