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Versioning of the BioData Taxonomic System

Algae Taxonomy VersionExcel File




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1.0Algae_1.0.xlsxFebruary 17, 2011from Pete 17FEB2011Jesse R Schoeneman
1.3Algae_1.3.xlsxApril 24, 2012reviewed and approved, Sarah S April 20, 2012Sarah A Spaulding
1.4Algae_1.4.xlsxApril 24, 2012added: (undifferentiated) diatoms> (dead) (undifferentiated) (diatoms)Sarah A Spaulding
1.5Algae_1.5.xlsxMay 17, 2012edited to remove cond/prov tag from names that are in errorSarah A Spaulding
2.0Algae_2.0.xlsxJuly 18, 2012Batch retirement of a set of outdated bench taxa.Paul D Lindorff
3.0Algae_3.0.xlsxJuly 26, 2012Edited BioData names: Undifferentiated dead diatoms from soft algae count Undifferentiated diatoms from soft algae count BacillariophyceaeSarah A Spaulding
4.0Algae_4.0.xlsxAugust 19, 2012Incorporation of names from the Diatoms of the United States web project - addition of new names, editing of existing names, transfer of names to new rank. Added Navicula vaneei 93252Sarah A Spaulding
5.0Algae_5.0.xlsxOctober 5, 2012Correcting and normalizing published authorities.Paul D Lindorff
5.1Algae_5.1.xlsxOctober 9, 2012In previous versions, bench names were linked to "concept reference". Algal "concept references" commonly have very long strings that were easy to misspell by labs and others. In an effort to allow users to clarify names in a more natural way, authorship of species (that is, for BioData Bench Names) were added in this version. - S. SpauldingPaul D Lindorff
5.2Algae_5.2.xlsxOctober 10, 2012Made adjustments in response to Mitch's ANSP test load of Oct. 10, 2012: ADDED Biremis sp. 1 ? Staurosirella incognita Morales and Manoylov NADEDID 1430 Unknown Cyanophyte (fasciculated sheath) MOVED TO DEPRECATED (undifferentiated) diatoms> (dead) (undifferentiated) diatoms> (dead) Gomphonema aff. minutum ANS NAWQA EAM Gomphonema sp. 2 ANS NEW JERSEY KCP Homoeothrix sp. 1 ANS OZRK Navicula aff. subminuscula ANS NAWQA EAM Synedra sp. 8 NAWQA MORALES Unknown Chlorophyte coccoid Unknown Cyanophyte (colonial coccoid) Unknown Rhodophyte Florideophycidae (chantransia)Sarah A Spaulding
5.3Algae_5.3.xlsxJanuary 27, 2013In this version, new names, transfers and corrections from the Diatoms of the US project and the diatom ANS 2011 list are added. Note that the soft algae from the ANS 2011 are not included. The changes cover adding 165 published names, 153 biodata names, 625 bench names; modifying 113 published names, 110 biodata names, 362 bench names; deleting 57 published names, 56 biodata names.Sarah A Spaulding
6.0Algae_6.0.xlsxJanuary 27, 2013New names and transfers of soft algae nomenclature from the ANS 2011 are included.Sarah A Spaulding
6.1Algae_6.1.xlsxMay 2, 2013Changed "Achnanthidium minutissimum capitate morph" from appearing as a scientific name to "Achnanthes minutissima var. capitata", which is a valid taxon. Note that there are a number of varieties of Achnanthes minutissima that have not be transferred (in published literature) to Achnanthidium minutissimum. As a result, species, varieties and forms appear in both Achnanthes and Achnanthidium. This will be confusing to users. Deleted "Achnanthidium minutissimum fo. linear lanceolate no stauros" as a scientific name and moved the member bench taxon names to "Achnanthidium minutissimum". Changed rank of Cymbopleura crassipunctata from subspecies (which was my error in entry) to speciesSarah A Spaulding
6.2Algae_6.2.xlsxMay 7, 2013This draft was produced to correct a sorting problem that was likely introduced in one of the previous batch updates; no taxonomic changes should be included; see BIODATADB-3522; sibling sort order should have been the only value to change for any given taxon and it should have only changed from "1" to null; the 9 phyla should have kept their original 1-9 sibling sort orders.Scott A Grotheer
