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Versioning of the BioData Taxonomic System


Taxonomy Version

Excel File



CommentsPut in Production by
1.0Invertebrates_1.0.xlsxApril 18, 2011From Scott G - 14APR2011Jesse R Schoenemann
1.1Invertebrates_1.1.xlsxJanuary 12, 2012THIS IS THE FIRST VERSION DEPLOYED TO PRODUCTION THROUGH THE USER INTERFACE Nematoda changed to Nemata; Nematoda Bench Concepts have been "mapped" to Nemata ITIS TSNs and Match Codes were added for ALL Bench Concept; these match codes were generated from an automated process and are noted as such (e.g. Automated Exact Match) to preserved their origin. Numerous Bench Concepts were added as it had been almost 8 months since the domain was last updated; 10 of them were added through the UI, the remaining taxa were added when the updated flat file was imported by the developers; several issues with that upload were corrected through the UI and behind the scenes by the developers "Phyllogenetic" order was imposed and verified down to the level of Superfamily; display and output of that sort order still needs to be verified Several of the 'Goldhammer' provisional/conditional ID's were grouped under common BioData Taxa; many if not all of these concepts should probably be retired NWQLisms might remain in the domain; I'm hoping these will be "made known" as lab upload data and react to deprecated taxa, but continued review "group by group" of the domain continues to be important to validate it for use outside of the NWQL Several Published Taxa do not have ITIS TSNs, but they also do not have BioData Taxa associated with them; they seem to be related to monotypic upgrades or taxa with one known NA species; some were assigned ITIS TSNs using the UI The "Thienemannimyia group" taxa were grouped under one BioData Taxon. TO DO: - need to continue reviewing BioData Taxa to determine whether "imbedded" concept information is appropriate or whether it is sufficient to only retain it with the Bench Concepts (e.g. "Goldhammer" taxa) - look for taxa that have a "synonym" in ITIS that was not found in the automated process because they are spelled differently and as such are mapped to a parent TSN - add TSNs to Published Names that don't have them - display and output of phyllogenetic sort order still needs to be verified - conditional/provisional taxa will need to be indicated as such manuallyScott A Grotheer
1.2Invertebrates_1.2.xlsxJanuary 13, 2012Added short names to taxa that were missing themScott A Grotheer
1.3Invertebrates_1.3.xlsxJanuary 31, 2012Rolled duplicate concepts under one BioData Taxon (e.g. Goldhammer and sensu...); updated Hydropsyche scalaris group synonyms using Korecki's 2006 masters thesis; retired ambiguous Hydropsychidae; retired ambiguous Leptohyphidae; retired ambiguous Caenidae; lumped the Crico/Ortho concepts under a uniform BioData Taxon; added several non-nominal (i.e. referenced) concepts to existing BioData Taxa; "Automated Parent Match @ Tribe" ITIS match codes did not get imported, so match codes for selected taxa were updated appropriately; Bethbilbeckia floridensis added; added two mite genera for an EcoAnalysts data load; added a few Thienemannimyia group variationsScott A Grotheer
1.4Invertebrates_1.4.xlsxApril 24, 2012Several taxa added; an error popped up when rearanging the order of published names - the system didn't seem to like the "automated exact match" codes when I shuffled the hiearchy around, but it didn't lock up; I also added several "spelling" variations on the same name that are commonly used, but lumped them under what I feel is the accepted BioData and Published names; going to production, so that I can test the NAMC data upload and use the hierarchy to filter out LifeStage for non-Pterogota taxa.Scott A Grotheer
1.5Invertebrates_1.5.xlsxApril 24, 2012"lumped" version of Cercobrachys added to accommodate labs that have not adopted the recent keysScott A Grotheer
