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Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 Community for Data Integration (CDI) Request for Proposals (RFP)



The CDI FY2016 Request for Proposals is now Closed. Thank you to everyone who participated in FY16!
Click to download the RFP Submission Guidelines [PDF].
Please send any questions regarding this RFP to

FY16 Awarded Projects

TitlePI NameOrganization

Developing a USGS Legacy Data Inventory to Preserve and Release Historical USGS Data

Faundeen, J.

Earth Resources Observation and Science Center

Crowd-Sourced Earthquake Detections Integrated into Seismic Processing

Guy, M.

Geologic Hazards Team

Integration of Phenological Forecast Maps for Assessment of Biodiversity: An Enterprise Workflow

Weltzin, J.

National Phenology Network

Evaluating a new opensource, standardsbased framework for web portal development in the geosciences

Signell, R.

Woods Hole Coastal & Marine Science Center

Hunting Invasive Species with HTCondor: High Throughput Computing for Big Data and Next Generation Sequencing

McCalla, S.G.

Upper Midwest Env. Sciences Center

Development of Recommended Practices and Workflow for Publishing Digital Data through ScienceBase for Dynamic Visualization

Chase, K.

Montana Water Science Center

Facilitating the USGS Scientific Data Management Foundation by integrating the process into current scientific workflow systems

Talbert, C.

Fort Collins Science Center

A data management and visualization framework for community vulnerability to hazards

Jones, J.

Western Geographic Science Center

Data Management Training Clearinghouse

Nelson, J.

Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center

National Stream Summarization: Standardizing Stream-Landscape Summaries

Wieferich, D.

Core Science, Analytics, Synthesis, and Libraries

Integration of National Soil and Wetland Datasets: A Toolkit for Reproducible Calculation and Quality Assessment of Imputed Wetland Soil Properties

Sundquist, E.

Branch of Regional Research

A web-based application for the management and visualization of land-use scenario data

Sherba, J.

Western Geographic Science Center

Birds and the Bakken: Integration of oil well, land cover, and species distribution data to inform conservation in areas of energy development

Preston, T.

Northern Rocky Mountain SC


FY2016 Request for Proposals Information Session - September 22, 2015 [PDF / Recording]

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