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  • Previous Versions of the BioData Fish Taxonomy
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Versioning of the BioData Taxonomic System

Fish Taxonomy VersionExcel FileProduction DateComments

Put in Production By

1.0Fish_1.0.xlsxMarch 2, 2011From BioTDB March 2, 2011.Jesse R Schoenemann
1.1Fish_1.1.xlsxNovember 28, 2011Saved making no changes; differences are new sort order and authority added to hybridsMitchell A Harris
1.2Fish_1.2.xlsxNovember 28, 2011NO changes. Moving this version to check on - 'clear cache' call which is the last stepMitchell A Harris
1.2.1Fish_1.2.1.xlsxNovember 29, 2011NO changes. Moving this version to check on - 'clear cache' call which is the last stepMitchell A Harris
1.3Fish_1.3.xlsxDecember 7, 2011Added Blue ridge sculpin, Umatilla daceScott A Grotheer
1.4Fish_1.4.xlsxOctober 2, 2012adding 5 taxa for Amy Gill and reviewed with Mike Meador; one conditional/provisional taxa addedScott A Grotheer
2.0Fish_2.0.xlsxJanuary 17, 2013Re-arranged members of the Etheostoma punctulatum group according to Mayden, 2010Scott A Grotheer
2.1Fish_2.1.xlsxMarch 7, 2013Lowland Shiner addedScott A Grotheer
2.2Fish_2.2.xlsxJanuary 13, 2014Created to add a non-standard Bench Taxon name as a one off solution to solve an ETL issue between BioTDB and BioData; BioTDB does not have reference codes and the link between the two systems is via bench taxon name, so Etheostoma punctulatum gave the ETL some grief since there is a version of that taxon name with and without a reference codeScott A Grotheer
3.0Fish_3.0.xlsxSeptember 25, 2015Added several taxa for SESQA; change of scarletfin shiner to Scarlet Shiner; Bartram's Bass added as another BioData taxon within the Published Taxon Micropterus coosaeScott A Grotheer
3.1Fish_3.1.xlsxApril 20, 2016add bridgelip x largescale sucker hybridScott A Grotheer
3.2Fish_3.2.xlsxAugust 26, 2016added Redside Shiner Richardsonius balteatus (Richardson, 1836) X Speckled Dace Rhinichthys osculus (Girard, 1856) (Cyprinidae)Scott A Grotheer
3.3Fish_3.3.xlsxMarch 23, 2017Add the BioData Common Name "Bony Fishes" to OsteichthyesScott A. Grotheer
3.4Fish_3.4.xlsxAugust 8, 2017add Pteronotropis metallicus and Gambusia holbrooki; G. holbrooki will be added as a BioData and deprecated Bench name under G. affinis at the published level, so that Eastern Mosquitofish can be added as a common name that will appear in the pick listScott A. Grotheer
3.5Fish_3.5.xlsxOctober 10, 2017Several Bench Taxon Comments were edited to reduce their length and/or remove extra line feed characters. This was done to reduce issues created with exporting and/or importing the downloaded filesScott A. Grotheer
4.0Fish_4.0.xlsxOctober 10, 2018Added several taxa to what is know by Baker and others (2013) as the Micropterus coosae species group; edited existing BioData taxa and Bench concepts appropriately so that linkages to legacy data would be appropriate and so that data entry via common names would still be unambiguous for that species group; updated the capitalization in the remaining Micropterus common namesScott A. Grotheer
5.0Fish_5.0.xlsxNovember 6, 2018In addition to adding 5 new bench taxa with references that are members on the Macrhybopsis aestivalis complex, the original nominal (i.e. without a reference) concept of Macrhybopsis aestivalis was moved in the hierarchy and associated with just the genus Macrhybopsis. There are legacy data associated with that concept in both BioTDB and BioData. On October 22, 2018, Michael Meador, after looking at the collection location of all those legacy records, determined that based on the current understanding of the distribution of the members of the Macrhybopsis aestivalis complex, the legacy records should all be edited to Shoal Chub (Macrhybopsis hyostoma). We don't currently have the ability to edit BioTDB and have those changes reflected in BioData, but can edit the records that were actually entered into BioData.Scott A. Grotheer
5.1Fish_5.1.xlsxNovember 27, 2018Add more members of the Macrhybopsis aestivalis complex from Gilbert and others (2017)Scott A. Grotheer
5.2Fish_5.2.xlsxApril 18, 2019Add retired Bench Taxon Names to Published and BioData Taxon Names that don't have them in order to facilitate mapping to AQSScott A. Grotheer
5.3Fish_5.3.xlsxApril 24, 2019remove some quotation marks and commas form a few comments to help ensure that the domain works better in csv filesScott A. Grotheer
5.4Fish_5.4.xlsxSeptember 16, 2019added a hybrid LepomisScott A. Grotheer
5.5Fish_5.5.xlsxFebruary 3, 2020added "koi"Scott A. Grotheer
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