1.6Invertebrates_1.6.xlsxJuly 9, 2012Draft created to start working on incorporating the VERSAR taxa; note that I realized that BioData short name is not required and is missing for many taxa that I added in this version and in prior version; the nominal version of Stenonema was retired to limit its use to contributors that are intending it as Stenonema femoratum, but not identifying it to species; Gyretes synonomies were addressed; several taxa were changed to conditional provisional with similar conditional/provisional concepts lumped under one a common BioData name; several taxa were also added to assist Bob Z. with some data analysis - he is working with datasets that were produced by NAMC and EcoAnalysts, so I figured it would be good to add valid names that we would likely encounter and help Bob at the same time.Scott A Grotheer
2.1Invertebrates_2.1.xlsxJuly 17, 2012The last version should have been 2.0, since it involved what we are classifying as "major" changes, so I'm going to make this version 2.1Scott A Grotheer
3.0Invertebrates_3.0.xlsxSeptember 20, 2012Allen and Edmunds published two Ephemerellidae revision in 1961, appropriate reference codes were added to distinguish between then and concepts were added/retired as needed; several taxa were added; a few taxa were changed to conditional provisional; with the synonomies that have gone on in the Ephemerellidae, a BioData name was deleted and the Bench Concepts associated with it were re-assigned; Jacobus (2010) reviewed and revised the Caudatella, those revisions are incorporated here; due to the changes in the Ephemerelidae this is considered a major revisionScott A Grotheer
3.1Invertebrates_3.1.xlsxSeptember 20, 2012NO COMMENTSScott A Grotheer
4.0Invertebrates_4.0.xlsxOctober 15, 2012Added several conditional/provisional worm taxa; lumped Pristinella under Pristina and deleted Pristinella; added several Enchytraeidae genera, since we did not have any in our list; added several referenced concepts for existing taxa; flagged several existing taxa as conditional/provisional; lumped Libellula lydia under Plathemis and deleted the BioData and Published versions of L. lydia; added a few conditional/provisional Tubificida.Scott A Grotheer
4.1Invertebrates_4.1.xlsxDecember 11, 2012Several names added; one ITIS match code changedScott A Grotheer
4.2Invertebrates_4.2.xlsxDecember 20, 2012Simple add of a few referenced conceptsScott A Grotheer
4.3Invertebrates_4.3.xlsxMarch 22, 2013Adding new bench concepts; corrected the BU_ID associated with Bryelmis to remove the authorship; there were no records in BioTDB or BioData for Bryelmis, so I chose not to allow the Bryelmis issue alone to cause this version to be tracked as a major change, since no data would be impacted; retired Naididae (Tubificiinae) and Naididae (Naidinae) concepts in an effort to avoid confusion in new incoming data;Scott A Grotheer
4.4Invertebrates_4.4.xlsxMay 29, 2013Add some BioData Short Names; Update some ITIS TSN match codes; add a few BenchConceptsScott A Grotheer
4.5Invertebrates_4.5.xlsxJune 21, 2013Corrected some inconsistencies in BU_ID so that they would map correctly to BioTDB and added a missing nominal concept; hopefully this will correct the ETL errorsScott A Grotheer
4.6Invertebrates_4.6.xlsxJuly 18, 2013Looks like changing the left apostrophes to "normal" apostrophes in the BU_ID in version 4.5, has caused an issue with the ETL; even though data from the NWQL contains normal apostrophes, it is evidently converted to a left apostrophe when uploading data into BioTDB to avoid confusion in SQL since SQL uses apostrophes to enclose stings in queries. All the "normal" apostrophes were changed back to left apostrophes to hopefully correct thisScott A Grotheer
4.7Invertebrates_4.7.xlsxSeptember 11, 2013Correct a grammatical error in 5 comments; added two Bench ConceptsJohn D Cotter
5.0Invertebrates_5.0.xlsxDecember 18, 2014Added new concepts for existing mite taxa; added a BioDataShortName to one taxon; version compare tool used on 11/15/2013 when all the new mite concepts were added; comparison relating to the mites was fine; existing taxa in the leech section revised/moved to correspond to Klemm and others, 2013; incorporate changes/additions from the February 4th update of Mayfly Central (; added several non-nominal concepts to existing taxaScott A Grotheer
