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The idea (from Farial): wrt/ posts of interest: we can label such blog posts as "news" or some specific term and publish these posts as an RSS feed that can be consumed by members via Lotus Notes RSS feed widget -- mostly for informational items that we want people to look at but don't want to send out an email. This would increase the chance of folks viewing the post (but of course we'd all have to add the feed to our lotus notes).

If you would like to set up an RSS Feed, go to the dashboard and you will see the RSS Feed Builder there:

You can set the options for the spaces you want to include in the feed as well as advanced options to include a specific label or a certain time period.

However, this creates a private feed specifically for you. If this is all you need. Great! You're done! You will end up with a link to an RSS feed that you can drag or copy and paste the url into the reader of your choice. Here's an example of how to do that with the Google Reader:

However, if you would like your RSS feed to be public, for example if you want it to show up as an RSS Feed using the RSS Feed Macro in Confluence, then you will need to edit the url that Confluence gives you by removing the last parameter that makes it private. For example:*&os_authType=basic*

Therefore to make it public, strip off the "&os_authType=basic" bit: