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Helpful hints:

  • Create lab orders within community samples (once you have added containers)

  • Defaults (lab, contact info, account, etc.) are set in the Project Profile, but you can edit them within each lab order as needed
  • Containers are listed in two section of a lab order. Double check that the appropriate containers are included
    1. Container(s) in this lab order
    2. Other container(s) for the Community Sample

From the Lab Orders tab a user can:

  • Edit, and track invertebrate and algae lab orders
  • Place selected lab orders using the "Place Lab Order" button - circled in RED below
    • Once you click the 'Place Lab Order' button, you will need to confirm that you want to place lab orders and than wait for that process to complete
    • The lab orders have been placed once you receive an email with a link to download the documents
  • Download documents (Shipping manifest, Labels, ASRs)
    • Before documents can be downloaded using the '+' button from within BioData, you need to wait for the system to send you a confirmation email and refresh the screen
    • You can also download the documents using the link in the confirmation email

Lab Order Status definitions

  • Created: Lab Order exists in the System, but has not been Placed.
  • Placed: Lab has been notified that Lab Order(s) are ready to retrieve
  • Retrieved: Lab has downloaded the information
  • Results submitted: Lab has uploaded results to the system
  • Canceled: Lab order has been nullified, and the containers (if any) are now available to add to other lab orders.
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