6.3Algae_6.3.xlsxOctober 18, 2013Minor edits in scientific names and authors were made in response to feedback from Dawn Hamilton at Ecoanalysts. BIODATATAXONNAME PUBLISHED SORT ORDER SCIENTIFICNAME Notes - dlh SAS resolution SAS notes Woloszynskia coronata 3000099 Woloszynskia coronata (Woloszyñska) Thompson added ~ in author name yes corrected to Woloszyñska Tryblionella debilis 3006009 Tryblionella debilis Arnott ex O'Meara added ' in author name yes corrected to O'Meara Treubaria setigerum 3000732 Treubaria setigerum (Archer) G. M. Smith G. M. vs. G.M. yes corrected to G.M. Smith Treubaria planctonica 3000730 Treubaria planctonica (G.M. Smith) Korshikov G. M. vs. G.M. yes should be G.M., as shown here Trachelomonas armata var. longispina 3002694 Trachelomonas armata var. longispina Playfair emend Deflandre Extra space after var. yes corrected Scenedesmus obscura 3000821 Scenedesmus should have sp. name in sci name yes 1) removed "in Van Heurck" from SN 2) added bench concept that lacks "in Van Heurck" Porphyrosiphon luteus 3003768 Porphyrosiphon luteus (Gomont) Anagnostidis and Komárek extra space after genus yes corrected Nitzschia linearis 3005764 Nitzschia linearis (Agardh) Smith Should this be W. Smith? yes corrected to read "W. Smith" Nitzschia liebetruthii var. major 3005761 Nitzschia liebetruthii var. major Grunow liebetruthii or liebethruthii? NO in progress - trying to move in db - should be liebetruthii Nitzschia liebethruthii 3005759 Nitzschia liebethruthii Rabenhorst we standardized on liebetruthii since they both seem to be correct but can change if you decide otherwise NO in progress - trying to move in db Nitzschia brevissima Nitzschia brevissima Grunow in Van Heurck Has the “in” notation for the author yes Under BioData BenchTaxonName, both Nitzschia brevissima Grunow and N. brevissima Grunow in Van Heurck are included as "current names". I deprecated N. brevissima Grunow in Van Heurck to "retired" status. Mayamaea permitis 3008340 Mayamaea permitis (Hustedt) Bruder and Medlin extra space after genus yes corrected Lyngbya nordstedt 3003434 Lyngbya should have sp. name in sci name yes Neither INA nor Algaebase include the species name L. nordstedt. This could be an transposing error with Lyngbya distincta (Nordstedt) Schmidle. Until I can confirm it is a valid taxon it will be "reported out" at the genus level. Cosmarium simonyi 3001542 Cosmarium should have sp. name in sci name yes Neither INA nor Algaebase include the species name C. simonyi, therefore, until I can confirm it is a valid taxon it will be "reported out" at the genus level (Cosmarium). Cosmarium minor 3001541 Cosmarium should have sp. name in sci name yes INA does not include Cosmarium minor; Algaebase includes it, but does not show authorship or publication. I am not able to confirm that this is a validly described taxon. Therefore, when labs report C. minor, BioData will "report out" as Cosmarium, without specifing a species Achnanthes minutissima var. jackii 3005079 Achnanthidium jackii Rabenhorst should not be var. yes 1) changed BioDataTaxonName to Achnanthidium jackii 2) added BenchName Achnanthidium jackii RabenhorstSarah A Spaulding
6.4Algae_6.4.xlsxOctober 21, 2013Added correct spelling of Nitzschia liebetruthii (removed N. liebethruthii).Sarah A Spaulding
6.5Algae_6.5.xlsxMarch 21, 2014Minor edits - moved to production to make a blank slate for the major changes to the diatom hierarchy.Sarah A Spaulding
7.0Algae_7.0.xlsxMarch 25, 2014
Sarah A Spaulding
8.0Algae_8.0.xlsxApril 29, 2014Added and modified bench, biodata, and published taxa in Neidium amphigomphus to solve an ETL issue with BioTDBScott A Grotheer
8.1Algae_8.1.xlsxJuly 15, 2014Update to account for names used in the ANSP "autecology_taxon" table for metrics. Add list of names as requested by P. RuhlSarah A Spaulding
8.2Algae_8.2.xlsxJuly 16, 2014Addition of two Eolimna species bench namesSarah A Spaulding
