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The data management group met on 3/14 with two main topics: a report out on the recent USGS Public Access Plan “Implementation Meeting”, and a presentation on the Southeast Region Data Managers group.

Slides and recordings are at the Data Management Wiki space for DMWG Meeting 2016_03_14.

USGS Public Access Plan Implementation Meeting (Viv Hutchison)

This meeting was held in Reston, VA, March 1-3, 2016, its purpose was to develop a roadmap for moving forward to meet the USGS Public Access Plan. Attendees, who represented many areas of USGS including OSQI, CSASL, OEI, SPN, WRET, and more, reviewed current processes/workflows/systems involved for publications and data release, then identified needs and gaps to achieving success.

Breakout groups were formed for

  • USGS systems connections & workflows (Jim Kreft, CIDA)

  • Training and Communications (Keith Kirk, OSQI)

  • Repositories and Storage (Keith Richmond, OEI)

You can join these sub-teams! Contact the leads or Viv Hutchison.

You can also get information about monthly meetings of the entire group (TBD) by filling out this form.

(See pptx)

Southeast Region Data Management Working Group (Cassandra Ladino)

The Southeast Region Data Management Workgroup was created by the Region Director to help Science Centers are up to speed before the October 1, 2016 date for implementing the recent data policy memos. One or two representatives from each center have joined to lead a community of practice and facilitate access to tools and expertise needed to implement data lifecycle management.

Their current activities include development of:

  • Operations Strategy template (describing common technical solutions, operating procedures, and rules)

  • Data Management Plan template (for scientists to satisfy proposal requirements)

The group welcomes more diverse input in their conversations and invites you to join. (See PDF) Contact