5.1Invertebrates_5.1.xlsxDecember 23, 2014add a non-nominal Labiobaetis conceptScott A Grotheer
6.0Invertebrates_6.0.xlsxJanuary 6, 2015Add 3 concepts; update re: Utterbackia and Anodonta; Anodonta was split into Utterbackia and Anodonta; there appears to be the possibility of regional adjustments, but I just made nominal Anodonta abiguous at the subfamily level; Anodonta imbecellis was associated with Utterbackia imbecillis; added a few BioDataCommonNames to existing taxaScott A Grotheer
6.1Invertebrates_6.1.xlsxJanuary 6, 2015added a reference to nominal UtterbackiaScott A Grotheer
6.2Invertebrates_6.2.xlsxFebruary 3, 2015Added an Ephemerella concept from an unpublished key used in the NWScott A Grotheer
7.0Invertebrates_7.0.xlsxSeptember 18, 2015Change Constempellina from one NA species to potentially more than one based on Epler (2001); Added 5 new published taxa and several associated BioData and Bench Taxa; added Parakiefferiella sp. F as a conditional taxon and moved all Stilocladius? sp. sensu Epler, 1995 to be associated with it; the BioDataTaxon Stilocladius? was deleted; several nominal (i.e. without a ReferenceCode) and non-nominal (i.e. with a ReferenceCode) were added associated with the new Published and BioData Taxa; several nominal (i.e. without a ReferenceCode) and non-nominal (i.e. with a ReferenceCode) were added associated with existing BioData Taxa; due to the changes to Constempellina and Stilocaldius?, this is considered a major revision; added two new referenced concepts to OulimniusScott A Grotheer
7.1Invertebrates_7.1.xlsxOctober 5, 2015Add a reference to Arctopsyche californicaScott A Grotheer


Invertebrates_8.0.xlsxNovember 17, 2015Mite, caddis, midge, and black fly taxa added; ending of specific epithets corrected; Helopelopia changed to a subgenus of Conchepelopia; a few taxa changed to conditional/provisional; several species groups and or complexes added to existing genera; some synonomies in midges incoporated; details can be obtained from a BioData administratorScott A Grotheer
8.1Invertebrates_8.1.xlsxDecember 15, 2015Changed the state of some retired taxa that are in legacy data sets to deprecated, so that legacy data can be uploaded; add a mite genus; associated 'Physa/Physella' with 'Physa' to be more consistentScott A Grotheer
9.0Invertebrates_9.0.xlsxApril 5, 2016Add referenced concepts for all the species in Baetisca; retired Baetisca callosa as it is a dubius taxon; changed Nemata back to Nematoda at the published and BioData levels based on ITIS, corrected state of Nemata and Nematoda bench conceptsScott A Grotheer
9.1Invertebrates_9.1.xlsxApril 5, 2016Added a historical Hydropsyche concept so that legacy data can be uploaded with a reference appropriate for the time periodScott A Grotheer
9.2Invertebrates_9.2.xlsxApril 19, 2016Changed the state of Paralauterborniella nigrohalterale (a.k.a. P. nigrohalteralis) to deprecated, so that legacy data with that spelling could be loadedScott A Grotheer



May 27, 2016

Ameletidae additions; Baetidae additions; Baetiscidae additions; Caenidae additions and one authority correction in a publish taxon; Ephemerellidae additions; Ephemeridae additions; overall this version is about adding new taxa and legacy synonyms to help the BioData taxon domain be more useful for analyzing data compiled from different sources and to help when we eventually load legacy dataScott A Grotheer
9.4Invertebrates_9.4.xlsxAugust 18, 2016Ephemeridae correction with no impact on analysis; Baetidae correction and additions; Caenidae additions; Heptageniidae additions; Mite additions; Ancylidae additions; Hydropsychidae groups added; Lepidoptera additionsScott A Grotheer
10.0Invertebrates_10.0.xlsxSeptember 14, 2016Rearrangement of Centroptilum and Procloeon according to Jacobus and Wiersema, 2014 with the addition of Neocloeon; change from Potthastia longimanus to Potthastia longimana; rearrangement of Lepidoptera upper level hierarchy; changed several BioData taxa and bench concepts to conditional provisional; associated "complex","sp. nr.", "genus nr.", and "cf." taxa with their parent taxa and deleted the associated BioDataTaxonNames; linked "Goldhammer" taxa to appropriate BioData taxa; changed "/" taxa to conditional/provisional; changed most "group" taxa to a conditional/provisional state; associated some conditional provisional bench taxa that are at the genus level hierarchically with their respective species groups - also at the genus levelScott A Grotheer