8.3Algae_8.3.xlsxJuly 17, 2014Added Ulnaria sp. as a provisional BioData and Bench name to the existing published name; no NADED ID addedScott A Grotheer
8.4Algae_8.4.xlsxDecember 23, 2014Continued addition of taxa from ANSP autecology_taxon list. Corrected Encyonema tumida to Cymbella tumida, in response to analyst inquiries.Sarah A Spaulding
8.5Algae_8.5.xlsxJanuary 14, 2015Included alternate spelling of Diploneis peterseni (petersenii) so that both forms are accepted as bench names. The correct scientific name is D. petersenii Hustedt.Sarah A Spaulding
8.6Algae_8.6.xlsxFebruary 6, 2015Addition of new names to and reactivation from retirement for a number of taxa found in the current EPA NRSA. List submitted by Gina LaLiberte. The new references are not linked - I spoke with Mitch about this bug and hope to have resolved soon so that I can link reference codes.Sarah A Spaulding
8.7Algae_8.7.xlsxMay 13, 2015minor corrections based on feedback from analysts - Melissa Vaccarino, Alex ValigoskySarah A Spaulding
9.0Algae_9.0.xlsxSeptember 22, 2015Transfer of taxa formerly in Cyclotella, Puncticulata and Handmannia into the older name with priority, Lindavia (Nakov et al. 2015). 90 species were transferred in this publication, all names in BioData are transferred accordingly.Sarah A Spaulding
9.1Algae_9.1.xlsxDecember 16, 2015NO COMMENTSarah A Spaulding
9.2Algae_9.2.xlsxApril 5, 2016Added nominal forms of names for work to coordinate NAWQA and EPA datasetsSarah A Spaulding
9.3Algae_9.3.xlsxApril 26, 2016partial addition of taxa for SESQA, NRSA 2008, NRSA 2013, more to come in next versionSarah A Spaulding
9.4Algae_9.4.xlsxMay 2, 2016continuation of addition of taxa for SESQA, NRSA 08, NRSA 13 changed the status of names from retired to current based on request from EcoAnalysts labSarah A Spaulding
9.5Algae_9.5.xlsxJune 16, 2016continuing additionsSarah A Spaulding
10.0Algae_10.0.xlsxJuly 1, 2016more additions, transfers, and deletionsSarah A Spaulding
11.0Algae_11.0.xlsxSeptember 2, 2016add taxon requested by Rhithron 8/19/2016; corrected an error at the Published, BioData, and Bench levels (Placoneis anglophilia s/b Placoneis anglophila)Sarah A Spaulding
11.1Algae_11.1.xlsxSeptember 2, 2016Taxa added according to request for Boise projectSarah A Spaulding
12.0Algae_12.0.xlsxOctober 14, 2016re-align "sp.", "spp.", "sp # ?" taxa with BioData taxa that do not end with "sp." or "spp." endings; remove the "sp" and other extra characters from the BioDataTaxonShortNames associated with those names; associate Bench Taxa containing "cf." or "aff." with appropriate generic level BioData Taxa. ALSO, included recent transfers (Planothidium calcar to Gliwiczia calcar; Planothidium stewartii to Platessa stewartii) and updates to Diatoms of the USSarah A Spaulding
12.1Algae_12.1.xlsxOctober 19, 2016Make a couple of additions and tweaks to load Cardwell dataSarah A Spaulding
12.2Algae_12.2.xlsxFebruary 2, 2017Made additions as per requestSarah A Spaulding
12.3Algae_12.3.xlsxFebruary 24, 2017Moved the NADEDIDs from 19 BenchTaxonNames that start with a quotation mark and end with a space followed by a quotation mark to their "duplicate" concept that does not have the extra leading and trailing characters; all of these concepts remain retiredScott A Grotheer
12.4Algae_12.4.xlsxMarch 20, 2017unretire "Stauroneis anceps fo. gracilis Rabenhorst" after developers trimmed the extra white space after the authoritySarah A Spaulding
12.5Algae_12.5.xlsxApril 5, 2017addition of names from southeast states, from NRSA, ANSP and SESQA projectsSarah A Spaulding
12.6Algae_12.6.xlsxApril 12, 2017continuation of adding names and references for the SESQA projectSarah A Spaulding
12.7Algae_12.7.xlsxApril 20, 2017Adding taxa for SESQASarah A Spaulding
12.8Algae_12.8.xlsxMay 18, 2017correct some misspellings in SESQA taxaSarah A Spaulding
12.9Algae_12.9.xlsxMay 30, 2017more correctionsSarah A Spaulding
