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Thanks to Richard Signell's efforts, the USGS now has access to a very powerful Python toolkit: the Enthought Python Distribution (EPD).

This USGS site license was purchased by the Coastal and Marine Geology Program for Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning purposes, but is available to the entire staff of USGS. Hopefully, when it is up for renewal in October 2013, others will be able to help support it.

The EPD is a collection of more than 100 python packages that all work seamlessly together with one click installation on 32/64 bit Mac, Linux and Windows.  Although Python is fundamentally free and open software, the EPD provides a convenient Python package that includes a large collection of popular user-contributed modules tested to be compatible with other and across operating systems.

The EPD includes IPython, an interactive platform for Python computing and MyAvi, a 3-D data exploration environment

We have successfully configured the EPD to be interoperable with ArcGIS 10.0 and 10.1 (Python has replaced VBA as the primary user scripting language for ArcGIS.) 

More information is available on this page:

Enthought Python Distribution