10.1Invertebrates_10.1.xlsxSeptember 23, 2106change the state of Tricorythodes minutus from retired to deprecatedScott A Grotheer
10.2Invertebrates_10.2.xlsxFebruary 28, 2017added a referenced version or Orthocladius annectans; added a referenced version of Polypedilum beckae; added another referenced version of Ochrotrichia; added older "synonyms" for existing mayfly taxa based on the January 11, 2016 update from Mayfly CentralScott A Grotheer
11.0Invertebrates_11.0.xlsxMarch 28, 2017Add several taxa, so Fountain Creek project data can be loaded; rearranged some species within Tropisternus following ITIS; added a referenced version of Naididae, so that users can enter the taxon as a concept that includes both Naididae and the previous Tubificidae; two Agabus species level concepts were added that will require future research to determine which genera they should be placed inScott A Grotheer
12.0Invertebrates_12.0.xlsxJanuary 10, 2018Added several taxa; added a species group in Paraleptophlebia and moved one conditional designation into that group; added Galba (Gastopoda: Lymnaeidae) - this genus is evidently the genus that all the existing Fossaria are to be put in, but we have not researched it completely, so we just added Galba at the bench level, a future version may include changes to the Published and BioData names, but we may leave them as they are for now, since ITIS has not yet adopted this change; finally retired the nominal (i.e. without a reference) concept for Baetis, given all the splitting in Baetidae over the last few decades, this taxon has potentially become quite ambiguous, depending on the reference that is used, so it is best to have a reference, putting it in context, it may need to be moved and associated with Baetidae at the BioData level in the future - especially if the taxa domain is used for older data setsScott A. Grotheer
12.1Invertebrates_12.1.xlsxJanuary 25, 2018added Cricotopus (Isocladius) type 1, a conditional/provisional taxon used by labs in the Pacific NWScott A. Grotheer
12.2Invertebrates_12.2.xlsxMarch 5, 2018noneScott A. Grotheer
13.0Invertebrates_13.0.xlsxMay 6, 2018added several taxa; adjusted Cambarus bartonii and the related subspecies to align with the most up-to-date view of their taxonomyScott A. Grotheer
14.0Invertebrates_14.0.xlsxJune 12, 2018Scott A. Grotheer
15.0Invertebrates_15.0.xlsxOctober 29, 2018Scott A. Grotheer
15.1Invertebrates_15.1.xlsxOctober 29, 2018clean up and add any needed taxa after the the previous major versionScott A. Grotheer
15.2Invertebrates_15.2.xlsxNovember 5, 2018Scott A. Grotheer
15.3Invertebrates_15.3.xlsxDecember 6, 2018Scott A. Grotheer
15.4Invertebrates_15.4.xlsxDecember 6, 2018adding new bench conceptsScott A. Grotheer
15.5Invertebrates_15.5.xlsxMarch 5, 2019corrected the authority associated with Helopicus subvarians from '(Bansk)' to '(Banks)'; added a new bench conceptScott A. Grotheer
15.6Invertebrates_15.6.xlsxApril 18, 2019adding bench concepts associated with published and/or biodata names to facilitate mapping to Aquarius SamplesScott A. Grotheer
15.7Invertebrates_15.7.xlsxApril 24, 2019correct issues related to line feeds in comments and edited comments to remove some quotation marks and commas to make for greater compatibility with csv filesScott A. Grotheer
15.8Invertebrates_15.8.xlsxJanuary 27, 2020added a new referenced concept for Oroperala barbaraScott A. Grotheer
16.0Invertebrates_16.0.xlsxJune 1, 2020adding taxa for legacy MMSD samples; even though this is not a major version (i.e. there were only additions), BioData does not handle a "15.10" version very well, so I used 16.0 on this one just in case I forget when I make the next versionScott A. Grotheer
16.1Invertebrates_16.1.xlsxJuly 7, 2020
Scott A. Grotheer
16.2Invertebrates_16.2.xlsxSeptember 8, 2020adding new taxaScott A. Grotheer
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