13.0Algae_13.0.xlsxJuly 31, 2017adding more taxaSarah A Spaulding
13.1Algae_13.1.xlsxAugust 3, 2017adding more taxa from NESQA 2014Sarah A Spaulding
13.2Algae_13.2.xlsxAugust 3, 2017naSarah A Spaulding
14.0Algae_14.0.xlsxJanuary 26, 2018Correct concepts with Wo?owski in the reference code to WołowskiSarah A Spaulding
14.1Algae_14.1.xlsxJanuary 29, 2018adding names for EcoanalystsSarah A Spaulding
14.2Algae_14.2.xlsxMarch 13, 2018naSarah A Spaulding
14.3Algae_14.3.xlsxApril 4, 2018addition of soft algal names and references from Rhithron, Frank Acker (ANS)Sarah A Spaulding
14.4Algae_14.4.xlsxApril 6, 2018Addition of names for ANSSarah A Spaulding
14.5Algae_14.5.xlsxApril 6, 2018more editsSarah A Spaulding
14.6Algae_14.6.xlsxMay 7, 2018more updatesSarah A Spaulding
14.7Algae_14.7.xlsxMay 30, 2018more updatesSarah A Spaulding
14.8Algae_14.8.xlsxJune 4, 2018and more updatesSarah A Spaulding
14.9Algae_14.9.xlsxJuly 3, 2018more edits, mostly additionsSarah A Spaulding
15.0Algae_15.0.xlsxJuly 11, 2018moreSarah A Spaulding
15.1Algae_15.1.xlsxJuly 18, 2018Sarah A Spaulding
15.2Algae_15.2.xlsxAugust 2, 2018more editsSarah A Spaulding
15.3Algae_15.3.xlsxAugust 15, 2018Sarah A Spaulding
15.4Algae_15.4.xlsxAugust 23, 2018Sarah A Spaulding
15.5Algae_15.5.xlsxAugust 23, 2018addition, clarification of reference codesSarah A Spaulding
15.6Algae_15.6.xlsxSeptember 19, 2018addition of taxa for NEONSarah A Spaulding
15.7Algae_15.7.xlsxJanuary 30, 2019NASarah A Spaulding
15.8Algae_15.8.xlsxMarch 4, 2019addition of taxa for NEONSarah A Spaulding
15.9Algae_15.9.xlsxApril 2, 2019NASarah A Spaulding
16.0Algae_16.0.xlsxApril 18, 2019Correct hierarchy of EunotiaSarah A Spaulding
16.1Algae_16.1.xlsxMay 6, 2019Add retired bench concepts to published and/or biodata names that do not have them to facilitate mapping the domain the Aquarius Samples. Added several names upon request from NEON.Sarah A Spaulding
16.2Algae_16.2.xlsxMay 10, 2019additions for NEON and correctionsSarah A Spaulding
16.3Algae_16.3.xlsxJune 4, 2019additionsSarah A Spaulding
16.4Algae_16.4.xlsxJune 14, 2019additionsSarah A Spaulding
16.5Algae_16.5.xlsxJuly 18, 2019more additions, including NESQA 2016Sarah A Spaulding
16.6Algae_16.6.xlsxJuly 24, 2019moreSarah A Spaulding
16.7Algae_16.7.xlsxAugust 26, 2019addition of Pacific Northwest Regional Survey taxaSarah A Spaulding
16.8Algae_16.8.xlsxSeptember 4, 2019so it goesSarah A Spaulding
16.9Algae_16.9.xlsxSeptember 12, 2019additionsSarah A Spaulding
17.0Algae_17.0.xlsxSeptember 13, 2019Sarah A Spaulding
17.1Algae_17.1.xlsxSeptember 13, 2019more additionsSarah A Spaulding
17.2Algae_17.2.xlsxSeptember 25, 2019Pinnularia obscura morphotype 1 with an incorrect authorship was retiredSarah A Spaulding
17.3Algae_17.3.xlsxNovember 22, 2019updates to reference codesSarah A Spaulding
17.4Algae_17.4.xlsxNovember 27, 2019addition of names from the USGS California Regional Survey, 2017Sarah A Spaulding
17.5Algae_17.5.xlsxDecember 19, 2019added Encyonema sp. 3 ?Sarah A Spaulding
17.6Algae_17.6.xlsxDecember 30, 2019a few additionsSarah A Spaulding
17.7Algae_17.7.xlsxFebruary 24, 2020add Placoneis hambergiSarah A Spaulding
17.8Algae_17.8.xlsxFebruary 28, 2020Addition of more names from the California regional surveySarah A Spaulding
17.9Algae_17.9.xlsxFebruary 28, 2020fixes for CSQASarah A Spaulding
18.0Algae_18.0.xlsxMarch 3, 2020more fixes for CA dataSarah A Spaulding
18.1Algae_18.1.xlsxMarch 23, 2020Addition of Arizona taxaSarah A Spaulding
19.0Algae_19.0.xlsxAugust 8, 2020This version 19.0 includes a change of the Division Cyanophyta to Division Cyanobacteria to follow more common usage. Misspelled Bench Names were retired. Many new taxa were added to accommodate USGS Water Center needs. However, references for these names were not available and the added names lack reference concepts.Sarah A Spaulding
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